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Thursday, February 18, 2021

[Episode 100: Part 2] Our Best Clips Covering Fear The Walking Dead's 4th Season

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The SQUAWKING DEAD retrospective rolls on with our best clips covering Fear The Walking Dead's 4th season! After watching/listening to this, we sincerely hope you appreciate how far we've come, as a podcast! ...and maybe appreciate our predictions and thoughts, in the moment, as we were breaking these episodes down (considering the complete shift in tone for #FearTWD, as a whole)
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David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • Morgan & John Dorie are Karate Man & The Gun-Slinger

  • FEAR bringing a bit of comedy: will The Walking Dead: World Beyond bring the funny?
  • John Dorie & Laura Love story is the reason @Blazygardener started watching

  • Madison’s Death, Foreshadowed: "Walker Madison" in the Silo & Madison’s reflection while June kills walker outside the FEMA center

  • @Wallaani is in the audience! 
  • Mel: That Guy Friend, Ready to Offer His Weiner: @Wallaani, "Are The Vultures a splinter group of the Saviors?" Don’t know what’s going on in the most fun way. Hipster Saviors

  • John Dorie’s Movie Reviews: One-Word Reviews, like Glitter, "Not as funny as promised"; Meet John Doe, is that a reflection of Morgan, or John?

  • The Corpses of Dead Children: Implied, not shown. As parents, it hits us harder

  • FearTWD​ Characters are More Human: FEAR does what TWD can’t.

  • No One's Gone `til They're Alpha: Carol predicts Madison is Alpha and Taqa is Beta, but how would that work, really?

  • [Episode 14] SQUAWKING DEAD's first livestream, covering the mid-season ramp up (FearTWD S4B + TWD S9). JDM & Andrew Lincoln @SDCC reenacting "Love Actually"
  • Daryl stepping up and telling Rick he can’t stay at Sanctuary

  • Sometimes, You Just Need A Win: People like us, hinting at merging the shows, but no one wants that!

  • Isn't it Ironic? Don't You Think?: Covering Close your Eyes. Would Nick forgive Charlie for killing him?

  • There's No Place Like Home: Wizard of Oz parallels

  • Althea: The Sole Survivor: she’s responsible for the lives she's captured on her tapes

  • How to Make a Better Martha: Could Martha have started the fire at Mel and Ellis’ farm, which would've eventually created The Vultures, which led to the deaths of Nick & Madison Clark?

  • Looking Past The Surface: No One's Gone `til They're Gone: Martha helps keep Morgan sane; he sees in her what he could become

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