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Friday, February 19, 2021

[Episode 119] Fear The Walking Dead Season 6 Wrap-Up /w Just Keep Walking podcast

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We're taking a moment, during our break, to have a casual discussion about our impressions of Fear The Walking Dead's 6th season with Ben from Turn Sounds/Just Keep Walking podcast. In true fashion, we weave in and out of other #TWDUniverse properties, mostly in relation to #FearTWD S6 (but not exclusively), and even manage to discuss the state of (streaming) media, as it pertains to our love to hate on relationship with #AMCPlus.
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Benjamin Scotford
(Just Keep Walking/Turn Sounds):
David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • Ben’s feelings about season 4 and 5: He’s a videographer and the found footage wasn’t fun for him, but loves Season 6
  • Comparing TWD to FEAR
  • Ben’s favorite FearTWD characters are John Dorie, Dwight, and Alicia (but how do you choose?).
  • Rachael’s MVP’s this season is Althea & John
  • NEW Walkers: Razor-blade fingers
  • Ben’s fancy standing desk
  • Will Madison return? Do you want Madison to return?

  • Color differences
  • is about much more than just TWD 
  • AMC+: love it or hate it? Mostly hate it. Early releases allow for spoilers & loss of human connection
  • Ben’s favorite villains: The Vultures and is impressed by Colby's performance
  • Troy: The Villain and His Potential
  • Social Media Trolls
  • Questions from the audience: @BlazyGardener, "If not Morgan who should lead?"

  • Strand: Everyone has that asshole friend
  • Ben looks forward to Sherry’s story. Ginny's Rejects are expanding and the possibility of them joining The End is the Beginning death cult
  • The caravan at the end of  TWD episode 10x13: "Ginny’s" group? Breeda Wool is future Dakota?

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