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Saturday, February 20, 2021

[Episode 100: Part 3] Our Best Clips Covering The Walking Dead's 9th Season

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Originally Recorded Sept 26th, 2020
Be sure to catch our video intro to this podcast on YouTube (embedded video, just below), for a special Holiday greeting and to watch Rachael open Dave's Christmas present!
Midway into our Season 9 coverage is when things really started to come together for SQUAWKING DEAD, but it wasn't without its troubles. We go through it all, while picking up #AshleyWeidman, Rachael Burt, and even Chris (from BMNY DeadCast) as hosts, along the way. One can easily say that Season 9 of The Walking Dead was sort of a renaissance for #TWDUniverse: so it was for us, as a podcast!
We HIGHLY encourage you to download the Unedited Version of this Recording, as it expands on the things we've said here and we all get VERY personal. It sucks when we have to cut for time, but at least we give you the option, all while supporting the podcast! Click Here!
David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • The Mother of All Bunkers: Underground shelter and taking proper precautions.

  • Breaking Wild Horses: Maggie tames herself? Foreshadowing?

  • Warning Smudges: What is on Michonne’s arm? A mystery solved, 2 years, later.

  • Carl Died For Nothing:

  • A vs B: Rick is a B, but Gabe was an A. People are the currency.

  • Beauty Keeps You Going: Thriving vs Surviving.

  • You Only Hurt The Ones You Love: A difference in opinion is healthy and makes for stronger relationships.

  • Please, PLEASE, Miss A Thing: Dave with a bone. Dave, Carol, and Rachael = The Dream Team

  • A TWD Christmas Story: Ashley Weidman's 1st episode hosting SQUAWKING DEAD. Ashley was 2018's Talking Dead's TWD Ultimate Fan

  • Zombridezilla: O.G. SQUAWKING D. Carol G. makes her demands.

  • Even Bad Social Media is Good Social Media: Social Media Mishaps a la #Ekekiel.

  • Negan Erectile Dysfunction: Judith anchors Negan. Brandon, in his own way, shows Negan the light.

  • Lydia’s Post Traumatic Stress: hearing the crying baby at Hilltop.

  • Angela Kang’s run with the show
  • Not To Spoil Your Fair, But...: The Kingdom's Fair = Fyre Festival.

  • Wait, R.J. Grimes Isn't Real?: Ashley really messed with our minds with this one.

  • Women in Leadership: Carol, Tara, and Yumiko. The way in which Carol chooses to handled The Highwaymen

  • Judith Remembers EVERYTHING: A Zombie Mommies episode (only the mothers hosted this episode)

  • Siddiq is a Traitor, Chem Trails Are Real: did he make up the story?

  • ZIP UP YOUR COAT, LYDIA!!!: We learn about Bomb Cyclones.

  • Requiem for The Vultures: Lazy Villains ain't so bad.

  • Pound Mary: Chris slips up during an interview with Xander Berkeley.

  • The Travelin’ Man: Dave tells Xander about The Traveling Hat; Xander draws Dave like one of his French girls.

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