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Friday, February 26, 2021

[Episode 100: Part 5] Our Best Clips Covering The Walking Dead's 10th Season

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Originally Recorded Sept 30th, 2020
All good things must come to an end, as our 5th and final part of our SQUAWKING DEAD retrospective comes to a close, as we highlight our best moments covering The Walking Dead's 10th season (just before the season fauxnale, 10x16).
You will definitely want to consider downloading the Unedited Episode Recordings for this podcast: we expand so much further on so many of the topics we discuss (on a greater #TWDUniverse level or even a personal one). Along with the ability to join us in the next recording, via the realtime chat, isn't it time you supported the podcast you know and love? Click Here!
David Cameo:

  • #NYCC Panel: James Chen ("Kal") on Working with Andrew Lincoln: BMNY DeadCast's Chris, MegTheGeek, and SQUAWKING DEAD's Dave hosted a TWD panel with other guests - actress Elyse Dufour ("Frankie") and artist Oscar('s Red Hat) Rodriguez

  • Daffy for Dante! Sad for Siddiq...: Straight outta the comics...!

  • Unmasking The Truth: Alpha tells Gamma's sister, Frances, to bring Adam to Hilltop. Mary/Frances represents the two warring sides of Alpha

  • LIKE! FOLLOW! SUCSCRIBE! SHARE!: Promoting oneself on social media and The Road to Thousands giveaway

  • When Did Michonne & Aaron Cross Their Border?: When? Where? The Bridge? What Bridge? Oh...

  • Angela Kang = If Dave & Carol Had a Baby: and, obviously, went back in time. Obviously.

  • Negan's Living Legacy: What if Brandon wasn’t real? Dave makes Carol mad (what else is new?)

It's about this point where we accidentally went out of chronological order, in terms of the clips! If you'd like the link to all of our clips (past, present, and future clips waiting to be dropped), ☕Ko-fi Backers receiving this perk, right when they sign up! Here's a Supporter-Backed post with the link!
  • Rosita’s Breast-Pump Armor (Bonus: Rachael's Squeals): Rachael squeals for Beta

  • Game of Stickers & Secret Baby Society: Trinkets from @Nightmareon3lm (Aaryn) left all over Walker Stalker ATL

  • Tales of Waffle House Past: Dave tells us about the cow he and his friends drove over like a ramp

  • Waffle House Quest: the first one we drove to, the ramp to the parking lot was blocked off by chairs... spooky

  • Plans for the Future, Adventures in Production: SQUAWKING DEAD's future with Ko-fi

  • Rapid Fire Questions for Jimmy McAfee: An except from Rachael's interview with the background actor

  • Breaking Into The Walking Dead Crew: Carol’s interview with Greg Nicotero

  • How A Real Man Pits An Avocado: Dave injures himself, unglamorously

  • Fill Your Geek Hole:

  • Sherrandy has to leave πŸ˜₯
  • It’s "Miller Time" All The Time:

  • No One Ever Thinks They're The Evil One: Carol’s actions and the possibility of ending a friendship.

  • Siddiq Killed Himself?: The lie Alexandria is told about Siddiq and Rosita and Gabe burn Dante's body in secret

  • Daryl, Inaudible: Ashley does some Daryl-speak

  • The Audience IS The Cast: Making some predictions about The Walking Dead: World Beyond

  • Carrot Juice Conspiracy: leapfrogging rocks in the dark requires a lot of Vitamin A & K

  • Did I Take Daryl Dixon For Granted?: Daryl gets beat the f*ck up...

  • #AMA: Why (Podcast About) The Walking Dead?: @WTFNyssa interviews Dave

  • Hot for Doomed Preacher: Dave’s crushin' on Father Gabriel

  • Not Today, Aaron: Alden & Aaron's argument over whether to allow Gamma/Mary near baby Adam

  • The Benefits of Buying Us a Ko-fi: voice appearance from Rachael’s husband Eric yields a funny moment

  • Would The Michonne of Today Save Andrea?: With Kirsten Acuna joining guest-hosting. Michonne's transformation over the course of TWD Episode 10x13 What We Become

  • Negan’s Respect: Michonne & Carl have it. Spencer? ...Not so much

  • The Cat That Stays: The outcast cat, of all cats

  • Beyond Your Bowels, Rick Grimes, and Human Nature: Do walkers poop? LT CMDR EK: WHAT DOES IT MEA--- Oh...

  • Oh, F*ck That! People in Masks?!: Who might these masked crusaders be?

  • A Certain Doom for Father Gabriel: Rachael (and Carol) predicts (and taunts Dave about) Father Gabriel's impending death.

  • [WSCAtlanta2019] Alanna's Awkward Onboarding: Alanna Masterson talks about her first days on set

  • Don't F*ck This Uo, Ashley!: As Talking Dead's Ultimate TWD Fan of 2018, Ashley talks about the moment leading up to her being notified on the show.

  • Dave takes a moment to show Rachael his appreciation

  • Surviving The Workpocalypse: Working as a community.

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