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Saturday, February 27, 2021

[Episode 120] The Walking Dead: World Beyond, Season 1 RECAP /w Brains Gone Bad & Aim For The Head Podcast

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Originally Recorded: 2020/12/18
Edited for our podcast: 2021/01/14
Joined by Steve, from Aim For The Head podcast, Lizzie invites us all over to Brains Gone Bad in order to discuss our thoughts on The Walking Dead: World Beyond's 1st season. It was a real treat to exchange our feelings and perspectives and, by the end of it, I think we all got something out of it and we wanted to share that with you!

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • "How has Rick Grimes NOT taken out the CRM?" ... "Can’t do much without his boots".
  • Huck’s backstory: Liam O'Leary, from Undead Walking (incorrectly referenced as Cameron Bonomolo, from says it could be made up. Huck's BIG mistake.
  • Scenes/Characters with impact: Shadow Puppets.
  • Elton: Worried about his future. But don’t be, "No one dies anymore!"  Prepared or not?
  • Canned foods: Only good for about 18 months; Mountain Dew gate; Skunky beer and SMEAT.
  • Who loves flashbacks?: LOVING Huck’s; Reflecting on a disappointing FearTWD Season 1
  • Initial description of TWD World Beyond: 2 sisters take different paths.
  • Pacing of the show: Slower pace, but for a reason; See the beauty in the scenery/story.
  • Lizzie & Joe Holt ("Leo Bennett"): Stay Tuned.
  • Cause & Cure: Will we get answers? Dave hates flashbacks (on the original TWD), but everyone else pretty much loves them (or at least the possibility).

  • Shameless Plug: Lizzie’s book, BUY IT!
  • We’re all Martha in the apocalypse.
  • The ever expanding #TWDUniverse.
  • Hope the little psycho: Jupiter trophy bead.
  • #HUCKyeah: Most interesting character; Sketchy behavior; #TEAMHuck.
  • What this series needed was a real time map: old timey plane flying across with dash marks; keeping track of geography.

  • Finally coming across "others".
  • Doesn’t matter where we are, only where we’re going.
  • Book Smarts vs. Hands-On Learning: We see the kids struggle a little.
  • Dave describes the beauty in death.
  • Seeing new stuff: Keeping our attention via the Hornet Empty; Trypophobia is Matt Negrete’s real life fear of holes-in-things.
  • Who’s drinking the Kool-Aid? Can we trust Lyla? Maybe Doctor Samuel Abbot just had an accident.
  • Favorite Characters: Rachael's is Silas, Kim's & Lizzie's is Huck, Steve's is Huck then Silas, Dave's is Hope then Elton.
  • Series-Thus-Far Ratings: Dave ⭐⭐⭐⭐, Rachael ⭐⭐⭐➕, Kim ⭐⭐⭐➕, Steve ⭐, Lizzie ⭐⭐⭐
  • Lizzie & Joe Holt, Part 2: Lizzie is an on-set educator and was working on the same set as him.
  • Alexa Mansour: The Shout-out Rachael bought for Dave (for Christma--- I mean, Hanukkah). During it, Alexa confirms filming of Season 2 is underway.
  • Elton/Percy scene.
  • Constructive criticism.
  • Unexpected results: Keeping an open mind.
  • Closing thoughts: We talk about being on another podcast.

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