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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

[Episode 111] The Walking Dead: World Beyond | 1x06 | Shadow Puppets

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This episode finally answered the question of what would happen if our gang of merry #CampusColony misfits actually ran across people. More than that: it also allowed us to discuss the ills of #Mediums / #FaithHealers / #Homeopathy, the power of suggestion / obedience / authority, the wonder that is #Conjuring / #Illusionists, and to pay our respects to #TheAmazingRandi: #JamesRandi, himself #RIP.
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David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • Rachael’s SHUTTER SHADES:#TooCoolForJules, perfect for Huck
  • Michael Cudlitz directed this episode: great cinematic choices
  • Rachael’s been drinking
  • Shadow puppets opening with Iris’ voiceover
  • Silas brings up “starting over”
  • Wilma’s Closet
  • Hope understands Percy
  • Meaning of snakeskin: Elton’s grabbing “beautiful” photos
  • Is Hope atoning? Helping Elton with Amelia’s manuscript; Amelia is to Elton, what Leo is to Hope
  • If Daryl ever saw Dwight again: The feelings we would have now knowing Dwight's story
  • Dave wants to marry Rachael’s husband
  • Rachael connects with Tony: Her father was a magician
  • Sleight of Hand/Mentalist
  • The Amazing James Randi: 1928/8/7 - 2020/10/20
  • Percy and Tony’s con: not hurting people... physically, anyway
  • The ”Has Been”s 
  • Felix’s gruff voice speaks their names: bad form/information is power
  • Percy’s story has purpose: the 200 bison captures Elton, feeling out these "new" people, Hope calls out his bullshit, and finally the truck is revealed
  • Dave doesn’t tilt the tripod, he flips it over

  • The meaning of names: Percival = pierces the valley; Delmado = of confidence (Confidence Man/Con Man)
  • Andersonville, IN

  • Sherrandy is shipping #PercIris
  • Living in a bubble bereft of dangerous people
  • Percy and Tony pick their marks wisely 
  • Stupid Iris, trying to "save" Percy
  • People putting up a front for protection: The Vatos & Charlie's situation
  • #HopeTon: Is Elton getting mixed messages?
  • Remember: these are teenagers, outside for the first time
  • Changing perception of characters: Dwight, Negan, and Dante
  • The Milgram & Stanford Prison Experiements: Testing intrinsic "good nature" and how far someone can be "pushed"

  • Percy knows the layout of Wilma’s Closet: counts on Iris following him. Felix and the Fun House mirror. Iris and the mannequin.
  • Elton is named after Elton John! "Madman Across the Water"
  • Elton hopes that Amelia & Esmerelda are alive, somewhere, but Hope knows better.
  • Hope’s marble: What will Elton say?

  • Try not to be Martha: look beyond the surface of people
  • Hope and Elton
  • Could Iris figure out who Amelia is on her own?
  • Hard lesson with a positive result
  • Silas/Iris/Percy love triangle?
  • Felix’s CRM emblem, "Don't Bullshit a Bullshitter"
  • The extra scene: Dr. Lyla Belshaw has Leo Bennett's work and a sketch of Hope & Iris. How Amelia and Leo are alike.
  • TWDWB & FEAR parallels
  • Leo Bennet is alive, but is Will?
  • Empty room before Lyla
  • Who is CRM waiting for?
  • David f%#ing Blaine compared to real magicians, like Houdini
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