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Sunday, February 7, 2021

[Episode 114] Fear The Walking Dead | 6x06 | Bury Her Next to Jasper's Leg

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In this particularly #JuneDorie-centered, sobby episode of SQUAWKING DEAD, we assemble the therapy circle to deal with the trauma of #JohnDorie going off on his own. We also hyper-examine Virginia and June's interactions, coming away with some really hard-hitting insights. Strap in hold our hands: We'll get through this, together.
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David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • Sympathy for the Ginny: further character development 
  • Overall impressions

  • Finding your own way: Sherry & John

  • Absence of Morgan this episode 
  • Sarah psych out, a la "Paige"
  • The cries for help over the radio: Dark Mirror of Season 5 (where no one was responding)
  • Ginny’s bullfrog rhyme: A dead Ginny doesn’t mean her ideas die with her... good thing Ginny’s a lefty. But can we trust Ginny?
  • Ginny bringing Wendell back 
  • June could run the whole show
  • What will John run into? June chases John this time? Ginny’s outcasts?
  • Ginny knows about the Death Cult from the Al and Dwight’s missions
  • Wes/Derek, revisited
  • June’s Hospital
  • Ginny protecting Dakota: doing wrong, for the right reasons
  • Ginny shows real panic after June medicates Wes
  • Death Cult has infiltrated: razorblade walker
  • Is Dante running around somewhere?
  • C&L Truck with the Green cross and key
  • Dave thought June was Grace on the title card (for a hot second)
  • June, to Ginny, "Why do you always make it so hard?" but, also, Sherry to Dwight. We want to believe Ginny
  • June understands Ginny, now, where it took John longer.
  • Ginny was right about Mary Ann
  • A time jump??
  • References to Luciana & June meeting for the first time: falling into the silos in 4x02
  • @BlazyGardener: Grace leaves Humbug's Gulch 1.0 /w Doc Holt, but is he really dead?
  • Sarah’s horrible moonshine, "As long as it gets us to the same place at the end"
  • Adaptation: The Past is Dead
  • No One's Gone Til They’re Gone
  • What is Luci’s role now? She deserves better: give us Luciana's episode
  • Sneaks for next Ep: Looks like John & Strand meet

  • Remembering that John and Strand bonded in Season 4
  • Will Rabbi Kessner give June the letter from John?
  • Have hope
  • Ginny’s nicknames: Freckles, V.A., and Captain Hook
  • Checking in on @BlazyGardener
  • Bravo writers
  • Madison and Travis paved the way for The Dorie’s with complicated relationships
  • Typecasting actors and expecting familiar characters: JDM & "Ron Anderson"
  • June rides with Sarah and Wendell
  • Dave wants a time jump to a functioning hospital
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