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Saturday, February 6, 2021

[Episode 113] The Walking Dead: World Beyond | 1x07 | Truth or Dare

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What does it do to someone when they hold on to their darkest secrets? Who is it protecting, in the end? Who does this damage most and what lengths might someone go in order to keep their "monsters" at bay? We find out a lot about the skeletons Huck's kept in her closet and how they connect and affect the rest of our characters, but mostly Hope.
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David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • How the military responded
  • Don’t be a Walter
  • Silas’ grandparents voices: Jeff Kober, "Joe" The Claimer & Denise Crosby, "Mary" from Terminus
  • Flirty Elton vs. Flirty Percy
  • Hope almost tells Elton 
  • No good choices in keeping secrets, right Siddiq!?
  • Huck dealing with PTSD
  • Huck and (baby) Felix’s age difference
  • HOW will Elton find out the truth?
  • Tony figures out how to read the CRM maps: ⛽fuel & ๐Ÿงฌdouble-helix symbols
  • Percy’s mom left, didn’t die
  • Tony & Felix: both have chosen families & hit rock bottom
  • Setting Silas up: Percy distracts Iris; The Louvre in the truck; Misdirection; Silas isn’t buying the con; Is Hope next, or does she have a role to play?
  • Unspoken words from Iris
  • Who killed Tony?
  • They’re just outside Pittsburgh now
  • Kids these days and their loud music
  • "Mania" by The Last Year: Relating to Huck & Silas, perhaps Hope & Elton
    • I've got a feeling I've never felt / I could run a million miles, just to hear you make a sound / and I never wanna come down / I'm not gonna sleep tonight / I've never felt so alive
    • CHORUS: I'm in Mania / I'm in Mania / out of my mind, out of my head / and I'm never gonna sleep again / I'm in Mania
    • Will you catch me when I fall? / I'm afraid of heights and anything is possible tonight / but I'll be just fine / No reason to be afraid / and no I'm not insane
    • I'm where I've never been before / so deep, deep inside my world / and I'm losing all control / and I'm never coming home
  • Hating on Percy: Drives a wedge between Silas & Iris
  • Etymology of "Jennifer": Fair or Beautiful. "Mallick" = King/Queen/Royalty. Lance Corporal Mallick is a Sniper

  • Huck takes care of Walter: shared trauma between Huck & Hope

  • Thermal imaging dream sequence opener: Slowed down version of "What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy)" by Information Society
    • Here I am in silence / Looking round without a clue / I find myself alone again / All alone with you / I can see behind your eyes / The things that I don't know / If you hide away from me / How can our love grow
    • CHORUS: I wanna know / What you're thinking / There are some things you can't hide / I wanna know / What you're feeling / Tell me what's on your mind
    • I know I could break you down / But what good would it do / I could surely never know / That what you say is true / Here I am in silence / It's a game I have to play / You and I in silence / With nothing else to say
  • Cudlitz directed episode
  • Truth or Dare: Percy is still reading them, poking at Hope
  • Elton with the (accidental) comic relief: "I don’t know what’s customary"; relatable; Whiskey is "a warm bag of nails"
  • Devil’s Pass: 2009? Sniper Huck
  • Huck’s flashback with Drake: "Didn’t I?" by Darondo
    • Didn't I treat you right, now / Didn't I? / Didn't I do the best I could / Didn't I? / Didn't I give ya everything / Didn't I? / I tried my best just to be a man / Didn't I?
    • Didn't I do it baby? / Didn't I do right? / Why you wanna leave me baby? / Didn't I treat you right?
    • I bought you diamond rings / Everything, that a woman could need / I bought you cars, clothes, a home / When things were rough for me I kept on / And I am back again
    • Didn't I?
    • There's something wrong with you / Tell me / Bring me all your troubles dear / You look bad, you should be glad / Your leading man, always be glad, sit by home / And let me kiss your lovely lips
    • Didn't I do it baby? / Didn't I do right? / Why you wanna leave me baby? / I said didn't I treat you right?
    • It's a mystery to me / That you won't / Talk to me / What it is / That I've done / To make me
  • Marine verbiage, "KILL" = Acknowledgement or Greeting.
  • Beer Farts Owens talks about the origin of the Zombie Apocalypse: Robert Kirkman's Troll & Flight 462
  • CentCom/Central Command: Illegal for them to act on US soil & Sunset Protocols aren't a real thing.
  • Qualities of a Marine are Honor, Courage, and Commitment: Huck has the commitment & Once a Marine, Always a Marine

  • Huck scars herself to remember Drake and her actions
  • The gun goes off in Hope’s hands: what her marble means and Hope forgives Amelia
  • Why does Huck hold her secret?
  • Decoding the log books
  • Mountain Dew ads: "It’ll tickle yore innards" & flat soda?

  • King Arthur references: Sir Percival & Guinevere (Jennifer)
  • Huck references: travelling with Jim
  • Did CRM took take building from Walter and his brother (in arms)?
  • Changing your name in the apocalypse
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