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Saturday, March 13, 2021

[Episode 122] Season 10, Episode 18 of The Walking Dead, "Find Me"

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We went through most of the hype, drama, and anticipation for this week's episode in last week's #podcast. Breaking down this episode has been quite the trip, as we discover how much consideration the writers and show-runner, #AngelaKang, has had for #DarylDixon's development for quite a while, now!
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David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • Daryl/Carol/Leah dynamic: different sides of Daryl and the free to be himself (whatever that means).
  • Was there reservation for the #CARYL-ers?
  • DOG brought Daryl and Leah together
  • Comparing past scenes to present episode: Carol knows about Leah

  • Why is everyone only mad at Daryl/Norman? Carol was with Ezekiel, raising Henry 
  • Leah/Carol parallels
  • TWITTER is mean
  • We hate in others, what we hate in ourselves: Carol and Daryl on opposite sides of the river
  • Where is Carol at mentally? Will she run? Can we compare Carol to Negan?

  • Never ending loop. Pretending to be okay
  • Moving on with your life
  • We learn about Leah’s past: her "son" Matthew
  • "SCARS" happened before Daryl meets Leah: noticeable difference between Digital & Traditional Film
  • We see Daryl’s fresh cut scar over his eye, but no idea how it happened (more story?)
  • Ezekiel vs. Daryl
  • Daryl in arrested development
  • Once you SQUAWK you never go TALK
  • Leah left Daryl ~1yr and 9 months ago from present day: Unknown when Daryl loses his wing during this time.
  • Daryl already knows the consequences of going too far (losing control)
  • Daryl allows Carol to read his message to Leah (which contains a map)
  • Did Leah leave on her own? Why is DOG left behind? But she clearly takes Matthew’s photo with her?
  • Leah’s ultimatum: was she pregnant?
  • Leah is Madison?
  • Is Leah REAL?! Oh no, not again (R.J. Grimes)

  • @fftcocoon shares some BTS of Carol with Leah’s pocketknife, in TWD 10x21 (Kirsten Acuna expands upon this in one of her articles for

  • Daryl’s map is to scale: is he a little suicidal?
  • Has Leah met up with another faction? Reapers? Leftover Saviors? 
  • Rick is Daryl’s real brother: he noticeably opens up to Leah a little
  • Will Leah take on the role of Sherry from the comics, leading the left over Saviors?
  • Leah’s relationship to Matthew: her spiel removes us from the drama in the moment, but does draw parallels
  • Contextualizing everything: But what about Connie?
  • Title card still dripping in blood (no progression/change, though)
  • Carol looking out for Daryl: slipping the map into his bag
  • Daryl really doesn’t know what to do, other than to continue looking for Rick
  • Maybe Leah died and Daryl is imagining her.
  • Leah and Carol sort resemble one another πŸ€”
    Courtesy of @fftcocoon
    (left) Leah from this episode, (right) Melissa McBride in Dawson's Creek
  • Is Carol leading Daryl towards the cabin?
  • Daryl takes it all for everyone else (takes nothing for himself)
  • Carol’s "apology", "I’m sorry, but I was right"; relationships of all kinds change/evolve
  • Daryl’s sound is so clear!
  • Melissa McBride looked off on Talking Dead: prepping for the #CARYL-ers 
  • Where does Carol belong? Daryl lays down some harsh truth.
  • A PUPPY DOG NAMED CARL! Puppy Dog vs. Baby Hershel. Team People vs Team Creatures
  • Daryl knows where he belongs (with his people), but would he leave if Leah shows up?
  • Excitement towards next episode

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