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Sunday, March 21, 2021

[Episode 123] Season 10, Episode 19 of The Walking Dead, "One More"

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Father Gabriel goes Next-Level Stoicism, while Aaron assumes the burden of hosting both his and the padre's soul. While reacting to the shock, drama, and some funnies, we still had a lot of questions that begged answering.
CHRIS, from BMNY DeadCast Live, is BACK after a very long hiatus (both from SQUAWKING DEAD and his own channel) and we're honored to be the ones to ease him back into online life after a heck of an anniversary since the start of...stuff n' thangs.
A TON of preshow in the Unedited Episode Recordings for you to grab with MANY behind-the-scene takes that were definitely too hot to make the final cut! How do you get it? Buy supporting us, of course! And, best of all: you, too, can lend us your thoughts during our recording sessions! Click here!

David Cameo:
Chris Valerius (BMNY DeadCast):
Rachael Burt:

  • We catch up with Chris from BMNY DeadCast Live: Been busy with COVID-19; vaccines; wearing masks; Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness
  • Chris’ impressions: Enjoyed the previous episode, as well as this one; agrees with Gabe’s actions
  • Beautiful Bloodbath
  • Sympathy for the Walkers: Too-Tired walker, next to the field of sleepy walkers
  • Stoicism: The endurance of pain or hardship without the display of feelings and without complaint; like playing videos games as little boy; Gabe exhibits this throughout the episode
  • Why didn’t Gabe tell Aaron about the walker/bodies on the roof?
  • Father Gabriel changed over the 6 year time jump, but how? Why? Will we see it?
  • Gabe vs. Mays: Was Gabe right? Does GOD give him permission?
  • Was Gabe being genuine with Mays or saying what he wanted to hear?
  • Giving Father Gabriel a free pass because GOD told him to?
  • Did Mays kill the people on the roof or the burned bodies at the cottage?
  • Never "holster" your gun this way...
  • Negan gets redemption, but not Mays
  • Is Gabe touched by GOD? He keeps lucking out 
  • Emotional moments: Aaron’s facial expressions
  • Duane Jones Bourbon: NOT MORGAN’S SON! An homage to Actor from Night of the Living Dead. Super Troll brothers (Kirkman & Gimple) at it again!

  • Foreshadowing with the Skelehorse + rider?: Blue scarf looks like the ribbon on Strand's hat (FearTWD S6); Evokes memories of Rick Grimes
  • Aaron’s a good shit: contains all the goodness in Gabriel/Rick

  • Gabriel bluffing a spade flush

  • These bonus episodes could represent 5 stages of guilt
  • Mays and Negan: Will this change Gabe’s/our perspective on Negan?
  • Goodbye Gabe: The Water Tower
  • Someone is dying this season
  • Non-threatening Lance Hornsby, next episode
  • TWD is still shocking and surprising us!

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