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Sunday, March 28, 2021

[Episode 124] Season 10, Episode 20 of The Walking Dead, "Splinter"

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And here we thought we wouldn't have anything to talk about! In this Princess-centric episode, we go through the depths of her psyche by way of her assigned archetypes, and even find reasons to belly-laugh about some of the ideas we thought up... because, is this SQUAWKING DEAD episode even real? πŸ‘€ thing we know for sure: Watch #TalkingDead this Sunday!
We definitely cut out a lot in the pre-show & post-show, for VERY good reason! If you want a copy of the Unedited Episode Recordings - or just want join us during our next Recording Session - all while supporting this #podcast, Click Here!
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David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • Paola LΓ‘zaro's proper pronunciation (with Shout-outs to Douglas Atherton & The Jamie Jo Show); Portuguese with Nyssa
  • "Splinter": @BlazyGardener expected a rat to train our group in the sewers; Yumichangelo and Raphezekiel
  • Going through the mental illness with Princess: PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, overactive imagination to cope; Everyone is dealing a little bit of these distresses, but Princess has it all at once
  • Leah = "Heal" (shout-out to @fftcocoon): We’re still wondering if Leah is real; Maybe she died right after meeting Daryl and he imagined the rest of the story; Her whole identity is a mishmash of people Daryl knows
  • Dave is HOT for Preacher: Gabe’s voiceover in "One More"; Eugene's voiceover in "Splinter" reminds us that he brought us to this new community; Dave is preparing himself for Father Gabriel’s epic death
  • Salt-n-Peppering your stories: telling a screwy version so much you believe it; Comic book Princess vs. On-screen Princess: AMC TWD is able to expand on her character and backstory so much more
  • Gabe is a changed man after the time jump
  • Princesses perception of her mom; Who was Sammy and his group? pre-apocalypse/post-apocalypse 
  • Call back to Harrisburg, when we first meet Princess.
  • Yumiko represents trauma, guilt, and even regret. Princess feels responsible for her.
  • What made people leave Princess behind?
  • Making Dave say uncomfortable things on the air!

  • WHAT IS REAL?! Lance Hornsby interview IS real, but her response to the strip search is very bizarre; Is Princess remembering it inaccurately?
  • Dave remembers his mother LYING to him as a child
  • "I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen one turn that fast"
  • Eugene is the rational voice of Princess: She needs to trust her new friends; Princess "lets go" when she uncuffs the soldier: her splinter comes out/her anxiety is lifted
  • Is romance in Princess' future?

  • Princess is exaggerating Yumiko's injuries; Eleanor Matsuura was stuck in England due to COVID during filming for the bonuses

  • Ezekiel represents The Protector: Princess' survival instinct; Trust what you know is true
  • TWD really separating crazy from mental illness; Princess and possible D.I.D.; Ezekiel plays Princesses Anger Translator

  • Are the soldiers just watching Princess run from the train car to the fence, and back? Eric Burt suggests the soldier signaled the others outside the train car by clicking on the radio; The Walkers at the fence talk back to Princess, "Come back to me"
  • BIG differences between CRM and Commonwealth
  • "I’m a god damned superhero when I’m alone"
  • Making really tough choices in the apocalypse
  • Geography: does it even matter anymore?
  • Will the real Lance Horsnby please stand up?
  • CoΓ±o = Pussy!
  • Nothing is real!
  • For all those who dislike these bonus episodes, hope you enjoy Tales of The Walking Dead; These are BONUS episodes: appreciate them; Truly understanding why people aren’t enjoying these episodes: We knew these were not meant to move the story along
  • Watch Talking Dead after next week's episode πŸ˜‰

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