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Monday, April 12, 2021

[Episode 127] Season 10, Episode 22 of The Walking Dead, "Here's Negan"

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On top of getting a better understanding of Negan, by way of Michonne's Jimson Weed trip earlier in Season 10 with "What We Become" (TWD 10x13), "Here's Negan" made it possible for us to complete the circle to explain his entire raison d'Γͺtre -- and it's SO satisfying.
We definitely cut out a lot from this episode! We went off on a few tangents, some of which could get us cancelled. We place that power in your hands by way of giving you the ability to download the Unedited Episode Recordings and joining us during those recording sessions - just by supporting us! Get them, Here!

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • AMC's bone-headed move to drop the early release of FearTWD 6x08 the same day as the public airing of this episode.
  • Who is Negan?
  • Favorite Bonus Episode of Season 10.
  • Separating actor from character: Hilarie Burton had to be Lucille.
  • Lucille as the leader of The Saviors
  • Negan Smith: The Everyman.
  • Lucille's gift to Negan: taking her own life.

  • Apocalyptic Band: Jerry on bass, Carol on Triangle/Tambourine
  • Negan & Carol understand each other: Carol moves Negan to Leah’s cabin.
  • Carol letting her hair down: A well-adjusted Carol.
  • Killing Lucille with Lucille.

  • Karaoke nightmares
  • You are my sunshine: Negan hears Hershel singing
  • Love or Hate Maggie Rhee.
  • 12 years and 7 months: Our theory is April, 2008 was the beginning of the end. @rebeccapunch_ says May, 2008. Happened very slowly over time.
  • What if Negan had stayed when Lucille asked?
  • David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick divulges Easter Eggs on Talking Dead: Pride & Prejudice & Zombies; Valak's Vipers; Lucille wearing a Half Moon T-Shirt.

  • Barbara, the OG Alexandrian, still kicking: Reviving "Where’s Marco?!" @itsgustavogomez
  • A Cult of personality without a cult.
  • Identity Crisis, redux: Who are you after you get what you fought so hard for?
  • Satisfaction in deception/defiance.
  • Different Negan on screen than the comics.
  • Negan = One.
  • Lindsley Register is back (in place of Dwight)! The neck tattoo and @heartsstillbeating's interview with her:
  • Laura & Negan could've coupled up.
  • Tales of The Walking Dead: What If? episodes?
  • Doctors don’t survive on this show: Sorry Franklin.
  • Low-Hanging Fruit and why SQUAWKING DEAD is not Talking Dead.
  • Lucille’s choice: Cancer diagnosis would cause more damage than a bullet.
  • Negan, himself, feels he's earned his place.
  • Lucille with the Colt firearm:

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