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Saturday, April 17, 2021

[Episode 128] Interview with Alexa Nisenson ("Charlie" from Fear The Walking Dead)

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We're very proud to present our hour-long sit-down with the intelligent, sweet, and remarkable Alexa Nisenson. We had a lot of excellent fan questions prepared, with some very handy and complimentary questions provided by our Supporter-Backed audience members. We go through both the sweet and sour of Alexa's journey through #TWDUniverse and we all come out of it stronger for having done it.
Please, do not miss out on the opportunity to join us in the audience for our next interview! ...and, failing that, the ability to download the uncut version of this interview. We went on a few tangents (our Friends conversation), as well as some funny moments we simply had to edit out!

Alexa Nisenson:
Rachael Burt:
Sherrandy Swift:
David Cameo:

  • Thanking Alexa for participating in @BlazyGardener's Walking Dead Universe Secret Santa Christmas Special:
  • Being on set of Fist Fight with Charlie Day, Ice Cube, Tracy Morgan and other big stars.

  • Rapping Big Sean live (rather than pre-recorded) and eventually meeting him!
  • @bccastrillo asks: What was like rapping I Don't Fuck With You by Big Sean?
  • Getting into acting through competitive dance
  • Alexa the High School Graduate! Congratulations!
  • Home Schooling and On-Set Learning and its challenges.
  • Love for music, and instruments
  • What comes after school?
  • We're all re-watching Season 4 of Fear The Walking Dead

  • @comicbookboy_ asks: How did you land the role of Charlie?

  • Alexa made Charlie an indispensable character, becoming a series regular in Season 5: she wasn't supposed to last more than a few episodes.

  • @frostedangel67 asks: Have you ever met Melissa McBride?
  • @daryls.moonshine asks: How do you feel about Charlie? Are you Team Charlie?

  • Comparing Alexa and Charlie
  • Charlie coming into her own on Ner Tamid.

  • @maxi170703 asks: Had you heard of or seen Fear The Walking Dead before you landed the role?
  • @grimeify asks: If you could play another role on Fear The Walking Dead, who would it be?
  • @tylerphillipcox (Let's Taco bout The Dead) asks: If you could cross over to The Walking Dead and have scenes with any other character, who would it be?
  • Charlie's future: sticking with Alicia Clark, protecting her new family.

  • @oliiimediiina asks: Do we know Charlie's surname?
  • Grimes? Smith?
  • @mockjaygrimes asks: Are Charlie & Daniel Salazar going to have more scenes together, this season?

  • @michaelandlordzachary asks: Do you have any funny stories or any on-set pranks you could share with us?

  • Tom on the bridge is high up there:

  • Not much to do with her free time: a lot of take-out, but also socially distanced hang-outs with cast and walks/drives with family.
  • @maxi170703 asks: What is a typical day on set look like?
  • Days start/end as early/late as 4am! Lots of testing for COVID-19 and safety protocols, but still positive energy on set.
  • @frostedangel67 asks: What has your favorite episode of Fear The Walking Dead been to film, so far?
  • She and Alycia Debnam-Carey wore wet suits in the basement scene of Close your Eyes (FearTWD 4x10)

  • Drying off and changing clothes after many takes for the stair collapse.
  • Read our love letter to Adam Suschitzky & Michael Satrazemis on our episode recap for Close Your Eyes
  • Water temperature probably helped Alexa's performance, rather than hinder it.

  • @katyE052293 asks: How would you describe Charlie to someone who's never watched Fear The Walking Dead?
  • @maxi170703 asks: How do you perform these scenes so convincingly? Is there something specific you think about when you are supposed to cry?
  • @TWDeadDaily asks: If you could change one thing about Charlie, what would it be?

  • Would Madison Clark forgive Charlie for killing Nick?

  • Handling fan backlash to Charlie killing Nick Clark, internet toxicity, and real life harassment/threats.
  • Things changed for Alexa after attending Walker Stalker 2019, seeing real-life positive feedback (and met @Blazygsrdener, too!)
  • Learning resilience from haters.
  • Alexa as a villain? She would love to play one!
  • @frostedangel67 compares Charlie to Carol Peletier: "She does what's necessary"
  • @celtictso asks: Which Charlie image he should add to his #TWDUniverse tattoos?
  • Also, check out Alexa on Summer Camp Island as the voice of Alexa Mongello

  • Alexa wish Daniel in the audience a Happy Birthday!

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