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Friday, April 30, 2021

[Episode 131] Season 6, Episode 10 of Fear The Walking Dead, "Handle With Care"

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FUEDING is the underpinning of this discussion, today: in a world where some semblance of harmony is necessary to jumpstart civilization, so too our podcast exhibited discord. We hashed out disagreements, challenged each others' positions, aired our grievances, and learned something along the way while rallying around a friend, rather than a common enemy.
This relatively short podcast is part of a 4 HOUR conversation, part of which was significant enough to have its own release discussing what we should and shouldn't do with Dakota. You can access that, completely unedited, from NOW, all while enjoying the ability to join us in the chat during our recording sessions, and download past and future unedited episode recordings, here:

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • Dave's Super-Jump-Cut Reaction Video to FearTWD 6x10:

  • @BlazyGardener's FearTWD Trivia Tournament is May 9th @ 3:00pm, Eastern/US!
    DM her to participate and Subscribe to her YouTube Channel to watch!
  • Daniels Past: Setting fire to Celia’s mansion.
  • Where is Tobias?! Alex?! Back when Talking Dead was called Talking Fear; When FearTWD stopped getting the Talking Dead coverage it deserves.
  • Daniel the cat and his 9 Lives; Stellar performance from Ruben Blades.
  • Dave's crazy brain suspected everyone. Rachael suspected Rabbi Jacob Kessner.
  • Taking the journey with Daniel, from his POV.
  • CDT (Clock Drawing Test) & Mini-Cog(nition) test.
  • No one cares, Sherry! Why it's hard to sympathize.
  • Dave considers the possibility that Daniel is fooling everyone.
  • Luciana Galvez is SUS: killing a walker with paint can.
  • Rachael's wild theory: Daniel, The End is the Beginning cult sleeper agent.
  • The Death Cult's graffiti is spreading... 
  • Personal transformation parallels between Daniel & Morgan Jones.
  • Sherry is SUS for blaming Charlie & Grace. Maybe Sarah Rabinowitz, too?
  • Everyone is SUS because everyone has "done stuff"!
  • Rallying Behind a Common Friend (rather than against a common enemy)

  • Is Daniel safe with Victor Strand? Why Lawton might be best for Daniel.
  • Strand’s way or the highway: are his days numbered?
  • Why you can't take character progression cues from actors' real lives: Christian Serratos & Brianna Venskus
  • Sherry bogarting the MRAP πŸ™„
  • We cut out 26 minutes, talking about what to do with Dakota. If you want the raw, heated discussion, now, download the Unedited Episode Recording!

  • Moment of Joy, "Hey Rabbi, it’s Kosher."
  • Judaism lesson from Dave: What makes something Kosher?
  • Daniel subconsciously manufacturing himself as the common enemy, "I deserve this."
  • Dave gives Rachael kudos for slowly conquering her Naviphobia
  • Watch @Blazygardener's Fare Thee Well, Colby video!
  • Maybe Morgan should just grab the Bo-Axe...
  • Morgan's lack of eye-contact with June Dorie

  • Dakota may not be locked up, but she's definitely become an outcast.
  • Is Ginny buried at the dam? Did Dakota (have to) bury her?
  • Belated Disclaimer: Dave does not like Dakota; however...
  • Rachael's rage towards NFTs: name-dropping real/fellow artists Robin Overton, WalkerWyn, and Linda Peck Athens
  • Shouting-Out our irreplaceable committed fans: @Blazygardener, @RebeccaPunch_Alania Stevens Hassel, and @freefromthecocoon. You are a large part of why we continue to do what we do.

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