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Sunday, May 9, 2021

[Episode 133] Season 6, Episode 11 of Fear The Walking Dead, "The Holding"

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#TheEndIsTheBeginning: We finally meet the cult that's been the backdrop since the 1st scene of the season premiere, 11 episodes in. We go into their motivations, the components that actually make them a cult, and outline the means by which they might just be the biggest threat in #TWDUniverse.
Dave dropped a HUGE theory (that we hope the show explores) in the pre-show that will only be available in the Unedited Episode Recording. If you want that, as well as the chunks we edited in the middle, as well and the post-show, while supporting your favorite #podcast, head here:

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • Dave’s Initial, Super-Jump-Cut reaction to FearTWD 6x11:
  • What does The Holding even mean? Teddy’s arms holding everyone?
  • Teddy’s looped broadcasts, the same message recorded differently.
  • Derek drank ALL the Kool-Aid
  • @bccastrillo gives us insight into the gentlemen holding our gang captive in the embalming room in his own recap:

  • Is there a someone from The Enders among us? Victor Strand is definitely not doing The Triple Dip (our gang, Lawton, AND The Enders).
  • We were right: The Enders are somewhat of a super-duper environmentalist group.
  • The dulcet tones of John G. Lover: Teddy narrates the intro, the show's visuals reflect it.
  • The power of intrinsic belief in the written/spoken word: how Cults build trust. Read A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift

  • A very strange "interview": Riley is just letting everyone talk.
  • Information Control - Teddy knows all: he is the hub, through all communication flows.
  • Keith Carradine could be Riley’s dad, brother, or future Riley?
  • Dave catches a mistake: filming during COVID-19

  • Teddy answers Wes’ question for Derek, "Who are you, if not my sheep?"
  • Wes' denial: can't even believe his brother is too far gone during the struggle for Derek's gun.
  • "Remember to try / the rhubarb pie"
  • Silver Linings: Wes has some closure. Derek's end is his new beginning.
  • They’ve been setting this narrative up since Season 5
  • What does it mean? Keeping the maps and recon in an empty can of Harper's Condensed Milk.
  • Are all The Enders privy to the details of Teddy's final solution?
  • Childlike Teddy.
  • What if Alicia Clark had just killed Teddy before the audience could see him come into focus?
  • Cognitive Dissonance Reminder: Derek knew Wes was at Tank Town.
  • Ender’s could have been allowing our gang to take Derek all the way to the dam.
  • The legend of Morgan Jones: the tapes Althea made and his walkie pronouncement (just live) had an even greater effect than originally anticipated.

  • ...but it could just be about the key he retrieved from Emile: how do they know he has it?
  • A spy? Nora’s co-workers make up most of the Dam residents (so nope!) and if Rachel were the spy, The Enders would already know the Dam's location (had plenty of time to give them intel).
  • Derek's log book describes Luciana Galvez and an Elementary School: geographical boundaries are the safest area for kids to learn.
  • Paige was an Ender in Bury Her Next to Jasper’s Leg: scratching out 32 people to 31.
  • Becky, "What if Morgan is the spy?"
  • Dwight to Althea Szewczyk-Przygocki sounds like Rick Grimes to Morgan (but not exactly), "If you don’t check in, I'll come find you."
  • Will The Walking Dead: World Beyond and Fear The Walking Dead meet/reference/crossover?
  • Constant Reminder: Don’t base a characters fate on the actors schedule.
  • Teddy's psychopathic socks and sandals: the meaning of the color blue (socks). Possible Teddy vs Victor STRAND-off?
  • How long can The Enders really survive underground?
  • The significance of seeing an embalmed Civic Republic Military soldier.
  • Derek’s mural: Nora’s building, Tank Town, Motel #4, Austin's Pennybacker Bridge, and Lawton/Humbug's Gulch?
  • It's Wes’ novel/manuscript, not Derek’s?! Why?! Our Derek/Wes name swap theory, acknowledged?!

  • Following in your brother's footsteps: @MystYang's brother, @RipYang.
  • Addressing possible continuity issues: Angela Kang and Carol Peletier’s claustrophobia. 
  • Morgan to Dakota, "We’re not there yet."
  • Possible parallel to Daniel Salazar: What will it look like for Morgan to settle.
  • Hate Morgan? Alicia was the one "sticking her neck out" for Dakota.
  • How to determine if your group is a cult: Steven Hassan’s B.I.T.E. Model of Authoritarian Control: Behavioral, Informational, Thought, and Emotional control.
  • Morgan predicts The Enders will move (Alicia) to an alternative location.
  • Why Madison Clark won't be returning.
  • Harvey, the embalmer: played by Dean Neistat, he is YouTuber Casey Neistat’s younger brother.
  • Colman Domingo will be Guest Professor at University of Southern California (and may have gotten the idea from Dean Neistat).
  • Being a realist/slave to only the story: we will accept all ships and theories, as long as the writers can get us to accept it.

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