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Saturday, May 15, 2021

[Episode 134] Season 6, Episode 12 of Fear The Walking Dead, "In Dreams"

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A simultaneously beautiful, heart-warming, and tragic episode: there's never been an episode quite like this one in #TWDUniverse. #GraceMukherjee's unborn child, Athena, literally fights for and saves Grace's life, ultimately resulting in Grace's miscarriage; however, the world Grace builds for a daughter, in which she has lived the life she will never have, is the most beautiful gift one isn't able to give or receive, whether in the #ZombieApocalypse or otherwise. In turn, it's the most beautiful gift we, as viewers, were able to share with her, but that very gift is the cost of peace.
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David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • Dave Reacts to FearTWD 6x12, In Dreams:

  • You try saying the name "Roy Orbison" without sounding drunk.
  • When you can't say "Great": Ultimately, sad episode.
  • Foreshadowing Athena’s death: Vultures/Hawks, circling above.
  • Grace Mukherjee knows what Riley looks like and why he appears In Dreams.

  • Grace’s hopes for all her friends: June Dorie & Charlie; Daniel Salazar & Victor Strand, Dwight & Sherry.
  • Athena's life was the cost of peace.
  • Among many factors involved in Athena's demise, Ionizing Radiation poisoning
  • Story Arcs are relatively new, compared to Serials.
  • Why Riley doesn't just murder Morgan Jones and Grace to retrieve the key.
  • The relationship between Strand and Alicia Clark. @frostedangel67 thinks Strand might have Madison Clark tucked away in Lawton.
  • But how can Madison really return?
  • Dave, "You might not get what you want, but you'll like what you get"
  • Dr. Dorie & Charlie, her apprentice. Jenna’s beautiful full wig. Clinic in the Dam, Veterinarian Clinic, June's new hospital.
    Left: Erica Durance ("Lois" on Smallville), Right: Mary Katherine Duhon (Older Charlie)
    Resemblance? Eh, maybe not...

  • Release the Collins cut: We think future Sarah Rabinowitz still can't get that beer recipe right.

  • Older Max! ...but where’s Annie & Dylan?
  • Sherry's daughter, Tina, is named after Sherry’s sister. Little John is played by Austin Amelio's son.
  • Where in the World is Sherry San Diego? "Hats-off" to @jojokatsaras: costume designer for Fear The Walking Dead, who is moving onto bigger things.

  • Grace Mukherjee: Did Dave call it in one of our episode breakdowns? Find the reference in our back catalogue and win 5 T-Shirts from our merch store!
  • Athena’s biological father, Matthew. We want more Sahana Srinivasan.
  • If not Athena, is Grace the key to their future?
  • Reminder: Morgan and Grace have not even kissed.
  • On horseback, Athena holds Grace around her waist.
  • The significance of the colors Pink and, more importantly, Red in Indian Culture.
  • Calling Morgan Babaji. Honorific/Spiritual Father: Grace thinks very highly of him.
  • "I don’t believe you, but I trust you," are you going to argue with Grace over the key? ...not us!
  • At 16 years-old, in Indian culture, young adults are looking for a mate/being matched. Check out Indian Matchmaking on Netflix.

  • For so long, Grace's purpose was to have Athena: What now? The cost of peace: Sacrifice.
  • Discussing Morgan & June's unsettling interaction in the opening minutes for FearTWD 6x13.
  • @BlazyGardener: Glasses in dreams represent not seeing clearly. Grace makes adjustments.
  • Cartographers, Sherrandy & Rachael, found and marked Junction 77 & 28 on Google maps. Here's their ongoing FearTWD locations map project (click the image):

  • In Dreams lyrics and relation to the episode, by Renee Hansen.
  • Dave has beef with Old Man Morgan’s hairline.
  • Tomato seeds: Tomatoes represent (dashed) hopes for the future in #TWDUniverse.
  • Athena, the goddess of war/rational thought/civilization: will they name The Dam after her?

  • Dwight’s Fajita makes a comeback. We're all just Squashed Tomatoes.
  • The arm falls off the first walker we see: Future walkers... according to Grace. Iris Bennet could've taken lessons from Athena.
  • Dave gets weird when Morgan gives Grace water in a dog bowl.
  • This tragedy could still bring everyone together: Rallying around a common friend (like Daniel, a few episodes prior).
  • Morgan & Strand parallel: My way or the highway.
  • Is June taking on John Dorie’s storyline? Does it Matter? You may not get what you want...
  • We’re coming to The Camp! See you there!

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