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Sunday, June 6, 2021

[Episode 137] Season 6, Episode 14 of Fear The Walking Dead, "Mother"

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It feels like we've been watching this season forever: as hard has it is to believe, we're nearing the end (which takes us back to the very beginning). We may have overanalyzed Dakota's motivations a little too much this episode, but it's allowed us to uncover some fascinating parallels in the process.
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David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • Alicia’s amazing makeup shows us ho sleep-deprived she's been, the past few weeks.
  • Dakota doesn’t know right from wrong, because of her upbringing, but we don’t know enough about Dakota to feel bad for her.
  • Dave thinks Dakota is playing the long con.
  • The benefit to keeping complicated characters around, like Negan.
  • The Hilltop leadership rule: 1st in charge shits the bed, while 2nd in command runs the show.
  • Rachael's theory, Teddy engenders jealousy in Dakota by giving Alicia special attention.
  • Rachael would totally drink Teddy’s Kool-Aid. Also, still #TeamRiley.
  • Dave predicted Teddy's sack-grab (and how he picked it up from "The Row")
  • Dakota’s uses same comments about Victor Strand as Cole had: Further proof of long con? 
  • Don't expect happy endings from #TWDUniverse: You might not get what you want, but you’ll like what you get.
  • This mummy's not Teddy’s Mommy? A previous victim/Alicia/"Mother"?
  • Teddy knows he’s bad.
  • Alicia is exactly what Teddy is looking for because she does the opposite of what he wants/tells her.
  • Both Alicia and both John Dories having the role of hero thrust upon them.

  • Dakota protecting Teddy possibly breaking the pattern of Alicia assuming the role of "Mother" (or possibly dying).
  • Do Teddy’s followers know anything about his plan?
  • Go full Camus: Embrace what you are, be it hero, villain, or pawn.
  • Dave really struggles with his feelings toward Dakota: if she doesn't go full evil, what was this all for?
  • Alicia can kill if it's absolutely necessary, but it doesn’t mean she wants to, Dakota.
  • Great choice bringing Cole/Sebastian Sozzi back for this episode. Too bad AMC/the trailer/opening credits spoiled it for some.
  • Remembering when Viv pulled a gun on "Naomi" back at The Diamond, back in Season 4.
  • Cole mentions Motel #4 which we saw on Derek’s mural as one of the spots The Enders hit.
  • Meaningful poses in Cole's line-up: Alicia has her hands out/open while Dakota hides hers behind her back.
  • The Gregory Brothers, Major to Minor/Minor to Major Happy Sad Songs
    (truthfully, they never did Yellow Submarine, but this guy did - as well as a bunch of other songs)

  • Writers hopefully keeping us on our toes: Trying to see Dakota on the whole character (not just how much we hate her)
  • Comparing Charlie and Dakota’s situations: The ability to see the point of view of all characters, even villains.
  • Dakota is our first, possibly full-tilt child villain in #TWDUniverse. Otherwise, this show is making us go completely crazy
  • Who is Dakota’s dad (Riley, duh, did you even watch [Episode 135])?
  • Mabel’s Parts: M.others A.lways B.ring E.xtra L.ove

  • Theories (possibly from Dalton Ross of Entertainment Weekly?) about Alicia dying: breaking the loop?
  • Contemplating The Queens Gambit discussion in Damage from the Inside (FearTWD 6x07): Dakota & Ed Gein discuss the strategy, but who is the sacrificed pawn? John? Dakota?
  • Alicia kills as a last resort, but Cole has no idea who Alicia has become no what Madison Clark used to be.
  • When good characters break bad, like Rick Grimes in the bar giving The Savior remainders "his word": it allows us to completely understand where Cole lives.
  • Alicia Clark was almost Ashley Bennett.
  • So much blue. Does it still mean harbinger of death?
  • Rachael's bone to pick with Teddy's 1st walker disposal.
  • @CindyJ1019 really tried finding Dave saying Grace's last name!
  • Cole, "I thought you died in the fire, too, Alicia," indicating that even he knows Madison is dead!

  • Morning Glories remind us of Bluebonnets
  • Is Riley, himself, part of the submarine crew? And speaking of the sub, remember Walter Subewski, from the 1st episode? He was wearing a naval uniform, too.

  • 2x Nuclear Arms Keys, 2x Saint Christopher Medallions.
  • Ouroboros: Dwight chasing Sherry, Alicia running away from Teddy, and even Morgan Jones stopping Alicia with The Art of Peace
  • Will Charlie be the breaker of loops?

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