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Sunday, June 13, 2021

[Episode 138] Season 6, Episode 15 of Fear The Walking Dead, "U.S.S. Pennsylvania"

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This episode really exhibits both the distinctions and the dark mirror parallels many of our characters have with one another, which has sincerely allowed us to take their totality into account. Should our characters be simpler? Should our heroes be super and our villains lean in? Tell us what you think!
The unedited episode is a RIOT: between the spicy pre-show, the massive amounts of expounded upon facts that were edited out during the recording, as well as the short but sweet post show, why not download a copy while supporting the podcast you know and love? Click here:

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • Watch Dave React to this episode:

  • We resign ourselves to love the complicated nature of our characters: they keep us guessing.
  • Why we don't bother discussing obvious points/Easter Eggs and giving credit where credit is due.
  • Speaking of credit, how about Brian Castrillo being 1000% correct with his predictions about Riley and the other Naval Officers on the U.S.S. Pennsylvania joining the enders?

  • SSBN-735 (on Riley’s shirt) designation of USS Pennsylvania.

  • @blazygardener freaking out Michael Satrazemis with her LOST parallels (among other memes)
  • Why isn’t Morgan Jones covered in guts/blood after escaping the walkers? The undead sub-crew is surprisingly clean, too. 
  • Morgan is trying to spare Grace Mukherjee the blame of the missile launch.
  • Annoyed with Morgan's pity party: mimicking John Dorie Sr (parallels). 
  • Leaning into villainy: if Dakota can do it, so can you, Victor Strand.

  • Strand is doing it for everybody? Does it matter if (he thinks) that's true?
  • Strand's envy: People follow Morgan because they want to, not because he owes them anything.
  • Victor is a lot like Gamma/Mary (from TWD): an erstwhile villain found the right people, first, and found the potential to become a hero.
  • Characters we love (to hate) and why we want them to stick around: contrasting Victor's and Negan's sins.

  • Morgan is alone at the dam at the start of the episode: like June Dorie's last goodbye at John's Cabin, it feels like he'll never see it again.
  • Where are the rest of the dam residents (Nora and all the office building dwellers, etc)?
  • Morgan & Victor have the goods on one another.
  • Quotable Characters making Questionable Decisions: our next podcast idea.
  • Comparing/Contrasting Victor to Dwight: Even D has done some pretty horrible things.
  • That satisfying moment Dorie Sr finally has over the radio with Teddy Maddox.
  • Thinking about the bleached bones (skelehorse/skelerider) from TWD 10x19, One More that could be Victor on horseback (if you want to hear our discussion of that episode, head here, to [Episode 123])
  • Radioactive walker was a member of Teddy’s flock, but what was her purpose?
  • Radioactive material may have leaked out of the missiles, rendering them less potent. 
  • Walter (Sub-ewski, Emile's victim from the start of the season) obviously had a crisis of conscience, with respect to his shipmate/mutiny-mate, Riley, and The Enders' ultimate plan.
  • A lesson(?) in body decomposition inside an airtight(?) submarine.
  • Season 4 parallel: 150 crew members reminds us of the signs indicating the number of walkers posted by The Vultures.
  • Where will the nukes hit? Ginny’s franchises? Dakota most-likely revealed, to Teddy, the dam settlement's location.
  • This episode allowed us to understand Dakota a little more, by way of comparing her actions to the actions of others (like an M.C. Escher painting).

  • Sarah Rabinowitz & Daniel Salazar giving us humor (giving us life).
  • Letting Teddy & Riley go would tell our group where not to go or where Alicia Clark might be. Can’t really blame Riley and the Enders for Athena’s death.
  • Mutually assured destruction: Morgan and Strand.
  • Happy 15th Birthday Alexa Nisenson, we recorded on your birthday! And big ups to Maxine from the UK, who joined us for the recording!

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