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Thursday, August 26, 2021

[Episode 142] Comparing TWD Episodes 6x03 & 6x16 + TWD Origins /w Ben from Just Keep Walking Podcast

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Little did we know it, going into this, how much relevance this discussion would have when it finally came to the upcoming season of TWD (Season 11), especially in relation to the tension/conflict between Negan & Maggie. Having the former's brutality seared (again) into our subconscious (while acknowledging our acceptance of him, be it begrudging or open) and also revisiting the latter's relevance in prep of her actual return, this discussion semi-neatly dovetailed into the Origins recaps of our four main characters: Daryl Dixon, Maggie, Negan, and Carol Peletier. Although it's mostly cons, when it comes to Origins, much like Negan, himself, there are some redeeming moments that make it a worthwhile watch, especially as a refresher after a 10 season run (with some gaps for breaks in Season 10).
This was a HEAVILY edited episode with a nice amount of behind the scenes divulging prior to starting the actual episode. If you'd like to download a copy of the unedited episode recording, as well as be involved in future recordings, all while supporting the podcast, click here:

Benjamin Scotford:
(Just Keep Walking/Turn Sounds)
David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:
Sherrandy Swift:
AKA @BlazyGardener

  • Why compare The Walking Dead episodes 6x03 & 6x16? How long have we been doing this?
  • The big moments made you forget about some other significant moments/themes.
  • Leaving people behind.
  • Spotting Greg Nicotero as a walker in front of Glenn Rhee & Nicholas' dumpster was too funny.

  • Glenn's death fake-out was a bellwether moment representing the eventual decline in TWD's popularity
  • Evan Schrodek is main editor for 6x03, Thank You, and cites this episode as his favorite to edit

  • Dan Liu did the editing for 6x16 (he eventually moves onto Directing episodes of TWD, but also Shadow and Bone)
  • The way the show kept teasing the possible loss of Rick Grimes' hand (even screwing with Carl Grimes, too).
  • Ben cites 6x16 episodes as being the scariest in the franchise. Sherrandy spots some great shots.

  • Dave describes how Tales of The Walking Dead should do their What If episodes (Virginia & Negan)
  • Ben describes two separate, but very similar score tracks from both episodes 6x03 & 6x16 that tie the underlying moments together.
  • Listen to Just Keep Walking's Inside the Music of The Walking Dead as well as their interview with Sam Ewing

  • Missed opportunities with the opening sequence music, as well as with releasing more score/soundtrack volumes (check out B. Claimed's YouTube Channel to get your fix, until then).

  • Now that we're talking about music, want a copy of our SQUAWKING DEAD Ringtone?
  • There TWD goes, getting our hopes up with emotionally uplifting music (like FearTWD Seasons 4 & 5 before getting Season 6)...

  • OG Fear vs Nouveau Fear waging All Out War.
  • Another thing to appreciate in our rewatch: Alexandria Safe-Zone's Scott (played by Kenric Green). Watching Heath (AKA the audience) come to the realization that you can't save everyone.
  • If 6x03 was the bellwether moment, signaling the beginning of the end of TWD's popularity, 6x16/7x01 was the mass exodus. 8x08/8x09 (Carl's death) was the finishing move.
  •  Why you're (not really) a monster for not feeling as sad about Carl's death (at the time).
  • Tyrese and Carl's death episodes are major outliers/tributes.
  • TWD turns loss into a plot mechanic (they don't easily forget who we've lost).

    (The moment Dave allowed himself to finally release his pent-up emotions towards Carl's demise)
  • The big comparison between Episode 3 & 16: Never really knowing whether to leave no man behind. The Super Troll Brothers (Robert Kirkman & Scott M. Gimple) are trying to get you to stop watching, but you just won't.
  • Going from "I stopped watching when Glenn died" to "I'll binge-watch the whole thing when it's over" (⚠WARNING: Please pace yourselves!)

  • Discussing the disappointing Drunk History-esque narration of The Walking Dead: Origins. But they're catching you up after 11 years.
  • Negan's Origin was not only entertaining, but articulated what the show has been trying to imply for years. Restoring our perspective on Carol.
  • They could've put more work into this project and recapped it more from the subject's perspective. We could've learned a little more than what we already know.
  • Maggie was super under-utilized, as a character (limited dialogue).
  • Our thoughts and plans as TWD's ending begins. How FearTWD is doing crazy things.

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