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Sunday, August 29, 2021

[Percolation Nation] August, 2021

Why miss out? Subscribe to our blog via E-Mail!

Welcome to our 21st Percolation Nation! This blog highlights our supporters' generous contributions for the month of August, 2021! ICYMI, we detail the benefits of supporting us on Ko-fi in our first-ever Percolation Nation.
If you like what we're doing, want to contribute your insights in the realtime chat during our recording sessions, and/or (at least) want to pick up Early Access to our Unedited Episode/Interview Recordings, head over to our Ko-fi page and just follow us (by creating a account). Watch our intro video, view our funding goal (currently: self-sufficiency), and scroll through the feed to see who's backed us. Ultimately, you are going to want to check out the posts section to view all the supporter-backed content you're entitled to when you join the nation! When you see something you want access to, buy us a ☕coffee or consider joining one of our membership tiers!


  • We're doing our best. One thing to understand about us is that we all maintain day-jobs while attempting to build this podcast into something terrific for you to enjoy. Try as we might, we're going to fall short for a whole host of reasons, be it moving into a new place, pulling late night shifts every day for the past week, technical difficulties (we've had many, as of late), familial obligations, etc. Case in point, our episode covering The Walking Dead's Season 11 Season Premiere, Acheron: Part I is still not out.
    While that does tremendously bite us in the rear-end, there are two saving graces:
    • The Unedited Episode Recording has been available for almost a week, now, for you to download and enjoy, wherever you are. Not only that, it's been made available for free, whether you've chosen to support us or not (more on that later). Download it, now, here:
    • We've also made available both the edited and the unedited versions of our Reaction Video of TWD's Season 11 Season Premiere:
      • The Unedited version was released prior to free week (which I'll talk about in the next bullet point), but even had it dropped during free week, it would still only be available to members strictly because it contains the episode in question (and to make that publicly available would be a huge no-no). The best part about getting the Unedited version of the Dave Reacts video is to see the others react to Dave (which you don't normally get to see). Grab it, here:
      • And, of course, the finished product:

  • FREE WEEK. On Monday, we took a pretty bold step (in prep towards even bigger changes) by making the content we would normally lock for supporters-only available to all who follow us on Ko-fi. Did we post these updates (links to the free Unedited Episode recordings or the behind the scenes phots) on Social Media? No. Have we consistently advised others to merely create a Ko-fi account to follow us, so that you don't miss out on moments like these? Yes. And there's a good reason why: we want you to want to follow our journey. We're not going to bribe you with giveaways or artificially sweeten the pot in order to entice you. Think about it: what would be the point? We make our perks pretty clear and they are fairly grounded within the realm of what we do as a podcast (Early Access to Unedited Episode Recordings, Lending your insights while we record, the ability to join us on stream during our Jackbox Games sessions, and so much more). We're also not going to lie and say, "It's not about the money," because of course it is, but it's also about maintaining a sense of belonging to a project you actually love. Bribing someone into something like that is fairly unsustainable!
    If you'd like to read the original announcement, head here:
  • #TWDFamily Branches: We took the opportunity to start a brand new segment on our podcast called #TWDFamily Branches. While it is an incredibly opportunity to be able to interview our immediate family in our #TWDFamily tree (the cast and crew), for longest time we've wanted actually shift the spotlight over to our cousins: the extraordinary fans. We very recently debuted our interview with Linda Peck Athens (AKA Fan Art Lindy), an artist and our friend from Oregon, and we couldn't have been more satisfied with it. The response, thus far, has been pretty stellar: the general impression is that this is something you never knew you wanted and want more of. I suppose, with the flagship show ending, this segment couldn't have come soon enough!
    The blog for this episode isn't up yet, but you can grab the following, directly:
    • The Unedited Interview: Yes, there is an unedited version of this recording! Watch us stumble through this inaugural interview, feet first, editing out tons of content along the way. Of course, you don't want to miss the beginning where Rachael nearly tears her hair out (well, if she had any) with all the false starts! You can grab that here:
    • Podcast Audio
    • And, of course (because what better way to view some of her art), the Streaming Video:

  • Don't call it a callback: Starting with the good news, first: because of FREE WEEK, we had a tremendous amount of people who took advantage of joining the realtime chat while we interviewed none other than Mo Collins! The best moment was her taking a second, at one point, to scour the chat for comments. It was truly gratifying to see the reciprocal love between her, the crowd, and even her husband, Alex Skuby, at one point! But, as we mentioned, briefly, in the first bullet point, we've been semi-plagued by technical difficulties. We've been unable, thus far, to make the unedited interview available because of a technical glitch. There's also been absolutely no time to fabricate a sort of pseudo-unedited recording, meantime. I'm working with on trying to deliver the composed recordings, but we've not gotten anywhere, just yet. Worst case scenario, we may end up having to deliver the unedited version of this recording just before the premiere of our interview.
    In the meantime, enjoy this graphic we made that will link you to the original call to join us for the recording session!

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TOTAL = 40 Coffees☕!


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