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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

[Episode 144] The Walking Dead: Season 11, Season Premiere, "Acheron: Part I"

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BETTER LATE THAN NEVER! Well, who can blame us?! We just interviewed Mo Collins, as well as released a brand new segment titled, #TWDFamily Branches, featuring our phenomenal cousins on the #TWDFamily tree. The final Season Premiere of #TWD starts off a lot like #TWDSeason9 (a heist!). What becomes increasingly clear is how much we've all experienced on #WalkingDead is going to end up playing into these 24 episodes. Meanwhile, enjoy the small breaks for humor and sweet callbacks to seasons past amidst what is increasingly turning out to be a fairly dark season. If we're going down, we're going down, together.
Though this episode is coming out fairly late, the Unedited Episode Recording was released far ahead of time, last week! Lend us your insights during our next recording session via the realtime chat OR join our SURVIVOR tier and join us on camera! Either way, just follow us here, so you're aware of all the cool things that are happening with this podcast:
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Aliza J:

  • Watch the DAVE REACTS to the Season Premiere Episode of The Walking Dead's 11th and final season:

  • We rolled out Membership Tiers at and Aliza J. heard the call and joined the top tier! ...which is why she's hosting along with us.
  • Our thoughts on The Walking Dead flagship show reaching the end of the road.
  • The trauma of covering two episodes a week is coming upon us again, after last year's fiasco.
  • Discussing AMC's choice to air all 8 episodes of (at least) Season 11a a week in advance and how the ratings are tabulated/massively skewed
  • How TWD might (not really) end and why it might not be so bittersweet: Because franchising.
  • #TWDFamily infighting (mostly within Fear The Walking Dead) and harassment of cast-members, like Lauren Cohan, finally returning.
  • It's implied that Maggie Rhee's people know Negan's relationship to her: was killing him part of her mission? Do they really need him?
  • Were the bodies in the subway tunnels from the fall, though? Comparing those walkers to those in the initial Fort Connors heist scene. And if not from the fall, where from?
  • Did Maggie et al belong to The Reapers? And what if Maggie was the big bad?
  • The woman that left six years ago is the only reason that's keeping Negan alive and comparing Maggie to Sherry('s rage).
  • Comparing Maggie's determination with Carol's quest for vengeance during Season 10.
  • Try as she might, Maggie has not have much success in leadership, and is perhaps being super reckless.
  • The irony of Negan being the only one to step in to save Gage, emboldening Gage to flee with Roy (C. Thomas Howell's character) in tow. Roy was a Hilltopper who knew of Maggie's tremendous leadership at The Hilltop, too.
  • Opening scene is also a heist, just like in Season 9's Season Premiere. Comparing Maggie's judgement in S9 with S11.
  • Comparing Princess' episode in Season 10C, "Splinter", to her cognitive mastery in this episode. Reinforcing that at least 98% of what transpired in Splinter didn't actually.
  • The possibility of Maggie dying: shitty Hershel Rhee emerges? Hope Maggie didn't leave him with Carol Peletier...! Wait, what: shipping Negan & Maggie?
  • The repeating theme of what it means to bear witness to all these past wrongs, never forgetting, but having to confront those who've wronged you - now that we're in the final season.
  • Challenging the chat participants in their first Live Stream together as Beauty and the Beazts (formerly BMNY DeadCast Live, covering this episode as this new outfit) by telling them that Maggie was more capable than Rick Grimes.
  • Something we never spoke about: the title sequence changes from Seasons 1-8 to Seasons 9+. The differences between just last season to now.

  • Why finding out how Eugene Porter, & Yumiko, King Ezekiel, and Princess getting The Commonwealth solider uniforms (in order to escape) is completely unimportant. Also, their uniforms are better than those of The Kingdom.
  • The Science of Walkers: a walker's 5 senses (redux) and why communities may never be safe.
  • Callbacks to Season 1 with Lurkers and why Dave is side-eyeing Angela Kang because of them. Shout-out to Brian Castrillo for starting this thought process.
  • The Wall of the Lost / To Be Flagged for Expedited Assessment. Who the faces may belong to, but also when Heath is not a Heath... maybe.
  • Machine Gun Swords and Mulder & Scully (The Z-Files). Eugene reverting? Callbacks to Deanna and O.G. Alexandria Safe-Zone. But what if the assessors are all actors...?
  • Feelings towards the eventuality of Mercer & Juanita Sanchez knocking boots. Will Negan & Princess never meet?
  • Discussing minor Easter Eggs: Stuffed Bunny Rabbit & America Does Not Tolerate Racism flyer.

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