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Monday, September 6, 2021

[Episode 143] #TWDFamily Branches: Linda Peck Athens (AKA Fan Art Lindy)

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Welcome to a NEW segment we're hoping to do a lot more with. It's a terrific opportunity to chat with the cast & crew of our favorite #TWDUniverse shows, but it's a whole other thing to shift the the spotlight over to our friends and fellow creators. Linda's ascension to creator notoriety seemed fairly recent, as you'll hear in a moment: the appearance of #Negan / #JeffreyDeanMorgan on #TheWalkingDead being her catalyst/muse. You can find her artwork in many a #giveaway, but consider supporting her work (and commissioning her to do more work with colored pencils)!
A lot was cut out of this episode, would you believe it (being the inaugural #TWDFamily Branches episode)?! If you want the unedited version of this #podcast, as well as the ability to join future recording sessions, all while supporting this podcast, well head on over here:
Linda Peck Athens:
AKA Fan Art Lindy
Rachael Burt:
Sherrandy Swift:
AKA @BlazyGardener
David Cameo:

  • Introductions: Who is your daddy and what does he do (where she's come from, what her occupation is/was)?
  • Lindy Origins: How she got her artistic start.
  • Her signature pieces (click to see them on her Ko-fi page!):
  • Then everybody just started whipping out their favorite pieces...
  • Along with Scott Wilson's Hershel Greene, Garret Dillahunt's John Dorie was also very difficult.
  • What medium she got her start with (Colored Pencil? Graphite?) and the various accounts of Linda Peck Athens.
  • Lipchitz and not being afraid to redo a previous work you know you can do better.
  • How do you choose your subjects?
  • How did you stumble into #TWDUniverse? How #TWDFamily got her into Fear The Walking Dead.
    She likes Martha (from Fear The Walking Dead)!
  • (Not so) Favorite Characters? Or, we should've asked, "Who do you want to die, already?"
  • Character she most identifies with. (Hint: She's from The Walking Dead's Alexandria Safe-Zone)
  • She's read most of the comic books.
  • Tries not to get involved in ships and theories (it's either uninteresting, unnecessarily passionate, or because of her hot/odd takes)
  • What she rates herself as a TWD fan and why. Not originally a horror fan and typically a year behind (cut the cord).
  • The pandemic has made it so that she couldn't attend her first convention, but who she'd line up for, first, for autographs/photo-ops.
  • Some crossover with Mo Collins, as they both went to the same high school!
  • What she's most proud of in the last year.
  • How to support Fan Art Lindy (of course she does commissions! Like this Negan, below!):
  • Why she chooses to make her art available for many giveaways, not just the ones we (@BlazyGardener & @Cosmomom09) throw. Fellow #TWDFamily members that also regularly host giveaways: @reneenee652003, @itsjustalex13, and @rebeccaTWDlife. Let's not forget The Camp!
  • Not only is Linda turning 50 years-old, but so is Sherrandy and - none other than - Alex Skuby (husband of Mo Collins, comedic actor in his own right, and podcaster).
  • The varying degrees responses/responsiveness from #TWDUniverse cast members.
  • Why we don't harass cast-members to follow us and how Linda has her own bubby/farm dreams.
  • Other fanart she's created:
  • If money was no object, how would you spend it and what would you take care of first? What would go towards your creativity? Catch Linda's amateur photography on @stuff_and_thangz (on Instragram)
  • New Commission she's working on: Kuill (from The Mandalorian).
    As in, "Kuill? ...I guess this interview is over!"

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