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Sunday, September 12, 2021

[Episode 146] Season 11, Episode 3 of The Walking Dead, "Hunted"

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🀯You do NOT know what's coming your way (talk about Hunted, right?): Rachael & Dave are about to blow your mind with some incredible predictions that you won't get anywhere else. @MegTheGeek & @BlazyGardener phone-in some great insights that Rach & Dave dissect along the way. Either way, #TWD gave us some incredible concepts to play with this episode! ...We can only hope the 18 remaining episodes are just as playful!
Not much pre-show and post-show in the Unedited Recording of this Episode; HOWEVER, we do regale you with some personal stories and some observations that didn't quite make it into the final edit that you may find valuable if you are interested in going a little deeper (both on #WalkingDead & SQUAWKING DEAD)! For that and so much more, head here:

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • Rachael’s Instagram Photoshoot by Jeff Hildebrant @iamjhil
  • Sherrandy’s take: The Four Horsewomen of the ApocalypseCarol Peletier, Kelly, Magna, and Rosita Espinosa.
  • Rosita’s dream about Abraham Ford: What's he trying to tell her? 
  • Why Magna pleads with Carol to stop giving Kelly hope of finding Connie.
  • We all missed Greg Nicotero take a bite out of Agatha! Sherrandy was giddy at the thought Maggie Rhee might've been the one who got bit.
  • Rachael feeling unsettled about Father Gabriel losing his faith: we are getting our What If scenario as a result of him surviving The Water Tower (from the Comic Book).
  • When the utterance BOPE-BARKED-EWE is as legendary #Ekekiel (never forget).
  • The Reapers are definitely a religious group. What will it mean for Gabriel when he truly encounters them? 
  • What if the Reaper "Nichols" isn’t real? Is Gabe is hallucinating/killing his faith?
  • Faith is a heavy theme throughout this episode: finding the horses & leaving Alden behind (hopeful he survives). Even Negan saving Maggie (Maggie having taken a chance on Savior Alden) proves that, with faith people can change.
  • The Reapers are perhaps the scariest group we’ve met so far, besides Civic Republic Military.
  • King Ezekiel may be the one to peek behind The Commonwealth's curtain (taking on Dwight's role in the Comic Book).

  • Meg's take: Legendary action-packed opening minutes. Is there a Judas in our group? 
  • Rachael is very mad that Cole died, after shipping Aaron and he (replacement Paul "Jesus" Rovia)
  • @fftcocoon says what most of us were thinking: Maggie’s people were not supposed to last (and the impact was supposed to accentuate Maggie's loss even further). Even Duncan points out how lucky everyone has been:  
  • Please stop the Maggie hate: our friend from Insider, Kirsten Acuna, spoke with Angela Kang and they are not trying to vilify her.
  • Meg's critique over the use of the close-up shots with Maggie in the opening scene (lighting, close-up, vs darkness in wideshot). Rachael & Dave still felt what Maggie must've felt.
  • Judith Grimes, Gracie, Hershel Rhee, and R.J. Grimes eating horse and speaking like little adults. Hershel's from "the streets". Saying "I'll be home soon" as a relic or comfort (for whom?).
  • Will Alden (who was a former member of The Saviors) pull through? Perhaps receive Father Gabriel’s comic book death?
  • The mystery of the dead horses by the river bank. Yet again, our short-lived friend, Sanjay (from Fear The Walking Dead 6x02 Welcome to the Club) teaches us about what walkers are attracted to the most.
  • Even the back up plan of getting supplies from Georgie's drop, is ruined by The Reapers.

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