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Thursday, October 7, 2021

[Episode 152] Season 11, Episode 7 of The Walking Dead, "Promises Broken"

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This episode gave us so much to work with in terms of parallels: people mirroring other people and scenes mirroring other scenes. #TheReapers & #TheCommonwealth, more than any other theme, are the most representative of those contrasting themes: The former being the natural conclusion had out survivors remained in the wild ("kill them all") and the latter a result of having the shelter and luck to survive behind walls (preoccupation with the seemingly trivial). There were many bones to pick, but we sorted through them and came out on top - all while having some laughs along the way.
I love the unedited version of this episode. So many mistakes! And, uh, Dave has a few senior moments that we had to minimize! The post show, we go into the development of our Spooky SQUAWKtober Cosplay Contest, so that's a nice bit of behind the scenes! If you want this and more, all while supporting this podcast, head here:

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:
Sherrandy Swift:
AKA @BlazyGardener

  • The Walking Dead's 11th season titles sound like rock song titles/albums.
  • Sherrandy liked this episode a lot, Rachael had a little more than comfortable beef with it.
  • Recapping our last few episodes/interviews (because we've been pushing out a LOT of content lately)
    • THE OLD WAYS: Watch Party & Q&A
    • Announcing the winner of the Kirk Manley (AKA, @batmankm) TWD (Seasons 10 & 11) Tribute Art Weekend Giveaway
    • You should also check out the interview we did with him in our sophomore #TWDFamily Branches set of interviews, here:
  • Respecting Negan's brutal honesty, while beholding the opposite in Lance Hornsby's lies, and trying to gauge Maggie Rhee's word to Negan, in light of her actual promise that she would kill him.
  • When/Why did Maggie decide to kill Negan? Considering pre-TWD 9x05 time jump. Hershel Rhee kills Negan?
  • Pope and The Reapers are the natural conclusion to these large groups surviving this long. Makes Negan and The Saviors sound benevolent, especially in light of the truth Negan dumps on Maggie.
  • Maggie acting a lot like Alpha? #HateBang? Funnily enough, the masks Negan made looked a lot like Alpha's (and one like Miles from TWD 9x15)
  • Sorting out logistics: the building where Maggie's dead walker people were held and how The Reapers are, in fact, in Meridian (the last successful settlement Maggie had before The Reapers ran her out).
  • -1 Bone to Pick: Yes, matches pre-fall will still strike. Just ask this guy:
  • +1 Bone to Pick: Why do the walkers not see our group from 6 feet away?
  • Dave Rants: Negan's brutal truth allows her to actually have feelings after being switched off for years. By bringing her emotionally online, it allows him to be a real Savior. Or he could just be her killing cheerleader.
  • Yin Yang: Daryl Dixon breathing humanity into Leah Shaw resembles Negan trying to bring Maggie back. Will Leah challenging Pope have consequences?
  • +1 Bone to Pick: put away that damn shotgun, Leah. However, Leah is growing on us. As Leah pulls away from Pope, Yumiko Okumura easily slips back into her old life.
  • Oh Yumiko, just like the coffee table book (and the contents therein), The Commonwealth is establishing something that was never meant to be revived (and in many cases, can't be)! Comparisons to Michonne Hawthorne from the comic book.
  • Remember Reprocessing? "It's the Commonwealth's way!" of getting you to be doughy, doe-eyed members of society after how rough the outside world has undoubtedly become.
  • Fake Stephanie was definitely (may still be?) Commonwealth Military. And Sebastian Milton is amazingly horrible!
  • But who takes on the Rick Grimes role on the TV show? Getting-closer-to-the-comic-book-version Eugene Porter? He might know more than he's willing to say (even to his own friends) about (real) Stephanie Vega.
  • Speaking of Stephanie, she let's us in just a little to her feelings towards Eugene. Trying to unweave the cons-on-cons-on-cons (AKA con-ception).
  • The Hilltop formula redux: Pamela Milton is real dumb.
  • Dave loves the acting of Teo Rapp-Olsson (AKA Baby Milton) and can't wait for all the awfulness to come. +1 Bone to Pick: Fake Stephanie, kill those damn walkers!
  • Why Lance's plan to make Eugene the hero would've never worked. Why it would be great if Baby Milton was in his 30s
  • Father Gabriel's spooky (and potentially calamitous) encounter with his dark mirror Reaper Preacher. Callbacks to Gabie's initial entry into badassdome and why that matters. Mirrors Leah's inability to kill the woman she and Daryl find.
  • Speaking of Mirroring/Yin Yang-ing, check out these two literally mirroring one another:
  • Had Negan not embedded himself with The Whisperers - and Maggie not given him a chance - Maggie might not be able to defeat The Reapers using The Whisperers tactics (weaponizing walkers/guardians).
  • What happens to The Reapers if Pope is taken out? Leah taking on a remixed version of comic book Andrea Harrison and/or Sherry...? especially in light of Daryl being a shadow of Dwight.
  • Carol Peletier doesn't sound like she would have a problem with Leah, but what about Leah (with Carol) in light of the lack of truth between them, at the moment.
  • Dave recreates the scene with Reaper Preacher speaking to "God"
  • The irony of Tomi Okumura displaying so many flyers and posters of The Commonwealth Annual Lottery and why Hornsby might've grabbed him.
  • As King Ezekiel returns to Eugene & Princess, noticing his change in voice: is he playing suzie-homemaker (like Carol) or is he just on some real good drugs.
  • Pope's PTSD running rampant might lead his group to ruin, but will the show humanize him (in light of Ritchie Coster's acting)?
  • #TWDUniverse makes Dave sound like a good person (we know the truth, though):
  • The further we dive into Season 11 (and reach the summit of our knowledge within the comic book) the more exciting things are becoming (kind of like why we love Fear TWD)

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