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Friday, October 1, 2021

[Episode 151] THE OLD WAYS | Q&A /w Director Christopher Alender

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Director #ChristopherAlender not only answered our questions about #TheOldWays, but was generous enough with his time to sit in on our #WatchParty, just prior! We not only got to find out about the #HappyAccidents throughout production and the twist and turns creating this movie took, but also a little bit more about Chris, himself: his background, the movies/narratives that inspire him as a film-maker, and what it took for him to release this movie as the pandemic hit - just after principle photography was filmed.
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Brigitte Kali Canales:
Cristina (Rachel on FearTWD)
Christopher Alender:
David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:
Sherrandy Swift:
AKA @BlazyGardener
Linda Peck Athens:
David Carranza:
Aidan Atkin:

  • Possible Sequel? Maybe even TV program?
  • Is The Old Ways Based on a true story?
  • What went into the floating scene with Miranda? Shout out to Stunt Coordinator, Mallory Thompson.
  • The most technically difficult scenes to shoot. Brigitte is a warrior and molting snakes look rad.
  • Everyone drank the not-goat's milk but Sal Lopez, who couldn't even drink that. Extra detail paid to sound.
  • Just cram in all the phobias in this movie, please.
  • Filmed at Camuy Caves in Puerto Rico. Wrapped principle photography 2 days before lockdown (but still had to film "domestically", even though it it cost more).
  • Casting was open-call and Brigitte Cali Canales ticked all the boxes to play Cristina.
  • Has Christopher Alender watched Brigitte on Fear The Walking Dead?
  • Chris owns a production company and does a lot of marketing for studios and produces a lot of The Muppets content. Did all the post-production himself, during the pandemic.
  • Most of the demon is practical effects.
  • Holes in teeth and elongated skulls are a real thing in South American culture.
  • Nahuatl, "One of the biggest languages you've never heard of."
  • Check out Felipe Flores' who did the poster art and, yes, you, too, can own The Old Ways merch:
  • Was originally supposed to be set in an ambiguous South American town or jungle, but they settled on Catemaco, for a plethora of reasons.
  • The movies and narratives that influenced The Old Ways. Spoiler alert: it's not straight horror.
  • And during the Q&A, The Old Ways had become the most popular movie on Netflix!

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