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Thursday, October 14, 2021

[Episode 155] Season 11, Episode 8 of The Walking Dead, "For Blood"

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You'd think, in the #TWD's final season, they wouldn't be introducing such fascinating characters like #LeahShaw, who is (as of the end of this episode) the #ReaperQueen. But here we are: Pope is dead (long live #RitchieCoster: a BRILLIANT actor, gone too soon), #DarylDixon, #MaggieRhee, #Negan, and Elijah are (hopefully) on the run, and who knows where Leah's mindset truly lies? Meanwhile, will #TheCommonwealth swoop in on time to assist #AlexandriaSafeZone or arrive amidst the aftermath, in order to salvage potential Nasties/Plebeians?
After hacking, slashing, and burning this episode down to just under 2 hours, you best BELIEVE there's a decent amount of pre-show and post-show, plus all the edits you can handle in between. And, keep in mind, we should a WHOLE LOT smarter in the final edit! Support our podcast? Buy us a Coffee! ...or maybe even join a membership tier?

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:
Sherrandy Swift:
AKA @BlazyGardener

Aliza J:

  • 🚨SUBMISSIONS to our Spooky SQUAWKtober Cosplay Contest are CLOSING!
  • When Leah Shaw tells The Reapers that Daryl Dixon killed Pope
  • Elijah caught some shrapnel: We know walkers prefer fresh blood.
  • We wanted to hear Pope's side of the story of what happened between he and Maggie Rhee.
  • Negan reminds us that our group has been brutal, too: How Aaron got Gracie.
  • Kill everything before it can kill you(?)
  • Bossie was the first Reaper that Pope kills
  • Reapers are in a constant offensive, war-like state: everyone is an/the/my enemy.
  • Leah considering an alternative lifestyle? …happiness, perhaps? 
  • Did Leah just mark Daryl? 
  • Hwacha is a late 16th, early 17th century Korean weapon used in sieges.
  • We’re sad we don’t get to have more screen time with Ritchie Coster.
  • Between Leah & Daryl, who does Dog Dixon choose? 
  • Aidan: Pope loses his mind much like Shane Walsh.
  • The distance between Meridian from Alexandria Safe-Zone.
  • The sinking feeling that Maggie may have returned to receive help for (what's left of) her current family, not necessarily to assist the family she left behind.
  • (Not really) Feeling a connection to Elijah, seeing his sister as a walker 
  • Leah may have suspected Daryl was lying to her the whole time, "It’s hard to watch someone you care about change when they're hurting people you care about too."
  • Should Daryl have confessed to Leah earlier? Would it have made a difference?
  • Daryl and Leah will never chose each other over their respective families.
  • Pope may have foretold his own death when telling Daryl about his rescue dog, Tick.
  • Is it fulfilling enough for Daryl to live in service of others? Does love get you killed? Can you escape it?
  • Pope was about to kill his own people (again), Leah's family, which is why she has to kill him. Daryl, too?
  • Dog better survive the battle at Meridian. Are dogs people?
  • Rosita Espinosa’s multi-faceted badassery and how her training, in early Season 10, finally bears fruit.
  • How Rosita survives where Reaper, Paul Wells, in a similar situation does not. He goes out similarly to Paul "Jesus" Rovia when he/we encountered The Whisperers.
  • Aliza is worried about Lydia, as she was last one holding the front door before walkers busted through it. Rachael is worried about Connie, leaving with Carol.
  • Second callback (the 1st was Rosita's pose in the doorway) to Close Your Eyes (Fear The Walking Dead 4x10): Judith Grimes & Gracie stuck in the basement like Alicia Clark & Charlie.
  • Aaron describes what it means to be a leader, in contrast to Pope in the scene just prior. But is Gracie wrong? Shouldn't Aaron stay behind more?
  • Where is Jerry?!
  • Antony Azor effectively delivers a line as R.J. Grimes!
  • Aidan predicts Father Gabriel will be our first significant death. 
  • Who's graves is Reaper Mancea praying over and why Gabe abstained from killing/reporting on his encounter with him:
  • Gabe's smile when he finds the rifle. Maggie the Grouch and they way she and Gabe emerged under Meridian's refuse.
  • How touching it was that Connie proactively wants to go with Carol and whether that closes the book on that arc.
  • Magna possibly continuing to deflect her own guilty/resentful feelings towards Carol.
  • "The One" with whom Elijah is seeking revenge.
  • Using your fear, like Judith tells Gracie, and why it's ok that Gracie didn't.
  • Alden's fate!
  • But why weren't we concerned for Maggie et al as the hwacha goes off?
  • One of The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, "The Dark Horse Famine", was in charge of food distribution and used the Scales of Justice in the process: The reapers must be on the side of the righteous.
  • Questions that still need answering: The sparked ignited the feud between Pope & Maggie.
  • Aidan's twisted intro for Angela Kang’s new podcast,which pulverizes episodes of SQUAWKING DEAD. gulp
  • Will Carol and Leah ever meet?

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  1. Daryl killed the reaper on the wall to protect Leah after she took out Pope. The Maggie enmity has something to do with Elijah, is my best guess. It's personal.

    1. Thank you, regarding Daryl's motivations - that's certainly a valid take; unfortunately/regardless, the outcome is still the same: Leah will register the lack of hesitation in killing the Reaper as just killing her family and, furthermore, stepping-in when (from her point of view) she didn't need him stepping-in (which would be a little call back to when they first met and how he killed the walker that was practically on top of her in the cabin).
      As far as Elijah, it *definitely* feels personal! ...we're just dying to know what that was, exactly. With Pope gone, there are few people left to lay blame in his vendetta and he didn't know his sister was actually dead until just last episode: so what was the thing that was done and who was responsible for it?