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Saturday, October 16, 2021

[Episode 156] The Walking Dead: World Beyond |2x02| Foothold

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This episode was far better received than the last, as the doors into insights regarding the #CivicRepublic / #CivicRepublicMilitary nearly blow right open. It's almost as if the 1st two episodes either play on one another or were supposed to be a part of a larger, 2-part #SeasonPremiere. Either way, we're glad to have it, along with the introduction of "Dennis" ( #MaximilianOsinski ) and the return of fan-favorite #SilasPlaskett ( #HalCumpston )
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  • Well-wishes to u/Connected-VG who was hospitalized with COVID-19. He's an admin of r/FearTheWalkingDead.
  • Everyone seemed to enjoy this episode a lot more than the first: A lot clearer, more insight into the Civic Republic's "RF".
  • Had this not occurred, then that wouldn't haveLeo Bennett finds the positive in Lyla Belshaw's deception. And in spite of Lyla's mindfulness, she "forgets" her earrings in Leo's bathroom.
  • Leo sees himself as a partner in the CR, Lyla is a true-believer (who is experiencing conflict?), and nailing down how long Leo has been away from his daughters.
  • Leo plays mind-chess with Lt. Col. Elizabeth Kublek. Leo's definition of "saving humanity" (spoiler: offspring) and how (spoiler: not that) far Kublek might go for her daughter, Huck/Jennifer Mallick.
  • Nailing down The Perimeter's reason for being: protecting the Civic Republic Military's interests.
  • Felix Carlucci is loud in this scene, then you can barely hear Iris Bennett in that scene, and possibly why.
  • Iris figures out what Leo is struggling to piece together about the Civic Republic Military: why, despite oceans of gripes, the show might spend extra effort convincing you Iris has value as a character.
  • Drilling down on why it is you, dear watcher, might dislike/hate Iris.
  • Why Kublek doesn't take Leo's spoken reasons for saving humanity at face value. Leo's & Hope Bennett's lack of choice (Campus Colony vs The CR). To whom your sacrifices belong (the collective vs direct descendants). Thinking global vs local. What Leo's death will mean to those who love him.
  • The 1st two episodes show the contrasts between them: dark vs light; the wild vs safety; surviving vs comfort; the evils vs the benefits. Contrasts between the two seasons: where are first we were uniting, we might be separating this time. Rachael hates being manipulated (by Dave)
  • Leo may have stumbled onto and tapped into The Walking Dead's philosophy (the idealized self). The CR is remaking this dead world in their own image (in contrast the The Commonwealth).
  • Agents of Dennis (Maximilian Osinski) and comparing him to Jayson Warner Smith's "Gavin" (on TWD). Dave is manipulated by Rachael about Teo Rapp-Olsson's age (plays Sebastian Milton on TWD).
  • What is Dennis and the rest of these neutralizers doing out there? Is he a true believer? Trying to get Silas to spill the beans another way.
  • Delivering the B-Oh-Four to the CR RF. Stage 2? Stage 6?
  • Did Leo hide code in the messages The CR intercepted to his daughters (callback to John Dorie's letters to June Dorie in Fear The Walking Dead). Mason... (Belshaw?) is spying on the scientists?
  • If the tracked Dead Ones are 'B's and 'A's are Dum-Dums, too, does that mean Rick Grimes is just dead meat?!
  • Everyone, everywhere, is doing their part to end the Zombie Apocalypse. Dennis may have made a mistake he's paying for, but (according to The Allman Brothers Band), Huck might be trouble.
  • The Perimeter colony know about Jennifer... which supports our theory that she may have saved most of them from her brothers during the fall. Iris is, again, showing how smart she is to Felix (figuring out Huck is Kublek's daughter)

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