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Sunday, October 31, 2021

[Episode 160] The Walking Dead: World Beyond |2x04| Family is a Four Letter Word

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Should our protagonists(?) be thinking locally or globally? Is #SilasPlaskett's allegiance going to be tested? #JenniferMallick is starting to realize that her mother, #ElizabethKublek, might actually be a monster (and that she might be one by proxy). And terrific performance by #NicholasCantu as #EltonOrtiz, this episode!
So we definitely cut out a lot of behind the scenes moments from before and definitely after this episode. To join in the chat in our next recording, like Mario did, as well as download the unedited version of this episode, all while supporting this podcast, head here:

David Cameo:
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  • [Editor's Note: Dave clearly didn't edit the beginning of this podcast]
  • Get ready to participate in our #TWDUniverse Secret Santa! DM Sherrandy to get on the list! Essentially, you will be assigned a random TWDU character, to whom you will fabricate a gift (whether it be real, photoshopped, bought in a store, said out loud - be creative/have fun)! You will have the opportunity to swap your character with other #TWDFamily member, too! Here's a look at last year's TWDU Secret Santa video:
  • The wrong end of a kill-stick/telescope. Conflict in this episode and every episode gets better.
  • What episode are we covering? Reminiscing on older SQUAWKING DEAD episode difficulties (while having current difficulties).
  • [Editor's Note: we go into a conversation about how it's possible Felix Carlucci knows Percy Delmado is gunning for Jennifer Mallick/Huck, but we know why because both he and Elton Ortiz must've caught everyone up]
  • Huck's world is crashing around her as she's realizing how much bad she's responsible for. The same may be applied to Lt. Col. Elizabeth Kublek.
  • Our theory about both Portland being in Texas (not Oregon, ties into Fear The Walking Dead nicely) and Major General Beale being Jadis/Anne are seemingly both incorrect. Is Rick Grimes Mr. Beale?!
  • Even Dave is having trouble covering for Iris Bennett, but notes the contrast of her character against others (especially Percy).
  • You hate in others what you hate in yourself: Dave strikes at the heart of why Rachael, in particular (but perhaps #TWDFamily, as well), wouldn't like Iris. We know far too much the cost of standing on principle in #TWDUniverse.
  • Watching Iris and Hope Bennett part ways was difficult. Remembering that Bennetts are teenagers (ergo: not thinking things through). Iris might be "butthurt" over not being chosen by the Civic Republic Military - or, at least, not used to Hope not being in her shadow. Things would've been worse if they would've chosen Iris (or, at least, not as interesting).
  • We're here for Dennis & Silas Plaskett's relationship. Maximilian Osinski's body would destroy Hal Cumpston's. The Culling & Maintenance kids' "training ground" is a post-apocalyptic video game.
  • Hope & Silas' path forward might be difficult. Silas, in light of this newfound family, and Hope, with the possibility of the cure. The only way out is through? Both Hope & Iris think locally and globally, in their own way.
  • It's entirely possibly that one or the other sister might die and what that might mean for the greater #TWDUniverse; Mason's Master Controller (him stepping a little out of bounds) might be useful for Hope if she joins the effort to wreck the CRM; and Portland's fate is still unclear, but Hope knows more about the CRM today than she did yesterday, and it might mess with her.
  • Speaking of Mason, it seems like he's dipping his toes in both camps: clearly has access to things and does what he's told, but steps out of bounds here and there. Mason Belshaw? Mason General Beale?
  • Silas divulges to Dennis the reason why he tries to leave the Culling & Maintenance Outpost, but understanding Dennis imparts some sage wisdom. It is still unclear whether Dennis knows the killer whom Silas is referencing (Huck), but ostensibly does not appear he's aware. We need to interview Max.
  • Pulling some cool information off of Indira's insulin bottle. Why it's important that others, like Brody, don't know she's ill (at least at this stage); parallel with Hope's childhood trauma (the irony of Elton discovering this). Dave's imagination runs wild; Fused walker in the Culling & Maintenance facility; Scott M. Gimple makes cast-members paranoid (and his spoilers suck).
  • Deconstructing the plethora of sources spurring Elton's panic attack.
  • Say what we all will about characters that we're having trouble digesting, they are nudging the conflict, so it's not all bad: Iris may actually be a psychopath while Percy becomes the responsible one?!
  • Ithaca, NY: where The Walking Dead: World Beyond's story ends. Is the Civic Republic one large city or a Confederation of settlements? Or both? The Civic Republic/The Commonwealth aware of one another?
  • Picking more bones: Leaving the Perimeter's armory unlocked.
  • The necessity of seeing (is believing) Daniel and Margaret fishing Huck our of the river in Omaha: Even Huck saved some people. Remembering Huck's father, Mr. Mallick, and what he represents to both Kublek and Huck. The significance of seeing Jennifer give herself her scar in both Season 1 and Season 2. Symmetry between Silas and Hucks scars/wounds: remembering. Huck & Dennis are married?

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