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Thursday, October 28, 2021

[Episode 159] Season 7, Episode 2 of Fear The Walking Dead, "Six Hours"

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We're starting to notice this season, along with the darker turn the continuation of the anthology-style storytelling has taken, even the "everything gets a return" motif becomes twisted. Even though #GraceMukherjee seems to overcome her obstacles and things turn out ok for her and #MorganJones (and lil-Mo) by the end of the episode, it's just barely!
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  • Baby Morgan's annoying cries. Sherrandy makes Dave spit his drink
  • But didn't Grace Mukherjee kill Fred? leaving her, Bea, to "spend whatever time she has left" with whom...?
  • June Dorie is perfect. Right? Right. Uh...
  • Morgan Jones quickly relives his beginning's end (a la the pilot episode of The Walking Dead).
  • Timelines: Uh, so when are we...?
  • Similarities between episode 5x10, "210 Words per Minute"
  • Why we need Robert Kirkman to voice all the characters when he finally makes the audio books.
  • Grace rides a pinto of a vastly different color.
  • "I’m right here" Grace is a far darker mirror of Morgan.
  • The 200-mile fallout radius and weather patterns carrying it all the way to Louisiana: why that makes our heart sink.
  • Sherrandy theorizes the nuclear events on Fear The Walking Dead predicate The Civic Republic Military's actions against Campus Colony / Omaha's genocide, today. Why it also might be Portland, Texas, not Portland, Oregon.
  • Maps of meaning: retracing why the bombs landed the way they did and why it means something that the CRM didn't do anything about it.
  • Morgan chose poorly: Dave's aforementioned scenario of possibly putting Grace above the group had happened, already (when he gave Riley the nuclear submarine key under Grace's "advisement")
  • Food under floor panels, like Connie's stash in Episode 9x13 of TWD. Where are the sub keys, now?
  • Meeting Josiah LaRoux, Emile LaRoux’s twin, and his Shovel Pick. Fickle Rufus...
  • Beta Burns: a never-ending, painful sunburn.
  • Grace’s indomitable patience with Baby Mo's constant crying. Baby Mo crawling (at about 6-9 months) gives us a possible timeline marker.
  • Frustration: Fred shoots the can of powdered milk, exposing the contents. Why the hazmat suits are only partial protection.
  • Baby Please Forgive Me, Grace Tennessee as the other Grace is trying to put baby Mo to sleep the first time: can't help thinking about the loss of Athena.
  • Cabin on the Hill, Flatt & Scruggs and Foggy Mountain Boys. Earl Skruggs was born where Sherrandy lives. Plays just after Morgan comes back from his stint outside and Grace is waking up after a nap. This song leads us to believe that Grace is dreaming of Athena.
  • I'll Put That Gambling Down, Reggie Taylor. Plays just as Grace & Morgan leave the sub. Might be alluding to Morgan's "this time it'll be different" and "we can fix it" attitude. If Morgan was a gambler though...
  • Victor Strand wants everyone to see what he’s built, but might show them the door or, worse, the roof afterwards...
  • Untie the Ribbon, Wanda Johnson. Lyrics. Plays the very next scene after they leave the sub, driving through the night. Foreshadows Grace's equally bad choices of enduring or abandoning Morgan & Baby Mo.
  • It’s time to quit crying, Frank Fafara. Editor's note: haunting, but beautiful. Plays in the aftermath, as they leave Bea, signaling Grace's decision to end her mourning and accepting her brokenness and the brokenness around her.
  • Grace sings to Baby Mo: discussing the authenticity of that moment by way of Rachael's personal life. Dave actually proves he can connect with an animal via a touching and personal story.
  • Old dog Rufus, not really helping with the crying baby situation...
  • Though we all want what's best for Baby Mo, and the best that we know of might be Strand's palace, we all enjoyed Grace turning down Howard's offer, because of what it means.

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