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Friday, November 5, 2021

[Episode 161] Fear The Walking Dead |7x03| Cindy Hawkins

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This one kicked us in the feels, then proceeded to kick us, again, while we were down. We're starting to notice some emerging parallels: #MorganJones attempting pulling #GraceMukherjee out of her agony in the last episode, where #JohnDorieSr is (in this episode) attempting to pull #JuneDorie out. Both men having gone through longterm personal turmoil, now finally able to try to pull their counterparts out of their own quagmire. And, of course, #VictorStrand being the one to bring the Dories to safety... 🤔
We had a lot of laughs and talked about a LOT of behind-the-scenes things during the pre-show and post-show to this episode! To find out what those things were, stream the unedited episode recording, while supporting this #podcast! Click here:

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:
Sherrandy Swift:
AKA @BlazyGardener

  • Dave shares the way in which he proposed to his wife.
  • Continuing the conversation we had last week: Now seeing flaws in June Dorie.
  • June is stuck in her routine at the Cabin, but underground.
  • John Dorie Senior has sneaking suspicions of June’s issues.
  • Senior saying all the things Junior did.
  • Dakota saves June and Senior, yet again.
  • Claustrophobic episode: inside John's mask & the bunker.
  • Senior goes through withdrawals while dealing with the horrors of the world.
  • But why did June want Theodore Maddox's kill room covered up?
  • Ouroboros: Sherrandy notices The End Is The Beginning circular symbolism throughout the episode.
  • Teddy’s monologue/master plan from episode 6x11: The Holding, written out on the notepad.
  • Is being with Victor Strand the best for June? Senior is not happy about it.
  • Teddy's bunker is a buried school bus: Actual buses buried out near Waco, Texas by Branch Davidians. Read KimberlyB1974's actual TripAdvisor review.
  • John Francis Dorie V; June can finally face the loss of John Francis Dorie VI when she’s pinned under beams.
  • Senior repeating "It’s never too late" not just reminds us of Junior.
  • Parallel: June jabs Senior with the syringe like Wes at Tank Town, as well as Charlie jabbing Ed Gein at Buck’s Landing.
  • COVID-19 references: the need to create an airlock to "keep the bad stuff out".
  • There's plenty of blame to go around: Morgan Jones & Strand are both culpable for the missile launch. Remains to be seen whether Morgan really wants Victor to save their friends. Also, why Sherrandy is now #TeamStrand.
  • John Jr’s hat wrapped in plastic on June’s backpack; the repercussions to June staying with Strand; Will Strand hook a reluctant Senior via his detective skills?
  • We know have 3 assholes from all 3 #TWDUniverse shows who want to shape the world in their own image. Yay...
  • Madison Clark leading the Stalkers? Tess, Wendell, and the kids? ex-Civic Republic Military soldiers? Bea and Fred’s neighbors, in town?
  • SURVIVORS Tier Member, Jasmine, teaches us about alcohol withdrawal symptoms.
  • Ghost Cindy?
  • They actually did what we wanted and brought back Emile LaRoux (Josiah LaRoux), but why are we not that happy?
  • The Mamas and the Papas California Dreamin': June is dreaming about her promised life with John Jr. with Sr.; the weather outside is always shitty; the song foretells a future divorce,
  • Ouroboros on Teddy’s box of scraps just like Alpha’s belt buckle, which also reminds us of Alicia Clark's painting at The Franklin Hotel bunker/conference room.
  • Don’t forget about Luciana Galvez, who follows anyone who vocalizes half a plan.

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