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Tuesday, November 9, 2021

[Episode 162] The Walking Dead: World Beyond |2x05| Quatervois

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Is #ElizabethKublek the enemy we thought she was? Is Anne / #JadisStokes(?) someone we should worry about? And, for someone who's supposed to be(?) a protagonist, #IrisBennett sure acts a lot like the side she's fighting against (sneaky AND manipulative)! It is really nice to see most of our "family" together and it's nice to see #EltonOrtiz find his place in #TWDUniverse
SO MUCH was cut out from the final edit, mostly due to massive technical difficulties mostly. It almost begs the question why we didn't just release this version low-fi and unedited for the sake of coherence! Either way, get the episode the way it sounded when it originally came out of our mouths and support our faceholes, as a #podcast, in the process by clicking here:

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  • Dave's fails to crack the barcode.
  • Jasmine shares the Iris Bennett hate.

  • Each episode getting increasingly better.
  • Don't talk to Lyla Belshaw, Leo Bennett!
  • Jadis Stokes?! The preview into the next episode spoiled what was to be her big reveal in the stingerLt. Col. Elizabeth Kublek is gone, indefinitely. Sergeant Major Barca's return as TS A841.
  • What is Lyla trying to perfect in her secret lab? Do the end really justify the means? PRJ-V Epidemiological Data. Revisiting As & Bs
  • The newspaper Jennifer Mallick is reading: Small article to the left in the Civic Republic Tribune titled, CRBC Optimizes Signal
  • The main article's text in the article titled, Military Looks Ahead to Civilian Oversight by Nick [Orgini?]
    • In an address to the citizens of the Civic Republic This week, Major General Beale surprised many when he spoke not only of recent successes in fortifying the city and military forces, but of the future transition of power toward the civilian government.
    • A transition of power from military leadership to full civilian oversight is a bedrock provision of the Civic Republic's Founding Compact, the foundational document that has guided our city in rebuilding humanity for over nine years. Authors of the document were in agreement that military [autonomy?/autocracy?] was something for the early survival of the CR, as well as its stabilization in the years to follow. The provision [does?] states that ten years into the CR's existence, a transition of power could take place, a move that would put the power back into the hands of the people.
    • With that compact's decade.... [cut off/next column]
    • When asked if the ten-year timeline written into the CR's Founding Compact still seemed feasible to the Major General, Beale responded saying, "There are many

      | Mjr. Gen. Beale 'looking forward' to long-awaited governmental transition. |

      variables to consider. But I have full faith that when the time comes, we will execute the plan smoothly."
    • When pressed to reveal specifics of the plan for the transition of power, Beale remained tight-lipped, "It's something my joint chiefs of ... " [cut off/next column]
    • military."
    • A CR farmer, speaking anonymously, shared similar sentiments. "You can't deny what the CR Military has done for this city. We owe our survival to them," he said, "But things are under control more than ever before and it feels like the right time for us citizens to take the reins."
    • Beale's acknowledgement of the transition of power in his address has proven to be a smart political move. His approval ratings are polling at an all-time high, with many people citing his leadership as integral to the continued survival of the CR. With strong [approval?] and widespread appeal, [...] rest comfortably knowing [...] the last [...] [cut off]
  • CITY IN BRIEF | THE REGION | City Celebrates Eight Years of the New Beginnings Academy, by Anna [Stodden?]
    • The New Beginnings Academy is celebrating eight years of full [operation?]. With its enrollment of 204 children in [grads? ... over?] time, most consider the  [...] of the CRM's  greatest success [...].
    • The biggest worry [...].
  • Dennis either picks up a second newspaper, or a separate large article in the same newspaper reads, CRM REQUESTS EMERGENCY DELAY OF CIVILIAN OVERSIGHT. An article on the right of that reads, CANDIDATES FORUM TO BE HELD IN MILLENNIUM PARK.
  • Discussion points as a result of reading the CR Tribune: The CR (gov't) most likely doesn't know the comings and goings of its military. CRM creating panic to remain in power. The people, themselves, might push to keep Major General Beale in power. Did Lyla's failed experiment wipe out campus colony?
  • Episode synopsis spoilers.
  • Why does Lyla have a deadline? Unstoppable soldiers? Longevity for the winners?
  • Kublek out of the picture could spell disaster for Huck. Was she compiling evidence against the CRM on behalf of the CR?
  • Quatervois: (four) ways of seeing/crossroads. Sign is a callback to Season 1: The Tyger and the Lamb
  • Hope Bennett & Silas Plaskett see the positives of the CR.
  • Is Percy Delmado being genuine, or is his odd sincerity a long con?
  • Iris (and the rest) shake Hope & Silas out of their comfort with the CR.
  • Kublek's right hand man, Lt. Frank Newton, is off in Portland.
  • Percy and Elton Ortiz bro out on their girls, Iris and Asha.
  • Every generation thinks the world's too unsafe for children, but most end up having them, anyway.
  • Coffee is important!
  • Silas struggles with lying to Dennis. Dennis may have ratted out Silas. Dennis in favor of civilian oversight/control.
  • Will Campbell helped draft the CR Research Facility map: Pen for research Dum-Dums.
  • The Significance songs, this episode: Metal Sport by Hittman and Angel of Wilderness by Craig Marsden.
  • Symmetry between Silas and Leo's scenes. Leo bumps into Professor Doctor Terry Brooks Ellis.
  • Why does Jadis take on Gabriel's surname? Mario III advises us that Warrant Officers are, essentially, military police.
  • Iris may be manipulating Silas with her drawing of the gang.
  • Elton misses his chance to kiss the girl, but learns a valuable lesson about his place in the universe.
  • Much like Louis Tully from Ghostbusters 2, the way in which Iris Bennet becomes the savior of humanity.

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