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Sunday, November 28, 2021

[Episode 169] The Walking Dead: World Beyond |2x08| Returning Point

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Getting to the nuts and bolts of this episode involves examining our entire outlook on the kinds of people we end up meeting in #TWDU and admitting that, as much as we hate "weak people", there's a value in having them around so that we may, yet again reach a "Returning Point". Fearing that #Jadis may have learned the wrong lesson from Simon (of #TheSaviors, #Negan's former right-hand man), we also wonder whether other characters are reaching that point to (perhaps #LeoBennett? #FelixCarlucci? ...and, no, we haven't forgotten the obvious: #IrisBennett)
Our pre-show was QUITE spicy and we do dip our toes into the political/current events. You might not want to miss that Unedited/Unfiltered/Raw discussion while also supporting the BEST #TWDUniverse #podcast in history. So what are you waiting for? Click here:

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  • As much as we'd like to find out more about Rick Grimes' whereabouts or even The Civic Republic or The Civic Republic Military, what's most important is that The Walking Dead: World Beyond tells the story that was meant to be told.
  • Drawing a comparison between The Walking Dead fans' dismissal of TWD World Beyond & Fear The Walking Dead.
  • Bottom line: while you can watch any #TWDUniverse spin-offs for ties to The Walking Dead (original series), we recommend reading recaps or listening to podcasters who will recap the episode for those specific tie-ins. Don't trash a show because it didn't give you what you wanted that had nothing to do with telling its own story.
  • Jasmine's take: Mason Beale's unfair treatment. Rachael needs clarity on the hurried retrieval of Mason and Dave takes the opportunity to explain, more narratively, why it shapes up the way it does (the audience's confusion and the theme of trust).
  • Why selfish isn't a bad word: parallels between Althea (from FearTWD) and Indira. More examples of trust: Iris Bennett trusts Hope Bennett to retrieve Mason. Hope trusts Iris/Percy Delmado to not harm Mason. Elizabeth Kublek trusts Indira to run Perimeter Colony while Indira's life is in Kublek's hands (Saline Dialysis).
  • Rachael has a problem with Kublek sneaking Saline to Indira, Dave & Sherrandy swoop in to explain. Also, she's at the top of the food chain, so she has latitude.
  • But trust has its limits: just like Silas Plaskett not being able to fully trust Dennis (you're one of them), Hope can only allow herself to trust Mason so much before she has to fall back to prioritizing the safety of her family.
  • Explaining Mason's reaction to seeing an empty within the research facility's walls.
  • Parallels between Leo Bennett wishing he'd ended Lyla Belshaw's life, himself, with Kublek explaining to Jennifer Mallick that, if anyone, she would want to be the one to break her: We need some people to do the hard work and make the tough/ugly calls, but we need others whose hands are clean to bring us back (Returning Point).
  • Leo also hates in others what he hates in himself: he wants to strangle that part of himself that could ever feel true love for someone who would potentially sell him and his daughters out for the sake of humanity's future.
  • On the heels of needing to do the ugly thing, we're concerned about what Iris (might feel like she) has to do.
  • This episode answers both Jasmine & Rachael's question of whether there are soldiers questioning the genocide of Campus Colony/Omaha.
  • CR RF's lower level looks like Huck's Marine Base in Middletown, NY during her backstory told in 1x07 Truth or Dare. To parallel, will someone in our group have to prevent someone else in our group to save one person (Mason)?
  • Felix Carlucci and Leo's discussion about what it means to make a life for yourself and how we're ultimately responsible for our own choices.
  • Brody's repugnant actions (on a multitude of levels) allow us to fully hate him, which is rare! He shows us the negative extreme of selfishness. Jadis shows us the classic removal of all points of contact protocol, as a result of Perimeter's deception and Huck's disposal of Brody.
  • Wrestling with two multi-varied possibilities: Major General Beale has no idea what Warrant Officer Stokes is... stoking.. and Mason might know about his father's comings and goings - or finds out and sides with him.
  • Reminding everyone where Kublek's Project-V papers were located and why that's important. In defense of Jadis: she may feel like she needs to do all this bad to save the CR(M) from having to do it, themselves.
  •  Until Huck shoots Brody, we don't think Jadis was terribly sus on Huck. Huck's protest against the one-shot kill orders against the scientists and Bennett family. Jadis hates in others what she hated/killed in herself (as the leader of the Junkyard Gang).
  • Brief revisit on the original CRM logo on the can of pears post the slaughter of Jadis' people and the PPP keycard Tara Chambler finds when Heath disappears. the PPP stands for the 3 Portlands: Oregon, Texas, and Maine.
  • Too much grey thinking is bad (Lyla - you lose yourself/your soul), too much black and white thinking is bad (impractical). Revisiting the political extremes Horseshoe Theory: Don't be the monster in an attempt to rid the world of monsters.
  • We revisit a world in which Iris was chosen over Hope to be the CRM's resident genius. Dave takes the opportunity to explore our confusion with Iris' actions: she has excellent reasoning, but the emotions that undergird them are absent. Could there be something else we don't know about Iris that motivates her? Survivor's Guilt? And all her work for towards a better future in Campus Colony was robbed from her.

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