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Friday, November 26, 2021

[Episode 168] Season 7, Episode 6 of Fear The Walking Dead, "Reclamation"

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Believe it or not, this episode didn't please some of us as it did others. Maybe it's because #AltheaSzewczykPrzygocki isn't everyone's favorite character, so there's a lack of patience when it comes to her wrestling with the gargantuan proposition of living her own life/stepping into the story and on the run versus continuing to be the journalist whose purpose is to partition herself from her subjects in order to adequately capture the story of others. Believe it or not, the more we spoke about it, the better appreciation we had for this episode and the feelings everyone held towards this episode, because #WEAreSQUAWKINGDEAD
I can't recommend the unedited episode recording enough, we do quite a bit of pre-show as we psyched ourselves up for a full day of recording (two episodes) while discussing some behind-the-scenes matters that only our supporters currently have access to. To stream this version, now, while supporting our #podcast, head here:

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • Althea Szewczyk-Przygocki's last episode of the season (even though it felt like ever): she finally realizes that she's been part of the story this whole time.
  • Al is assuming/mirroring Morgan Jones' role: carrying heavy burdens alone.
  • Major reasons why one might hate Morgan: chewing up the screen, much like Madison Clark threatens to, if she returned. We hate in Morgan what we recognize in ourselves.
  • Manufactured Morgan and June Dorie drama: did Morgan exile Morg-- June?
  • Why Sherrandy hates sad-mopey Althea since Season 5 and that this episode didn't move the story forward.
  • Similarities between Al and John Dorie (Jr), living in their pre-apocalypse bubbles. They both never give up on Morgan; Morgan doesn't give up on Al in this episode.
  • Characters reverting to their former selves: After the bomb drops, Althea reverts to her former self out of fear.
  • Ridiculous to think Al could stay out of the story. Althea is a mixture of John and Morgan.
  • WE are SQUAWKING DEAD: Mario, "Seems like we all have different opinions on this episode."
  • Is it possible that Althea & Isabelle's happy ending is bitter sweet, since John & June was denied one? 
  • Althea almost chooses her brother, Jesse, and his legacy over happiness with Isabelle: but why can't she have both?
  • Morgan (rightfully) mansplains Althea's life to her.
  • How the anthology-style episodes are starting to feel like multiple bottle episodes (and that's starting to not feel very good).
  • Sherrandy: Are all crappy Civic Republic Military soldiers sent to Texas? But it's being revealed  (since Season 6) that the CRM isn't as implacable an enemy as we thought.
  • All #TWDUniverse characters are extremely lucky: Not impressed with gun fight in the parking overpass, but cool dust bullets effects. But the CRM don't want to kill Althea and Morgan: they want information about Isabelle (then kill them).
  • Grace Mukherjee finally refers to Baby Mo(rgan) as her daughter. Morgan & Grace's teamwork (and adorable matching outfits).
  • Is Al afraid of happiness? Considering the world and how no one else can seem to be able keep it...
  • Sarah's amazingly hilarious water-cooler mask: Althea is capturing her friends on film, one last time.
  • Dave's Fear The Walking Dead swan song theory (with Althea as sole survivor) might still be in play: she decides, ultimately, to be a part of the story (even though she's already part of the story, "you can hide, but you can't run, Morgan").
  • If you're reading/listening to/watching this: Don't let your job define who you are or be relegated to that one thing you do for fun.

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