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Friday, January 7, 2022

[Episode 174] Schmoozin' with Bailey Gavulic ("Annie" from Fear The Walking Dead)

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Originally Recorded: 2021.10.15
I (probably don't) know what you're thinking: how can they say that this is by far the funniest #interview SQUAWKING DEAD has ever had after #interviewing #MoCollins & #JennaElfman? Don't take our word for it: listen for yourselves. #BaileyGavulic is a passionate, energetic actor with impeccable comedic timing who has a tremendous amount of kindness and talent to offer the world. Casting directors must never be ready when she walks in the room and blows doors off! You can see why!
Yes, it took us 3 months to release this one, but the unedited version of this recording has been available for just that long. If you don't want to miss out and want #EarlyAccess to these recordings, including this one, while supporting the podcast, please click here:

Bailey Gavulic:
Rachael Burt:
Sherrandy Swift:
AKA @BlazyGardener
David Cameo:

  • The Camp's 2021 main event was her first convention!
  • She loves being involved in our shenanigans (AKA, birthday shout-outs, Secret Santa Specials, and other fun fan projects)
  • David reminds us when he won her Fear The Walking Dead Season 5 inspired Camp Cackleberry merch giveaway!
  • Know the difference... (between The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead)
  • Recently performed many parts in The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) and her favorite scene was the Othello rap.
  • Bailey dedications to FearTWD on her Ukulele.
  • Caught the acting bug playing an elf in her 3rd grade Christmas play.
  • Bailey’s mom had to call her out of school when she needed to shoot (claiming "sick days").
  • Was used to self-taped auditions prior to COVID-19, growing up in the south east of the United States (Florida), which is how she landed the role of Annie.
  • Had to quickly jump onto set after landing her part on FearTWD
  • Ian Goldberg, Andrew Chambliss, and Michael Satrazemis revealed, early on, that she and her siblings were responsible for the Walker Blockades.
  • Bailey talks about the importance in taking direction and the impact that has on the story, overall.
  • The key difference between TV and Film is the pace, as she learned on the set of At the End of the Day.
  • Bailey’s favorite moment on set was driving the Camp Cackleberry van.
  • She was star struck by Colby Minifie (who plays Virginia).
  • Fun fact: The Walker goo in their mouths tastes like thin mints.
  • Her favorite episodes (though hard to choose) are 5x01 & 5x06.
  • Annie's real hair was made to look like a lion's mane was dragged in the wild. Leaving it that way in the real world? …priceless.
  • After Dave stops dying from laughter, he asks whether Bailey has considered doing stand-up comedy.
  • Weapons training was... quick.
  • Don't say the z-word: Bailey's (and Annie's) favorite word for walkers is growlers or, interestingly enough, Empties (what they're called on The Walking Dead: World Beyond).
  • Where is Annie in Grace Mukherjee's imagined future (a la In Dreams, FearTWD 6x12)?
  • Annie mirrors Alicia Clark's stubbornness.
  • Linda asks who Annie would want to take care of the campers if she was no longer around.
  • Walker Annie would eat Dylan (Cooper Dodson's character) first... but, wait a minute, there is another character who she thinks would be more perfect.
  • Charlie and Annie would be BFFs!'s why...
  • Besides having a scene with Alycia Debnam-Carey, she would want a scene with a villain (like Ginny) or Karen David (because she's nice and loved her on Galavant).
  • Umm, if Annie met Alpha (from TWD)…
  • Her perfect post-apocalyptic weapon is the Camp Cackleberry van.
  • She absolutely adores her Camp Cackleberry season wrap hat with the logo in gold embroidered on the hat.
  • As much as she loves Brooklyn Nine-Nine, she would love to perform a role where her character has superpowers or is set in a historical period.
  • Her advice for emerging actors is training: Find a class; find your confidence.
  • Dolphins make Bailey cry; Dave does whale (watching) sounds.
  • Yes to pineapple on pizza, but not artichoke.
  • Cool cool cool cool cool: Regularly quoting Brooklyn Nine-Nine, as well as Chunk’s monologues from The Goonies. Loving, in particular, Ted Lasso.
  • Charlotte asks what's her favorite thing to do on the ukulele.
  • Worst thing she's ever done is lie to her parents (she answered that so, so quick).
  • She really doesn't scare easy: very adventurous and loves taking risks.
  • Speaking of channeling your fears, she tells us how she handled being star struck at New Years Eve party at a big-name actor's house. Fangirls the most over Karen David and Mo Collins (particularly her character on Parks and Recreation).
  • Bailey has caught up on all Fear The Walking Dead (just not The Walking Dead) and even caught reactor Katie O'Shaughnessy talking smack about Annie.
  • Rapid Fire Questions!

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