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Sunday, March 27, 2022

[Episode 183] Season 11, Episode 13 of The Walking Dead, "Warlords"

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Using some time-trickery, this episode does a great bait and switch on who is "the hero of their own story". But as we peel back the layers, even though it appears as though #TheCommonwealth is being goaded into a bigger conflict than #LanceHornsby (the instigator) anticipated, #FatherGabriel's sermon reminds us that, ultimately, we're all the same and that we must have faith in the idea of The Commonwealth as #TheWalkingDead's endgame.
You'd be surprised at how many yucks we left out of the final edit of this #podcast, even though we kept so many in. We also took some more time to expand on some ideas and had a pretty *interesting* pre/post-show you don't want to miss. To get access to the unedited recording and so much more, head here:
Back when we thought this would be Episode 182
(Episode 182 ended up being Dave's chat with Sarabeth Pollock)

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:
Sherrandy Swift:


  • SQUAWKING DEAD are The Not-So-Lucky Ones, discussing two episodes within two days.
  • Rachael: A lot of good nuggets, and an intriguing story.
  • Sherrandy: Reminiscent of the Season 10 bonus episode One More (10x19), with a pseudo callback Duane Jones Bourbon Whiskey.
  • Jasmine: Episode felt quick, but a second viewing did wonders. Loved the character of Toby Carlson.
  • Is Lance Hornsby creating his own army?
  • Who hijacked the caravan of weapons? Leah Shaw? The Ferals
  • Rachael: Could it be a "normal" group of cannibals? a la The Termites (from Terminus)
  • Should we feel bad for "warlord" Ian?

  • Though we glean more rationale from Maggie Rhee, is she justified in being the sole decision-maker on behalf of The Hilltop? Lydia mentions everyone should have a say.
  • Is Annie the new leader of The Riverbend community?
  • Again, would it be better if Lance was running The Commonwealth, over Pamela Milton?
  • Dave: Carlson is a dark mirror of Aaron.
  • Carlson proves it's possible to re-civilize and even thrive, but falls into old "tracks" when the opportunity presents itself.
  • What is going through Aaron’s head when Carlson slaughters Ian?
  • Jasmine: Riverbend & The Hilltop are on the border between Ohio and West Virginia.
  • Father Gabriel Stokes mentions the story of "The Prodigal Son" in his sermon, reminding Rachael of Negan's redemption.
  • Does Maggie still seek vengeance upon Negan, or is it just out of obligation, at this stage?
  • Is Lance a sociopath?
  • What is Lance’s side project?
  • Who is Lance truly fighting for?
  • Lance refers to Alexandria Safe-Zone, Hilltop, and Oceanside as "hick communities" to Carlson, but speaks highly of them to Pamela.
  • How long have Lance and Pamela known each other? What is the pre-apocalypse relationship?
  • The Walking Dead allows you to become the person you were meant to be, but what about The Commonwealth?
  • What made Gabriel’s sermon so emotional to you?
  • Is it better to live in a world that is free from corruption, but nothing gets done and life is awful, or a world where everyone thrives, but there's some corruption?
  • Is Carlson still convinced these people attacked the caravan?
  • Do The Commonwealth troopers blindly follow orders or do they have some knowledge on Lance/Carlson's orders?
  • Who will Mercer side with if he has to show up with back up?
  • Was it Lance's plan to frame an unstable Carlson for this assault on Riverbend the whole time?
  • Who has the guns from the hijacked caravan?
  • Did The Commonwealth Trooper walkers come from the caravan or the apartment complex?
  • Could the caravan attack have possibly even come from within (staged by Lance)?
  • Welcome back Marco!
  • Aaron's iPhone is an upgrade from the photographs he used to convince bush-beard Rick Grimes and co to come to Alexandria in Season 5.
  • Could also be a callback to the Michonne & Judith Grimes etching on the phone Michonne finds on the cruiser in Season 10, Episode 13, What We Become.
  • Gabriel sermon is a lesson: we are all the same - we all have free will - and we all want the best for our people. We just have to believe in what this place could be and fight for that belief, together.

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