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Sunday, March 27, 2022

[Episode 182] BEYOND TWD Season 11(A) /w Sarabeth Pollock

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Originally Recorded: 2022/10/13

What this conversation was supposed to be about was #TWD S11(A), thus far, and what, as a result, we might see in the latter trimesters of #TheWalkingDead's 11th and final season. What it became was a holistic analysis of #TWDUniverse on the whole! Luckily, we were able to channel all of that discussion back into the subject at hand, which made for a stupendous conversation!
I know we talk a big game about our Unedited Episode Recordings, but this is one you will definitely want to watch/listen to: especially in the beginning, we talk about things most definitely not fit for public consumption! 🍡Tea was spilled! Want access to it whilst supporting the BEST #TWDU #podcast out there? Head here:

Sarabeth Pollock:
David Cameo:

  • The difficulty of discussing an episode when there are AMC screeners, AMC+ releases, and public airing on AMC networks.
  • How do we avoid leaks in a time where we're covering two episodes a week for 10 weeks, straight?
  • Why do people choose to spoil things?
  • Is the current TWDU release schedule overwhelming?
  • Sarabeth Pollock has been doing live recaps since True Blood!
  • Her visit to the set of The Walking Dead: World Beyond!
  • Instant vs Delayed Gratification.
  • The Walking Dead Universe: You get a spinoff! You get a spinoff! You get a spinoff!
  • Fear The Walking Dead reinvents itself every three seasons:
    • Seasons 1-3 deal with the start of the Zombie Apocalypse
    • Seasons 4-6 deal with trying to live amidst the Zombie Apocalypse, when the dust settles.
    • So far, Season 7 deals with nuclear fallout.
  • Would it be satisfying to have certain characters return after they've disappeared for a long while, like Alex and Tobias?
  • Why do people hate-watch shows?
  • How does binging a show versus watching week-to-week affect a viewing experience?
  • Julia Ormond was hidden from set visitors!
  • The second half of Fear TWD Season 6 was filmed out of order because Alycia Debnam-Carey was in Australia for a chunk of it (due to COVID-19).
  • Is the anthology format of Fear The Walking Dead better for the show?
  • Did being a fan of TWDU change our perspective of the pandemic?
  • Can you live a good life in the midst of a zombie apocalypse?
  • What happens if you put all of the kids from TWDU in a room?
  • Can FTWD or TWD:WB sometimes be more satisfying because there is no clear roadmap to follow?
  • Was TWD Season 11(A) less satisfying due to a lack of closure?
  • Perhaps too many storylines: the struggles of Alexandria Safe-Zone, the journey to Meridian, Connie & Virgil versus The Ferals, Daryl Dixon & Leah Shaw, The Reapers, Maggie Rhee versus Negan, The Commonwealth, and more.
  • Do we need all the references in the comic book reflected in the television show to feel satisfied?
  • What will Leah's role be in 2nd & 3rd trimesters of Season 11 (assuming she makes it to the latter trimester)?
  • As opposed to an actual a human being, how does one defeat a dangerous idea?
  • Is Leah trying to assume Pope's role?
  • Could Leah be swallowed up by her past?
  • Can one find peace twice?
  • Is the possibility of Leah joining our group even possible in light of The Reapers killing Roy & all of Meridian's Wardens (Duncan, Agatha, Frost, and Cole).
  • What is all of this fighting even for?
  • What does it say about The Walking Dead that they can still introduce new and interestingly complex characters this late into the game?
  • What if The Commonwealth storyline is changed due to the introduction of the The Civic Republic (Military)?
  • Is Yumiko Okumura better suited for Michonne’s comic book arc?

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