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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

[Better SQUAWK Saul: E2] Season 6, Episode 3 of Better Call Saul, "Rock and Hard Place"

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Originally Recorded: 2022/04/25
This episode includes both the reaction to and full episode breakdown of Better Call Saul 's 3rd episode of its 6th and final season titled, "Rock and a Hard Place"
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Sherrandy Swift:
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  • Would Mike Ehrmantraut have mercy-killed Ignacio "Nacho" Varga?
    Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 3 Recap: A Man of His Word
  • How will Nacho's dad, Manuel Varga react to his death?
    Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 3 Review & Recap - OtakuKart
  • Since the writers are not afraid of killing-off beloved characters like Nacho, will Kim Wexler survive the series?
    Better Call Saul' Season 6, Episode 3 Review: 'Rock and Hard Place' |  IndieWire
  • Why do Jimmy McGill and Kim work so well together?
    Bob Odenkirk Doesn't Think Kim Dies in 'Better Call Saul' Season 6 |  IndieWire
  • Are Kim & Jimmy's scams awakening Kim's dark side?Better Call Saul Season 6 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, and Plot | Den of  Geek
  • Would Kim snitch on Jimmy?
    Better Call Saul' Season 6 Episode 3 Recap: 'Rock and Hard Place' Claims  the Final Season's First Major Casualty
  • Bridget: Huell Babineaux was the shining light of this episode.
    Better Call Saul: Huell Babineaux actor Lavell Crawford on why you might  not have recognised him in season 3 return | The Independent | The  Independent
  • Nacho embraced his inner Olenna Tyrell from Game of Thrones and went out on his own terms.
  • The date on Jimmy & Kim's marriage certificate is 2004, not 2005, which means (as far as the timeline is concerned) the story is probably taking place around June of 2004.
    Better Call Saul' Season 5 Episode 7: Jimmy and Kim get married but fans  are torn over 'saddest wedding ever' | MEAWW
  • Was this a fitting end to the character of Nacho Varga?
    Better Call Saul' Star Michael Mando on Nacho 'Breaking Good' in Season 6
  • Is the flower in the opening sequence symbolic of Nacho's beautiful soul?
    Better Call Saul Season 6's Blue Flower Secretly Connects To Kim & Walt
  • Does the title Rock and Hard Place represent both Nacho's struggle & Kim and Jimmy's relationship?
    Better Call Saul': Kim Wexler Could Be the Reason She and Jimmy McGill  Aren't Endgame
  • What do all of the Post-It notes mean?
  • What are Jimmy & Kim's plans for Howard Hamlin's car?
    Better Call Saul | Howard Hamlin | NAMASTE | Metal Stamped Replica Prop License  Plate | Celebrity Machines
  • Might we see Wendy from Breaking Bad in the upcoming episode?
    20 Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew About Breaking Bad – Page 9
  • What is Jimmy and Kim's endgame for Howard?
    Better Call Saul': Patrick Fabian on Howard Teaching Jimmy a Lesson in  Season 6
  • Were you scared for Nacho in the oil tanker?
    Michael Mando Has Strong Feelings About That Messy Oil Scene In Better Call  Saul
  • Who are the true bad-guys this season?
    Better Call Saul': Nacho Dies, Death Scene Explained by Michael Mando -  Variety
  • What makes Hector Salamanca so different from Gustavo Fring?
  • Does Gus want to be the leader of the cartel?
    Better Call Saul' Season 5, Episode 5: Who is Max?
  • Nacho is the second person Mike has lost in this series because of Gus, after Werner Ziegler.
    Werner Ziegler, 'Better Call Saul' - TV Characters Who Died In 2018 - Zimbio
  • What happens to Manuel Varga now?
    Better Call Saul (2015)
  • Does Mike want Nacho to shoot Juan Bolsa?
    Why Mike Wanted Nacho To Kill Juan Bolsa In Better Call Saul
  • Was Mike's mission during Fring's meeting with Hector (to give Nacho up) to save Nacho from a torturous fate by sniping him out?
  • Did Nacho kill himself to prevent Mike from having his death on his hands?
    Paleyfest: Better Call Saul Creators and Cast Talk Sibling Rivalries and  Strange Fan Theories << Rotten Tomatoes – Movie and TV News
  • The key numbers in the valet booth are 614, 616, 617, and 619
  • Is Kim simply bending Jimmy to her will?
    Better Call Saul: 7 Times Jimmy and Kim Kissed On Screen | IndieWire
  • Does Jimmy hate Howard because of the events that transpired in Chicanery (3x05)?
  • Could there have been a romantic past between Howard and Kim?
    3 takeaways from "Bali Ha'i," Monday's episode of "Better Call Saul" -
  • Could Howards moves against Kim & Jimmy be considered taking things personally or were they objectively justifiable?
    Better Call Saul': New season hints, final season announced, and which  'Breaking Bad' characters return -

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