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Friday, July 1, 2022

[Better SQUAWK Saul: E3] Season 6, Episode 4 of Better Call Saul, "Hit and Run"

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Originally Recorded: 2022/05/05
This episode includes both the reaction to and full episode breakdown of Better Call Saul's 4th episode of its 6th and final season titled, "Hit and Run".
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Sherrandy Swift:
Rachael Burt:
David Cameo:



  • Does Kim Wexler think that Jimmy McGill is weak?
    Rhea Seehorn Interview: On Directing Herself in 'Better Call Saul' |  IndieWire
  • Was this episode lighter due to the heartbreak of the last episode?
    Better Call Saul' Season 6 Episode 4 Explains a Leaked Set Image
  • This episode saw the return of Wendy and Spooge from Breaking Bad!
    Better Call Saul' Season 6 Episode 4 Recap: "Hit and Run"
  • We see Kim and Mike Ehrmantraut meet for the first time!
    Better Call Saul 6x04 "Mike talks to Kim" Season 6 Episode 4 HD "Hit and  Run" - YouTube
  • This episode is directed by Rhea Seehorn (Kim Wexler)!
    Better Call Saul': Rhea Seehorn on hit series, her directorial debut
  • Rachael briefly thought there was a possibility that Ignacio "Nacho" Varga survived the last episode!
    Better Call Saul' S6E3 - The Ringer
  • Does Nacho's death leave a void in the series?
    Who dies in Better Call Saul season 6 episode 3? Who kills Nacho in Better  Call Saul?
  • Betsy Kettleman was right, Jimmy is the kind of lawyer guilty people hire!
    Better Call Saul Star on Breaking Away from Breaking Bad - IGN Interview -  YouTube
  • What kind of asshole moves a cone?!
    Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 4 Recap: Wendy, Spooge debut - The  Natural Aristocrat


  • Can we please get an Emmy for Rhea Seehorn?
    Better Call Saul's Rhea Seehorn on Her TV Directorial Debut | AMC Talk | AMC
  • How long has Gustavo Fring been preparing this secret tunnel?
    Better Call Saul': Giancarlo Esposito on Why Gus Fring Fears Lalo Salamanca
  • The Rymans, played by Kirk & Joni Bovill, are a couple in real life!
  • Continuing the theme of "integrated" couples (real-life and on the show), the song playing during The Rymans' bike ride is sung by The Dreamliners, who were one of the first integrated bands in the 1960s!
  • Is Gus irritated by his protective measures: the bulletproof vest & ankle holster?
    Better Call Saul' End 'Won't Be Good for Saul and Kim' Says Gus Fring Star
  • Is Eduardo "Lalo" Salamanca going to seek out Werner Ziegler's men?
    Better Call Saul' Season 6: What's Next for Lalo? Tony Dalton Teases  'Vengeance'
  • Both Lalo & Nacho are mentioned, for the first time, in the same Breaking Bad scene.
    Better Call Saul' 'Coushatta' Recap: Who Is Lalo?
  • Will there be more spin-offs set in the Breaking Bad universe?
    The Gus Fring Gesture That Means More Than You Think In Breaking Bad
  • This is the first episode where we hear about Howard Hamlin's home life and that he has a wife.
    Better Call Saul': Patrick Fabian Didn't Expect Howard to Be on the Show so  Long
  • Does revealing Howard's broken marriage highlight the compounding damage Jimmy & Kim intended to inflict upon him by integrating prostitutes into their schemes?
    Better Call Saul: 10 Times Jimmy Broke Bad | The Nerd Stash
  • To that effect, Wendy returns to take part in Jimmy & Kim's grand plan.
    Wendy's Breaking Bad history explored after the return of Better Call Saul  - exclusive news
  • Sherrandy: Kim is wearing a very Lalo-esque shirt.
    Rhea Seehorn Interview: On Directing Herself in 'Better Call Saul' |  IndieWire
  • Is there anything Jimmy and Kim won't do to Howard?
    Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 4 Recap "Hit And Run" – Alexus Renée  Celebrity Myxer
  • Might Kim stop or pump the breaks on their schemes in light of Cliff Main's generous offer?
    Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 4 Recap: Wendy, Spooge debut - The  Natural Aristocrat
  • Would Jimmy accelerate their grand plan if Kim decides to back away from it?
    Better Call Saul season 6 episode 4 spoilers: 'Hit and Run' details
  • How does Jimmy mend his working relationships at the courthouse before Breaking Bad?
  • Did ADA Suzanne Ericsen spread the rumor in the courthouse that Jimmy knew De Guzman was Lalo when he was fooling the court into getting him off?
    Better Call Saul Season 4 Episode 8 – Julie Pearl as ADA Suzanne Ericsen,  Rhea Seehorn as Kim Wexler | Tell-Tale TV
  • Will there be consequences for Ericsen's actions?
    Better Call Saul" Something Stupid (TV Episode 2018) - IMDb
  • Is everyone else in the courthouse disappointed that he lied or furious that he got away with it?
    Better Call Saul (2015)
  • It turns out that the notebook with the coded messages found during the opening sequence in the season premiere might be Kim's, as we see her with it in upcoming scenes for the next episode.
  • The Contract Counsel Administrator is played by Nadine Marissa, who plays Nabila on The Walking Dead!

  • Will Kim ever quit and walk away from this life, or will she be sucked in further?
  • Does Kim feel as though Jimmy cannot handle knowing that Lalo is alive?
    Better Call Saul': Kim Wexler Will Be Disappeared in Season 6, Fan Theory  Says
  • At what point do you think Jimmy fully embraces Saul Goodman?
    Better Call Saul Season 6 Premiere Review | Den of Geek
  • Considering the time period (2004), flat screen monitors were rare and expensive. Just another example of how wealthy Fring really was to have several of them in his monitoring station.
  • Why did they leave Michael Mando's name in the credits (taunting Rachael)?
    Better Call Saul' Season 6 Changed Michael Mando's View of Nacho Varga
  • Will we see a Nacho flashback before the season comes to a close?
    Better Call Saul Season 5: Michael Mando Discusses Nacho's Journey | Den of  Geek
  • Do Jimmy & Kim want Howard to discover their plot?
    Better Call Saul' Star Patrick Fabian on Howard's Meltdown - Variety

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