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Saturday, June 4, 2022

[Episode 193] Season 7, Episode 14 of Fear The Walking Dead, "Divine Providence"

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Love isn't just a feeling, it's an expression. There's no doubt that we, SQUAWKING DEAD, love #FearTWD and do our best to show you why you might love it, too. We loved this episode, whether it's because there was major movement in the overall story arc or as we further peeled back the relationship dynamics between #AliciaClark & #VictorStrand (and #DanielSalazar & Charlie). After listening, won't you let us know what you loved most?
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  • Sherrandy: "Something actually happened [this episode]"!
    The Talking Dead #586: FTWD s7e13 “The Raft” & s7e14 “Divine Providence” –  The Talking Dead – A fan podcast dedicated to the AMC TV series The Walking  Dead
  • Rachael actually wanted to know what happens next for the first time in 7b!
    7.14: Fear the Walking Dead - Divine Providence | Science Fiction & Fantasy  forum
  • Dave: This episode demonstrates that survival, though important, can't come at the cost of sacrificing the people you (may even come to) love most.
  • Has everything Victor Strand done this season been for Alicia Clark?
    Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 9 Recap "Follow Me" – Alexus RenΓ©e  Celebrity Myxer
  • Does Strand really love Alicia?
  • Should we feel bad for Strand?
    Fear The Walking Dead, Survival Rule Of The Week: Striking The Balance
  • Poor Wes!
    Fear the Walking Dead' 7×14: an incoherent cocktail difficult to see -  Gadgets News
  • Dave: This episode is a spiritual successor to The Beacon.
    Fear the Walking Dead showrunners weigh in on Strand going full Negan |
  • Did Wes make the right choice?
    Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 14 Wes' Improbable Transformation -
  • Who does Wes owe his life to?
    Why Fans Hate Fear the Walking Dead's 'Divine Providence'
  • Are Victor's instincts usually correct?
    Fear the Walking Dead' Season 7 Premiere: The Victor of the Apocalypse  (RECAP)
  • Should we feel bad for Wes?
  • Are people truly evil?
    Why Fans Hate Fear the Walking Dead's 'Divine Providence'
  • Samantha Morton's Alpha will be back on Tales of the Walking Dead!
    Tales of the Walking Dead: AMC Shares Spinoff Anthology Series Teaser
  • Is Alicia's arm unsettling? Is it practical for fighting?
    I realized today that Monty Python had its own version of Deadpool - Imgur
  • Why was the title card Wes?
    Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 11 Review: You're Still Here | Den  of Geek
  • Did Strand have to kill Wes?
  • Handcuffing 101 with Daniel Salazar!
    Fear the Walking Dead' Finally Goes to War (RECAP)
  • Where did Maya Vazquez come from? Will we see her again?
    Who is Maya in Fear the Walking Dead? Where is Marco?
  • Is the reason Alicia can forgive Strand because of her mother, Madison Clark?
    Madison and Strand - Fear the Walking Dead - TV Fanatic
  • Could the relationship between Alicia and Strand be mended?
    Fear The Walking Dead: First look at season 4B [VIDEO]
  • Can/Will Strand change his ways?
    Fear the Walking Dead: Is show making Strand a villain in season 7? |
  • Why does Victor refer to Baby Morgan as that baby and not his baby or, at least, by her name?
    Fear the Walking Dead S07E12 Preview Images: Who Took Baby Mo?
  • Alicia's coordinates (courtesy of Google Maps)

  • Can Strand possibly rejoin our group?
    Fear TWD 602: Victor Strand is back to doing what he does best
  • Was some of the dialogue between Daniel Salazar and Charlie edited for time?
    Fear the Walking Dead New Year's resolutions: Charlie
  • Congratulations to Colby Hollman for delivering an unforgettable performance as our Wes!
    Fear The Walking Dead Theory: Will Wes Turn On Strand?

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