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Saturday, May 21, 2022

[Episode 192] Season 7, Episode 13 of Fear The Walking Dead, "The Raft"

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As things feel hopeless for our survivors, so too have the hosts of your favorite #TWDU #podcast have been feeling (despite a great episode with incremental gains). We vent some personal frustrations/concerns, while maintaining our usual value-based analysis. #AliciaClark & #MorganJones push on, like us, doing things their characters wouldn't normally do, but it's the right thing for the right reason. Like us, Dwight & Sherry surge forward, finding reasons to press on.
We had an incredible pre-show, telling personal stories and great conversation. We edited out some pretty spicy stuff in between and in the post-show banter. If you want the ability to join us during our closed recording sessions, as well as the ability to stream the unedited episode recordings (whether you are able to make the recording session or not) early, before everyone else, support your favorite podcast by heading here:

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:


  •  Dave: Satisfied with the episode, happy with the Dwight & Sherry storyline.

  • Bridget: Enjoyed the episode, but felt it was fairly simple. Is not enjoying the anthology style.
  • Rachael: Enjoyed Sherry's journey throughout the episode and was not annoyed by Morgan Jones this episode.
  • Rachael liked that the opening scene tied in with the final scene.
  • How far ahead is The Walking Dead?
  • Could Maya Vazquez's son, Marco Vazquez, mentioned in this episode be the same Marco (played by Gustavo Gomez) from The Walking Dead?
  • Rachael has a large list of recycled names used in the The Walking Dead Universe!
  • Where is Maya from?
  • What would a post-apocalyptic Disney World look like?
  • What, to you, stood out most during Dwight and Sherry's conversation (at the Blue Diamond Car Wash)?
  • Bridget explains evaporation lines and how waiting too long to view results will reduce its efficacy.
  • ...Could Sherry not really be pregnant, as a result?
  • Check out our interview with Christine Evangelista, where she divulges the difficulties of filming Season 7 (and to know more about her personal life and podcast: Half Naked with Christine Evangelista)!
  • Like Rachael, are you uneasy with calling Morgan & Grace Mukherjee Baby Morgan's parents (her biological parents being Rachel & Isaac)?
  • In our interview with Jenna Elfman, she sneaks in (unbeknownst to us) that Morgan's dam settlement was named Eden (did you spot it?).
  • Are Grace's instructions to Morgan - to keep Baby Mo far away from conflict - jarring? Is it more jarring that Morgan actually follows through?
  • Do a lot of things in season 7 feel forced?
  • Will Morgan ever return to Alexandria Safe Zone?
  • What do you think about where is Alicia Clark at (both, in the world, and mentally)? Could the final scene between she and Morgan be seen a passing of the torch?
  • Will Morgan's extended leave be short-lived or mean bigger things?
  • What did Alicia even use to create the explosion near the impact crater walker pit? Does she have a secret mechanical arm, or did she channel her inner Rosita Espinosa and find a rocket launcher?
  • Bridget liked that Alicia gave Sherry her former weapon: the flash-suppressor sword she originally found in Season 4
  • Is Wes just Howard's replacement (both in demeanor and title)?
  • Remember when Sherrandy referred to Victor Strand as Strando Calrissian (a reference to Lando Calrissian from the Star Wars franchise)? Is Wes embracing his inner Lando (especially with that "cape" of his)?
  • Could Strand still be the one rustling the crater walkers?
  • Could it have been Max, Annie, and Dylan (the kids we/the show forgot about, from Season 5)? Where is Josiah LaRoux? Where is Mickey?
  • What exactly did Theodore "Teddy" Maddox think the effects of his nuclear annihilation plan would have on the walkers (if he even thought that far ahead)?
  • What is the significance of the bullet tied around Alicia's neck? Editor's note: in the scene we discover it, Morgan does notice it's presence, but appears as though he didn't want to press her.
  • Dave notices a lack of scene supervision: mostly background actors/stand-ins just hanging out in the background, where the camera picked them up.
  • Why do you think Season 7 might be a frustrating watch?
  • Rachael feels as though nothing has happened all season.

  • Jasmine feels as though they are recycling character storylines. John Dorie Senior has two episodes where he receives major character development.

  • Sherrandy finds is season stupid, overall, and frustrating to watch.

  • Bridget is incredibly pissed over having to defend the positives and betrayed by the show, lately, after fighting for it for so many years.

  • Dave unquestionably loved the first half of the season, but has some concerns over the gamble the writers are staking on the episodes in the season's back half.
  • Jasmine is worried because she is bored. She stops watching shows for less.
  • Could it be that the showrunners hoping the return of Madison Clark will "save" the narrative?
  • Equally, would they immediately kill-off Madison (much like The Walking Dead did with Morales, by bringing him back at the start of  Season 8?

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