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Friday, July 8, 2022

[Better SQUAWK Saul: E5] Season 6, Episode 6 of Better Call Saul, "Axe and Grind"

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Originally Recorded: 2022/05/20
This episode includes both the reaction to and full episode breakdown of Better Call Saul's 6th episode of its 6th and final season titled, "Axe and Grind"
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Sherrandy Swift:
Rachael Burt:



  • Sherrandy: It's definitely a set-up episode to prepare for the upcoming mid-season finale, Plan and Execution.
  • Was Werner Ziegler really the only one aware of Gustavo Fring's plans for the meth Super Lab?
    How Better Call Saul Remade Breaking Bad's Meth Superlab
  • Is there anything Kim Wexler won't do to make Howard Hamlin's life a living hell?
    Better Call Saul Sees Best Laid Plans Go To Waste
  • What fate awaits Kim at series wrap?
    Better Call Saul': Did the Series Reveal Kim Wexler's Fate?
  • And what about Gene Takovic's?
    Better Call Saul' Season 6: Bob Odenkirk Promises We'll See Gene Takovic  Again
  • The second half of Better Call Saul's 6th and final season returns July 11th!
    Better Call Saul season 6 episode 8 spoilers: 'Point and Shoot' details


  • This episode was directed by Giancarlo Esposito who plays Gustavo Fring!
    Better Call Saul': Giancarlo Esposito on Stepping Behind the Camera in Season  6
  • Do you think Jimmy McGill's demeanor is a lot like Kim's mother's?
    Much Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 6 Review
  • Bridget wonders whether Beth Hoyt, who plays Kim's mother, studied Rhea Seehorn's speech patterns?
  • Sherrandy: In the Breaking Bad universe, something bad always happens in the presence of oranges or the color orange. Bridget adds that Jimmy McGill drinks a lot of orange juice.
    Saul' Director Addresses 'Breaking Bad' Callback Teasing Kim's Fate |  Complex
  • Are the writers trying to make us sympathize with Howard in the wake of Chuck McGill's death?
    Better Call Saul: 10 Best Howard Quotes
  • Will we see Cheryl Hamlin again? If so, what will her role be in what little remains of the series?
    Better Call Saul Writer Talks Axe and Grind Ahead Mid-Season Finale – The  Hollywood Reporter
  • What's next for Howard Hamlin, especially if Jimmy & Kim's plan succeeds?
    Better Call Saul: How Did Howard Hamlin Become the Show's Most Tragic  Character? | Den of Geek
  • Could Howard end up running across the cartel or Eduardo "Lalo" Salamanca due to his dealings with Jimmy and Kim?
    Better Call Saul' Season 6: What's Next for Lalo? Tony Dalton Teases  'Vengeance'
  • What plans do Kim & Jimmy have for the coded notebook given to them by the vet/Cartel doctor, Dr. Caldera?
    Better Call Saul: What Do Jimmy and Kim Have Planned for Howard? | Den of  Geek
  • Actor John Ennis plays Lenny (who dramatically reenacts the role of Rand Casimiro in Kim & Jimmy's staged photos): real-life father of Jessie Ennis, who plays Erin Brill on the show.
    Better Call Saul: Everything We Know About Jimmy & Kim's Casimiro Plan
  • Any time someone tries to talk Kim out of what she's doing, she doubles down: Viola Goto, in the episode prior, admitted to Kim how her passion changed the way she thinks about the law; also in the last episode, Clifford Main makes her an offer her rational side would never have refused; even Jimmy tries to give her an out at the end of this episode. Could this be due to the way Kim's mother and Jimmy have both shown approval/rewarded her for manipulating others in the past?
  • According to the Better Call Saul Insider PodcastStefan Kapicic, who plays Casper, came to set early to learn how to properly chop wood.
  • Will Casper succumb from his injuries due to his encounter with Lalo?
    Better Call Saul 6x06 - Lalo Salamanca chases Casper fight scene - YouTube
  • What exactly is Lalo searching for? If it's evidence of Fring's secret plans, how much of it will he need to convince The Cartel?
    Better Call Saul' Review: Season 6, Season 2 'Carrot and Stick' Hurts |  IndieWire
  • What do you think is going through Kim's mind after Jimmy breaks the news about Rand Casimiro's broken arm (effectively ruining their photoshoot)?
  • Does Kim still have a relationship with her mother? Is she even alive?
    Better Call Saul Casting Trick Makes Kim's Mom Flashbacks Even Better
  • During the flash-foward scene in episode 4x05, Quite a Ride, Saul Goodman tells Francesca Liddy to stay near the phone on November 13th. Some fans believe that Kim will be calling Jimmy from prison since that's his birthday. Is Kim still behind bars in the present day, during Jimmy's attempt to lead a mundane life as Gene Takovic?
    Better Call Saul Season 6 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, and Plot | Den of  Geek

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