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Monday, July 11, 2022

[Better SQUAWK Saul: E6] Season 6, Episode 7 of Better Call Saul, "Plan and Execution"

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Originally Recorded: 2022/05/26
Full episode breakdown of Better Call Saul's 7th episode - the midseason finale of its 6th and final season titled, "Plan and Execution"
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Sherrandy Swift:
Rachael Burt:



  • Did you jump out of your seat like our blog contributor, Aidan, upon seeing the death of Howard Hamlin?
    Better Call Saul': Howard Hamlin's Death Scene Needed to be Simple |  IndieWire
  • According to the Better Call Saul Insider Podcast, they used an actual truck stop, on location (not a closed/fabricated set) for Eduardo "Lalo" Salamanca's opening scene.
  • Also revealed on the Insider podcast, is that the sewer set was actually the oil tanker from episode 6x03, Rock and Hard Place, where Ignacio "Nacho" Varga hid from The Salamanca Cousins: Marco & Leonel.
    Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 3 Review | letswatchseries
  • Each member of the Salamanca family is incredibly different, yet incredibly insane. Lalo is the calmest, but one of the craziest: which not only contrasts with the rest of his family, but also with Gustavo Fring.
    Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 3 Review: Rock and Hard Place | Den of  Geek
  • Rachael sometimes loves when the opening sequence has no dialogue, which allows our minds to race with both anticipation and questions that remain unanswered until later on in the episode.
    Better Call Saul Season 6's Blue Flower Secretly Connects To Kim & Walt
  • At the beginning of the episode, Lenny (the actor who plays Rand Casimiro in Kim & Jimmy's schemes) is running lines from a play called Angels in America, Part One: Millennium Approaches by Tony Kushner.
    National Theatre Live: Angels in America, Millennium Approaches – IFC Center
  • The reason Lenny finally agreed to get into Jimmy's car wasn't because of the money, but the joy of acting, which mirrors the reason Kim Wexler & Jimmy McGill execute their scams/cons: they get off on it.
    Better Call Saul' Season 6 Midseason Finale Now Has the Show's Highest IMDb  Rating
  • That actors who play Jimmy's film student TV Commercial & Photography producers - Josh Fadem, Hayley Holmes, and Julian Bonfiglio, respectively - inhabit characters who don't officially have names on the show.
    Better Call Saul" Wexler v. Goodman (TV Episode 2020) - IMDb
  • Every character thought they were in control, but quickly realize they did not. Lalo realizes the phones are tapped while calling his uncle, Hector Salamanca. Gus thought getting Hector out of his way would allow him to move up, yet Lalo becomes a major obstacle. Howard spins out of control during the Sandpiper meeting, even with the knowledge that Jimmy (and possibly Kim) were in the process of scamming him. Kim & Jimmy lose all control the moment Lalo steps foot in their apartment.
  • Howard's storyline mimics that of Chuck McGill, during episode 3x05, Chicanery. Jimmy & Kim placed both men in humiliating situations in front of their colleagues by making them look insane, which eventually leads both to their demise.
    Better Call Saul': Howard Hamlin's Death Scene Needed to be Simple |  IndieWire
  • Most characters on the show are used to being in control in some form or fashion. The only person who never seemed like he was in control was Nacho, who finally grasped the reins when he decided to take his own life.
    Better Call Saul's Big Death Solves A Breaking Bad Mystery
  • When Howard's intern, Cary Anderson, drops the soda cans, Howard takes the opportunity to show him a trick Chuck taught him to prevent the sodas from exploding when attempting to open them. Aidan tried this trick at home and it actually worked.
    Trying Howards soda can trick from Better Call Saul (again) - YouTube
  • Is the show trying to warn us about the futility of building a legacy for people you'll never meet? Chuck built his legacy, but spent the last years of his life in misery.
    Better Call Saul: 5 Reasons Fans Hated Chuck McGill (& 5 Why He's Still A  Great Character)
  • More Chicanery: Chuck and Howard both used the phrase, I'm not crazy, which is exactly what Jimmy wanted their colleagues to believe. They both immediately accused Jimmy of tampering with or manipulating evidence. And yet, Howard brought over a bottle of Macallan to both brothers McGill when both schemes were through.
  • When Sherrandy loses power, the rest of our hosts get antsy and perform their own telenovela!
    Heisenberg Chronicles — BCS 4x09 - BTS: “Great Chicken at Gus' place.“...
  • We were so happy to see Irene Landry! Also known as Irene Legendry (get it?).
    Case action client Irene Landry on Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 7 –  Alexus Renée Celebrity Myxer
  • Thank you to the Skater Twins (Lars and Cal Lindholm) for hitting Tuco Salamanca's Abuela's car, which was the genesis of this wonderful series.
    Better Call Saul Season 1: Everything You Missed | Den of Geek
  • Where is Lalo Salamanca in the present-day timeline? Is he even alive?
    Better Call Saul': Giancarlo Esposito on Why Gus Fring Fears Lalo Salamanca
  • Knowing the phones were bugged, did Lalo call Hector back in order to force Gus' hand into revealing how many men he had guarding the Laundry Center?
    Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 7 review
  • While down in the storm drains, Lalo sees a cockroach, which reminds him of Jimmy (as he had referred to him as one in episode 5x08, Bagman).
    Better Call Saul': Inside Kim's 'Terrible' Decision in 'Bagman' & What's  Next
  • Jimmy and Kim are watching a movie called Born Yesterday which strongly mirrors their story arc these last few seasons.
    Better Call Saul' Season 6 Spoilers: Bob Odenkirk Interview | TVLine
  • How haunting was that flickering candle when Lalo arrived?

  • How will Jimmy and Kim get out of this mess?
    Better Call Saul' Season 6 Episode 7 Recap: "Plan and Execution"
  • How will we survive the next 6 weeks until the show returns from haiatus?When you have to wait for season 6's second part : r/betterCallSaul
  • Bridget read The Hollywood Reporter's interview with Patrick Fabian, wherein he explained how early it was revealed to him that Howard would be dying, but didn't know when/how, while keeping it a secret from both Bob Odenkirk (Jimmy) & Rhea Seehorn (Kim), whom he was living with during filming.
  • Will Jimmy and Kim attempt to cover up Howards murder by making it look like he committed suicide?
    Howard Hamlin's Death | Better Call Saul 06x07 Plan and Execution - YouTube
  • Could both Lalo's & Kim's absence in the present timeline be due to Kim having to enter into witness protection after putting Lalo behind bars?
    Better Call Saul': Inside Kim's 'Terrible' Decision in 'Bagman' & What's  Next
  • Do you think Kim or Lalo might show up in the Gene Takovic/present day scenes?
    Better Call Saul Co-Creator Keeps Fans' Hopes Alive For Gene In Season 6 |  Cinemablend
  • What will come of HHM now that both Chuck & Howard are dead?

  • Dave wonders if Howard's wife, Cheryl Hamlin, is the other Hamlin in Hamlin Hamlin & McGill?
  • Will HHM/Davis & Maine be forced to settle with Schweikart & Cokely in the wake of Howard's death (possible suicide)?
    Better Call Saul Mid-Season 6 Finale Ending Explained
  • Is this how these things usually go?
    She speaks for us all : r/betterCallSaul
  • Special shoutout to Patrick Fabian for playing the unforgettable Howard Hamlin. You will be missed as we venture towards the final episodes in the series.
    Better Call Saul' Boxing Scene Explained by Patrick Fabian - Variety

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