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Sunday, September 18, 2022

[Episode 197] Tales of the Walking Dead |1x02| Blair/Gina

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Originally Recorded 2022/09/22
Sometimes, when I create these descriptions, I experience a little deja vu (have I written this already?). All of us are aware that #TalesOfTheWalkingDead is an opportunity to break out of the box of what people think is #TWDUniverse. With mixed fan perception, we (along with Diana from Screens in Focus) attempt to highlight what makes this episode so good. Sometimes, even when I create these descriptions, I feel like I'm saying the same thing over and over, again, so it's great to see the mundaneness of what we do in our waking life reflected back at us by way of #TWDU.
And here we are again with some technical difficulties, which I think we've since solved with our latter recordings (available for streaming, for all supporters). Please don't miss out on the wackadoo things we say that we can't possibly publish, or the inane things that go on behind the scenes! And let's not forget to mention that attending a recording session is absolutely free, but you have to make sure to create a @Ko-fi account and follow us, here:

Diana/Screens In Focus:
David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:
Sherrandy Swift:
Bridget Mason-Gray:

  •  Joining us for our coverage of this episode is Diana from Screens in Focus!
    Website Screens in Focus Banner (1).png
  • First off, of course we have to get Diana's general thoughts on this anthology series, thus far. She loves comedy, but wasn't sure how it would mesh with the world of The Walking Dead. While watching this episode, she found herself laughing out loud, especially on a second viewing!
    Tales of the Walking Dead Episode 2 Recap and Ending, Explained
  • Bridget loved the episode, possibly because she is a massive fan of dark comedies such as Heathers. She found it difficult to wait for Sherrandy Rachael to watch the episode because she wanted to talk about it so badly!
    Tales of the Walking Dead Episode 2 Introduces a Shocking Sci-Fi Element |  Den of Geek
  • Rachael said she can only like the episode if Sherrandy's theory is correct (more on that shortly). She cannot get behind these characters seemingly re-spawning to relive the day. It's just not how real life or The Walking Dead Universe works (as we know/knew it).
    Tales of the Walking Dead Episode 2 Is a Modern Classic - Horror Obsessive
  • Is Rachael just mad because other characters like Glenn Rhee and a particular character from Better Call Saul couldn't "respawn"? Diana also mentions a Stranger Things character that she would like to see return.
    The Walking Dead': Glenn's Fate Revealed | Time
  • Sherrandy really enjoyed the episode, especially on second watch. She appreciates that the universe is branching out to take chances and explore new ideas!
    Tales Of The Walking Dead' Episode 2 Is The Weirdest TWD Has Ever Been, By  Far
  • Even though we aren't discussing the flagship series, we find ourselves still wondering where certain characters are, like Heath, Cyndie, Scott, Kal, and Eduardo.
    The Walking Dead's Sasha and Scott talk season 6 | Den of Geek
  • How did you feel about Fear the Walking Dead's beer bottle balloon? It's another example of a spin-off series taking chances the flagship series wouldn't dare to (namely, Fear The Walking Dead).
    Fear the Walking Dead - Season 5 OST - 5.06 - 11: Hot Air Balloon - YouTube
  • Dave: Loves to see the show unapologetically explore mechanics and ideas we could never experience on the main show. He compares it to how, if you love a band's freshman album, would you want their sophomore album to sound exactly the same? Some folks might prefer it, but you usually want to see a band progress/evolve in both style and sound.
    The Walking Dead 1014: Beta's past features some cool callbacks
  • Were people too harsh on The Walking Dead: World Beyond solely because they wanted it to give us more information on Rick Grimes? Similarly, do you think folks watching Tales of The Walking Dead were hoping for more direct connections to other TWDU series?
    Dont Care Wheres Rick GIF - Dont Care Wheres Rick Rick Grimes - Discover &  Share GIFs
  • Could we see all the Tales of TWD characters return in Season 2 and perhaps crossover in future episodes? If a second season is in the cards, will it be just a continuation of these stories? For example, the premiere for Season 2 could follow the events of Evie & Joe just after their episode, while the second episode would pick up where Gina & Blair Crafword left off.
    Tales of the Walking Dead Breaks the TWD Universe Wide Open | Den of Geek
  • Would you want to see these stories crossover somewhere else in TWDU?
    Tales of The Walking Dead Offers a Fresh Look at Surviving the Apocalypse -  TV Fanatic
  • With so many upcoming spin-offs and this anthology series, how likely is it that all of these characters will return in the greater TWDU? Click here to read up on all the upcoming spin-off series!
  • Had you ever heard of Folie a Deux prior to this episode? I had heard of it, but only because it is the title of the upcoming sequel to 2019's Joker, starring Joaquin Phoenix. Lady Gaga has been cast as Harley Quinn, so it seems likely that these two characters might exhibit the same behaviors as Blair & Gina.
    Joker: Folie Γ  Deux (2024) - IMDb
  • Prior to the first respawn, Blair is reading an article by Chase Helzer (possible fictional author), which talks about The Spreading Depression (the dark wave of brain activity that occurs at the time of death). The quote Blair reads out loud is directly lifted from the real-life scientist, Aristides LeΓ£o, "At the edge of life and death is a spreading dark wave." In his study, Aristides mentions that neurons use their remaining charge in a final blast, depleting their stores, which is similar to the description Blair's husband, Brian, uses to explain what dΓ©jΓ  vu really is.
    Tales of the Walking Dead episode 2 Blair/Gina new photos
  • Sherrandy's theory on Blair & Gina's Groundhog Day-esque respawns: Gina and Blair are just video game characters (possibly Telltale's The Walking Dead). Every time they "lose" they start over at their last "checkpoint".
  • Do you think it's possible that Gina and Blair were already dead, before this episode even began?
    TWD MusicBox Mystery — ToTWD 1x02: Blair/Gina - Part 2
  • Have you ever had a boss that you worked with for years who never took the effort to get to know you?
    Tales of The Walking Dead' Recap: 'Blair/Gina' Goes Full 'Groundhog Day'
  • Have you ever felt trapped at your job, wondering if you will ever make it to 5 o' clock?
    Tales Of The Walking Dead Time Loop Episode Explained By Showrunner
  • Dave has observed that this episode might be a commentary on how many TWD Family members wish for a zombie apocalypse: do you often find yourself praying for one to avoid the numbing day-to-day malaise or seemingly implacable life hurdles?
    Tales of the Walking Dead Cast: Meet the Actors of the TWD Spinoff | Den of  Geek
  • In the film The Return of the Living Dead, the living characters were able to communicate with the zombies. Could we see something like this in this series?
    The Return of the Living Dead - Wikipedia
  • Have you ever wished for a zombie to rip the face off of your crappy ex like Bridget has? No? Just Bridget?
    |Annoying Zombies From 'The Walking Dead' | Horror Amino
  • This episode is directed by Michael Satrazemis, who has done a lot of work on The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, and now Tales of the Walking Dead.
    Fear the Walking Dead interview: 20 questions with Michael E. Satrazemis
  • The younger boy in this episode is named Wendell, which is most likely a nod to the similarly named character on Fear the Walking Dead due to the fact that he climbs into the tanker's cab and is carrying a mini-figurine of a semi-truck.
    Tales of the Walking Dead episode 2 Blair/Gina new photosSarah's Backstory Solves A Fear The Walking Dead Season 4 Mystery
  • Blair and Brian were escaping to Jekyll Island which is the real-life filming location for The Oceanside community's beach (on The Walking Dead)
    The Walking Dead season 10 episode 1 recap: Lines We Cross
  • You may recognize Matt Medrano (Brian) from Yellowstone, The Bold and the Beautiful, Future Man, S.W.A.T., and more!
    The Bold and the Beautiful - Wikipedia
  • Did you find this episode of Tales of TWD funny?
    Tales of the Walking Dead" Blair/Gina (TV Episode 2022) - IMDb
  • The shirt Gina is wearing is just a Billabong shirt (instead of what you thought might've been a rock concert T-Shirt).
    Tales of the Walking Dead” Review - “Blair/Gina” Brings Fresh Time Loop  Comedy to the Zombie Universe - Bloody Disgusting
  • This episode did a great job of taking us back to Season 2 of The Walking Dead, where our characters discover that one, particular walker mechanic: namely, the discovery that everyone is already infected and reanimate when we die.
    damaged people | twd gif series - shane walsh ➳ walker - Wattpad
  • This episode also refers to the CDC being in close proximity to Blair's office. At the time of this episode, Dr. Jenner was most likely just starting his research.
    Walking Dead' Noah Emmerich Prequel – The Hollywood ReporterFighting Public Health Threats On The Silver Screen | Georgia Public  Broadcasting
  • Bridget says the article in the episode reminded her of Jenner's TS-19, from TWD's first season.
    Tales of the Walking Dead" Blair/Gina (TV Episode 2022) - IMDbThe Walking Dead S01E06: TS-19 - a review by C J Dee
  • Bridget brings up that despite Blair's father dying from lung cancer, Blair continues to smoke, which is a form of self-sabotage and could be why she has a psychological disorder.
    How a Personal Loss Shaped Parker Posey's Unexpected Comedic Turn in Tales  of the Walking Dead - TV Guide
  • Sherrandy points out that these ladies work at Circle of Trust: they had to loop back to the beginning, indefinitely, and could only break out of the loop until they could finally trust themselves and one another.
    Tales of the Walking Dead Episode 2 Review: Blair/Gina Recap
  • It also appears as though we're looking at the herd on the highway setting from Season 2 of The Walking Dead, at the end of this episode!
  • Sherrandy wonders if the underlying thread that moves through these episodes, thus far, is the concept of our perception of reality. Evie & Joe are worried about the way they will be perceived by people (formerly) closest to them (Evie's separated husband & Joe's online connection to Sandra/USHLDBSCRD). This episode focuses on our perception of time, as we see Gina and Blair struggling to make it past the respawn point to make it to the end of their day. The next episode, titled Dee, it's our perception of... You didn't really think I would spoil it here, did you?
    Tales of the Walking Dead: Dee - spoiler free review of Alpha's episode
  • Sherrandy's eagle-eyes spot, near the end of the episode, Blair sitting at Gina's desk with a clock above her that has a bent minute hand. The thought is that this represents Gina & Blair bending time.
    [Editor's note: What everyone failed to notice is that the second hand does not move throughout the entire scene, indicating that time has stopped and, perhaps, won't resume until Gina & Blair resolve both their personal and interpersonal issues]
  • As we end our coverage on this episode, I want to give a big round of applause to Parker Posey and Jillian Bell for their amazing portrayals of Blair Crawford and Gina, respectively. I also want to give a major shoutout to director, Mikey Satrazemis, and, of course, everyone else who worked on this episode. Hopefully, we will see Blair and Gina return to TWDU!Tales of the Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 2 Recap: Blair/Gina

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