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Sunday, December 11, 2022

[Episode 208] Season 11, Episode 23 of The Walking Dead, "Family"

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Major swings occurred throughout this episode that have adequately prepared us for the undoubted craziness that's to come in #TWD's #SeriesFinale! Will #JudithGrimes live? Is #Negan redeemed? And where's #JerryTWD?!
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  • Dave finally retires his 15+ year-old 2007 Toyota Prius, Sea Czar's Ghost, with a new 2023 Kia Niro PHEV, Zelda
  • Dave asks his fellow hosts if they felt this was a good episode. The answer? A resounding, unanimous yes.
    The Walking Dead' finale: An oral history with key cast - Los Angeles Times
  • Sherrandy loved seeing the opening sequence of characters picking up and using their signature weapons (in flashback snippets). She adds that Judith Grimes should loosen the strap on her wakizashi (looked awkward, putting it on)!
    Walking Dead' EPs Angela Kang & Scott M. Gimple On The Fate Of (SPOILER) &  Tonight's Penultimate “Family” Episode, Next Week's Series Finale & Spinoff  Twists
  • She follows this by saying that as soon as Judith placed the sheriff's hat on RJ Grimes' head, she knew something bad was going to happen to her. Telling Daryl Dixon that she is coming with them sealed the deal.
    The Walking Dead: When Were Judith and RJ Rescued?
  • Watching Daryl carry Judith, at the end of this episode reminded Dave of Rick Grimes carrying Carl Grimes to Hershel Greene's farm after being shot through a deer by Otis. It reminded others of Daryl carrying the body Beth Greene out of Grady Memorial Hospital.
    The Walking Dead' Just Made A Huge, Unforgivable Mistake All Over AgainThe Walking Dead Star Emily Kinney: 'Beth Wanted it All and Made a Big  Mistake' - IGN
  • Aidan's Aside: The scene I was reminded of was in 6x09, No Way Out: Rick is rushing Carl to Denise Cloyd, after being shot in the eye by Ron Anderson, while Michonne clears the area of remaining walkers.
    The Walking Dead, No Way Out: Things To Note
  • Sherrandy feels Judith might die in the series finale, but Rachael disagrees. What do you think?
    Cailey Fleming shares touching Walking Dead BTS photo
  • Who's death would be more tragic: Carol Peletier or Judith Grimes?
    What happened to Judith in The Walking Dead?
  • Who do you think will die in the series finale?

  • Would you be okay if only Judith died, and everyone else survived?
    the Walking Dead' Could Kill Off a Major Character in Series Finale
  • Will Dog be in the finale? Will he go to France for the Daryl spin-off?
    Does Daryl's Dog Die on The Walking Dead?
  • Sherrandy says that Daryl has largely regressed over the course of the series, in terms of his lack of dialogue. Bridget feels that this is because he blamed himself for the deaths of Beth and Glenn Rhee.
    Top 10 worst deaths on The Walking Dead: Glenn, Carl, Lori - Page 2
  • Will putting Daryl into a foreign environment allow him to grow?
    Walking Dead spinoff featuring Daryl Dixon first official details
  • What is the secret Grimes family phrase Judith is referring to?
    Walking Dead' Season 9: Who Will Die Death Odds – The Hollywood Reporter
  • Rachael says that if Judith is reflecting on this day, does it mean that she inherently survives being shot by Pamela Milton? She could also be speaking in the 2nd person, as an omniscient narrator, or conversing with Carl Grimes in the afterlife.
    The Walking Dead Just Torpedoed a Morbid Judith Fan Theory | Vanity Fair
  • Could it be that all of the opening sequence narrations/nostalgia openers in the last trimester of The Walking Dead's 11th and final season are one long monologue? Will Carl's letter to Judith finally be narrated?
    the Walking Dead's' Chandler Riggs Doesn't Know What Carl's Letters Say
  • Does Judith know all the stories of the people who loved her, like Beth and Tyreese Williams?
    Best Judith X Beth GIFs | GfycatThe Walking Dead' recap ('The Grove'): season 4, episode 14
  • Sherrandy says that Lydia's bite sequence reminded her of Amy Harrison's.
    THE WALKING DEAD Most Shocking Deaths From Each Season
  • Did our survivors manage to tell Judith about some of the other people who loved her, like Axel?
    Walking Dead': Lew Temple talks about Axel shocker |
  • Bridget says one of the primary reasons she loves zombie horror content is because the world we know falls apart and the things that are actually important are forced to become first priorities, again, like (found) family, food, and shelter.
  • Aidan's Aside: Bridget's comment reminds me of the writing on the back of the graphic novel series.
    The Walking Dead Compendium Volume 1: 01: Kirkman, Robert,  Adlard, Charlie, Rathburn, Cliff: 8580001039817: Books
  • Editor's Note: In my counter to Bridget, I mention how the pull - inside all of us - to burn it all down just so we can start over, again, shows such a lack of bravery on our part. To illustrate how susceptible we all are to this pull, I shared a moment of extreme vulnerability. I miss my original co-host, Carolina Gallardo-Rodriquez. As this series comes to a close, I think of all the time we've spent discussing these episodes, together, and what she helped build. It's not unlike the show attempting to reflect on its history in this final trimester. At the end of the day, we have it in our power to make things better, now, rather than be forced to make things better after the entire world falls.
  • Will we see a massive time jump in the finale? Will we see someone else telling the story of our characters?
    The Walking Dead Might Still Have A Time Jump After All
  • Sherrandy mentions that Eugene Porter body-slamming Commonwealth soldier shows how far his character has come. Bridget reminds the audience of something she said earlier in the season: Eugene is, indeed, a pussy-crusher.
  • Why are there suddenly so many variant walkers?
    What's Happening on 'the Walking Dead' If You Want to Watch the Finale
  • Bridget theorizes that another event may have caused the walkers to evolve. Could it be some sort of (space) spore (as Robert Kirkman jokingly said to a crowd was the origin of the Zombie Outbreak)?
    The new Walking Dead smart zombies go back to season 1 |
  • Sherrandy theorizes how, as walkers continue to bite and make new walkers out of formerly living humans, as time moves on and this process continues, the mutation emerges down the line. Dave thinks that it's far more likely that - since we're all infected - time, itself, is the cause and variants are the obvious next phase of the outbreak's evolution.
    The Walking Dead” Penultimate Episode Review - "Family" Sets the Stage for  High-Stakes Series Finale - Bloody Disgusting
  • Dave loved seeing Judith pick up the Multi-Community Charter of Rights and Freedoms and is excited at the possibility that it may actually have more use on the show.
    the Walking Dead' Season 11, Episode 23 Recap, Details You Missed
  • What on earth was being depicted in the child's drawing that Judith unfolded after picking up The Charter? It looks like a very large Judith on the left and a very small RJ on the top right with a mountain in the back?

  • Dave mentions that the conversation Negan Smith & Maggie Rhee have about taking out Pamela is similar to the conversation Rosita Espinosa & Sasha Williams had about taking him out, years ago.
    The Walking Dead' Season 7, Episode 14, Recap: Sasha, Rosita Take Aim |  TVLine
  • Want to see Dave and Rachael react to this episode?
  • In reference to the way some folks thought of how Maggie reacted to Negan's admission, do you have Resting Maggie Face (RMF)?
    Maggie Is Bloodied and Battered in New Look at The Walking Dead's February  Premiere
  • Save for our group of survivors, what does it mean that Tyler Davis - and all of the others who were disappeared - were all killed at Union Station? Michael Mercer certainly doesn't have any witnesses to testify against her, now...

  • Will Colonel Vickers turn on Pamela?
    The Walking Dead Releases Season 11 Episode 23 "Family" Images
  • We digressed for a moment to talk about something we watched in the pre-show, because there's must be a growing concern among the troopers being taken out by (variant) walkers: Steve is a YouTuber that reacts to single episodes of television series he's never seen, without any context, and without much knowledge of the story. In his reaction video to 8x16, he (presciently) admits his confusion over why everyone is trying to kill each other when the real threat are the walkers threating humanity.
  • What do you think will happen to Jerry after he leaves Lydia & Aaron to go after Elijah?
    The Walking Dead: Jerry sharing joy in the apocalypse
  • Watching Jerry go after Elijah, in response to Lydia's pleas, reminds Sherrandy of when, on Fear The Walking Dead, Grace Mukherjee - having just emerged from a fever dream about with a grown-up version of her unborn child, Athena - demands Morgan Jones give Jason Riley the key (to what we eventually find out is one of two keys that arm the nuclear warheads on the U.S.S. Pennsylvania). Both Grace & Jerry are, according to Sherrandy, motivated by their companion's fragile emotional and even physical state and that they should've known better than to listen to them.
    Fear the Walking Dead devastating twist ending explained |
  • Is it possible that Jerry is motivated by more than just retrieving Elijah?
    A Look at The Walking Dead- Season 11, Episode 15: “Trust” | What Else is  on Now?
  • Dave shouts out Cassady McClincy's incredible performance throughout this episode. She is the person he is most excited to see in future projects.
    The Walking Dead” Penultimate Episode Review - "Family" Sets the Stage for  High-Stakes Series Finale - Bloody Disgusting
  • Luke & Jules appearing again, alive, defied expectations from the trailer to this episode.
    The Walking Dead season 11 episode 23, photos and opening minutes
  • Could we see a walker version of Lance Hornsby in the finale?
    Should The Walking Dead's Lance Hornsby be spared?
  • The Walking Dead has often shown us that couples don't last. Which couples do you think will be split up in the series finale? Luke & Jules? Negan & Annie Smith? Jerry & Nabila? Eugene & Maxxine Mercer? Michael Mercer & Juanita "Princess" Sanchez? Lydia & Elijah?
    The Walking Dead Season 11: This is what happened to Dan Fogler's character  Luke • AWSMONEThe Walking Dead Surprises With Shock Negan RevealMother's Day 2019: Celebrating 10 moms in The Walking Dead universe - Page 3Josh McDermitt Interview: Romance Changed Eugene on TWDWill Mercer and Princess End Up Together in The Walking Dead? TheoriesThe Walking Dead fans tip Lydia's death as they slam 'unnecessary' Elijah  romance | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV |

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