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Sunday, December 11, 2022

[Episode 207] Season 11, Episode 22 of The Walking Dead, "Faith"

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#FatherGabriel's words from the last episode carry through into this one, "People remember the last thing you do. The end of each story is very important. How do you want yours to end?". We get very close to what #Negan's redemption might look like. We learn that it takes ONE person to change the world... sometimes two... or three. But it starts with ONE. Just one.
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David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:
Sherrandy Swift:
Bridget Mason-Gray:

Viewing Parties:

  •  While attending The Camp Events, SherrandyRachael, and your blog author, Aidan, along with supporters/friends - Linda, Meg, and Aaronwere able to watch the episode alongside Michael James Shaw (Michael Mercer). Michael had to swipe some tissues from Rachael, he was so overcome with emotion while watching this episode. Cooper Andrews (Jerry) and Okea-Eme Awkwari (Elijah) showed up near the end of the episode watch. They were ecstatic to witness fans watching the episode for the first time.
  • Aidan's Aside: One of the things that made Michael so emotional was watching Christian Serratos (Rosita Espinosa) and Josh McDermitt (Eugene Porter) on screen. He kept talking about how amazing his colleagues were and how moved he was by their performances.
  • Bridget watched the episode at Nic and Norman's, hosted by friend and background actor Stephen Sweet, which was the viewing party Okea and Cooper had attended, prior. They were spreading their love around for fans not attending The Camp, for a little while.

Episode Coverage:

  • Rachael could not stop crying: watching the episode with TWD family and knowing the end is on the horizon hit her hard.
    The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 22 Review: Faith - TV Fanatic
  • Bridget is clinging on to every bit of the show we receive because she knows she's going to be overwhelmed with emotions when it's through.
  • What does the world look like after The Walking Dead comes to a close? How many seasons of Fear the Walking Dead are left before it, too, ends?
    Fear The Walking Dead' Is Killing Off Its Cast At A Rapid Clip
  • Bridget suggests AMC adapts the TWD graphic novel Typhoon.
    The Walking Dead: Typhoon review: TWD heads to China
  • What are Aaron, Lydia, Jules, Luke, Elijah, and Jerry up to and where are they heading? Could they be making their way towards Alexandria Safe-Zone (AKA Outpost 22)? Could they hide out at what remains of The Kingdom or even the Kingdom 2.0 (as Jerry referred to it in Variant)?
    What Happened to Luke on The Walking Dead?
  • Where is the variant walker subplot going? Are they going to be a prominent threat in the the show, from here on out, or a fixture in upcoming spin-offs?
    The Walking Dead season 11, episode 19 recap: Variant
  • Could The Commonwealth rebrand The Oceanside into a (ironically, male-only) resort? We would stay there, but would you?
    The Walking Dead showrunner talks the return of Oceanside |
  • Sherrandy appreciated that this episode balanced every storyline thread and, with the exception of the kids, we saw the majority of our main cast.
    The Walking Dead Recap: "Faith"
  • What happened to Shira? Will we see her again and on whose side would she fight?
    the Walking Dead': Josh McDermitt Talks Stephanie Twist + Show Ending
  • Does Negan Smith feel his past is going to wreak karmic retribution upon his wife, Annie Smith?
     The Walking Dead: Who Negan Killed in the Season 7 Premiere | Time
  • Was Ezekiel Sutton standing up for Negan, at the end, or just for Annie and her unborn child?
    The latest Walking Dead episode originally had different ending |
  • Sherrandy says the scene with Annie & Negan kneeling against Alexandria's windmill heavily reminded her of Negan's lineup from Season 6's finale/Season 7's premiere. Negan and Annie are on their knees (like our survivors were); the bus that the work camp workers are transported in is standing in for the RV Negan came out of to greet our kneeling survivors; the large gathering of people behind The Commonweath's Troopers mirrored The Saviors witnessing the havoc Negan was about to rain down; and the flood lights shining on Negan and Annie were a reflection of the headlights of The Saviors' vehicles on Negan and his bat, Lucille.
    The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale Explained | HYPEBEAST
  • Dave adds that in the Season 7 premiere, The Day Will Come When You Won't Be, Negan initially wanted to kill just one of our survivors (he maintains this theme throughout his run as leader of The Saviors, repeatedly having to remind his 2nd-in-command, Simon, to do the same - despite Simon's protests/outbursts) and in this episode he intended to be the only one to die to save everyone. The Warden adding Annie to the new line-up perfectly mirrored Negan adding Glenn Rhee to the body count, after killing Abraham Ford. Another example of this occurs in 7x08, when he guts Spencer Monroe, then orders Arat to kill someone and chose Olivia
    Walking Dead': Michael Cudlitz Admits Cast Lied About Who Was Being Killed  Off – The Hollywood ReporterThe Walking Dead's Ann Mahoney Takes Us Inside Olivia's Big Scenes
  • Dave contends that Mercy prevailed over wrath with the Troopers countermanding The Warden's orders to kill Negan, Annie, and Annie's unborn child; however, with Rosita exacting vengeance on The Warden, Bridget counters that Mercy may not have prevailed, after all. A lot of wrath was depicted in this episode.
  • Is Negan truly to blame for the death of Benjamin? Is he also responsible for the horrors Simon wrought upon Oceanside and Jadis/The Scavengers?
    The Walking Dead' recap: Favorite characters return to their roots |  MashableThe Walking Dead' Did The Impossible Twice Over In Last Night's Episode
  • Bridget says we got some of the best lines of the series in these last few episodes. From Zeke, "The world is broken, but we don't have to be."
  • Did the scene with Daryl Dixon & Connie navigating Alexandria's sewer tunnels remind you of prior episodes? Some of our hosts thought of the final episodes of Carl Grimes, but Sherrandy flashed to Maggie Rhee and Aaron attempting to escaping Alexandria in Season 6.
    Why Carl's Walking Dead Death Was Even More Heartbreaking for Michonne |  Vanity FairThe Walking Dead: Season 6A Episode Guide - Page 6
  • Could Carol Peletier die in the final episodes? Dave explains the possible significance.
    The Walking Dead' Brings the Fight Home & Eugene Goes to Trial (RECAP)
  • Will new fans - that will binge watch the show after the series comes to a close - react differently to these final episodes and the series finale?
    The Walking Dead' is coming to an end - WISH-TV | Indianapolis News |  Indiana Weather | Indiana Traffic
  • Will the stories of Carol & Daryl have a happy ending?
    Norman Reedus responds to Melissa McBride's 'Walking Dead' exit
  • Were you surprised that Maggie ended up finding Hershel Rhee? Since we know Lauren Cohan moves on to The Walking Dead: Dead City, did you think Hershel wouldn't survive The Walking Dead?
    prev. dixonscarol — MAGGIE RHEE & HERSHEL RHEE reunite 🤍 THE WALKING...
  • What did you think of the way the writers attempted to mirror The Warden with Negan?
    The Walking Dead" Review - "Faith" Delivers One of the Best Episodes of  This Final Season - Bloody Disgusting
  • Do you feel that the series has raised the stakes in these last few episodes?
    The Walking Dead season 11, episode 22 recap: Faith
  • Was the Warden connected to the Civic Republic Military?
    The Walking Dead: "Designation Two," Explained
  • Whether or not The Warden is connected to the CRM, could there be consequences to Rosita murdering him?
    A Look at The Walking Dead- Season 11, Episode 22: “Faith” | What Else is  on Now?
  • Is there relationship potential between Daryl & Connie?
  • Will the series ever show Daryl in a relationship outside Leah Shaw? If so, with whom?
    'the Walking Dead': Norman Reedus Says Leah + Daryl Relationship Was  'Rushed'
  • Did you feel like Yumiko Okumura's legal prowess was lacking in this episode?
    The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 22 Review: Faith | Den of Geek
  • Sherrandy asks whether The Commonwealth's residents actually know what Sebastian Milton's voice sounds like. Could that explain why some of the courtroom attendees seemed to accept Pamela Milton's testimony: that Eugene doctored the recording of Sebastian's voice?
    The Walking Dead boss explains reason for Sebastian's Walker death: 'On  purpose' | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV |
  • Bridget says the trial was fake. Dave asks Bridget to clarify whether she meant narratively or whether the execution of that scene was terrible. Bridget says the former, but adds that the fakest, most terrible thing to ever appear in the series is that deer. You all know the one.
    The Walking Dead's CGI deer looked really bad this week | Metro News
  • Were you satisfied with the courtroom scene's execution?
    A Look at The Walking Dead- Season 11, Episode 22: “Faith” | What Else is  on Now?
  • Was Mercer always going to come around and help our people or did he only come around, recently?
    The Walking Dead's Big F-Bomb Was Improvised
  • Did Eugene's speech sway Mercer? Or was it - as Michael James Shaw said on Talking Dead - that Mercer already had it in his mind to save Eugene shortly after Maxxine Mercer told him their father would be ashamed of him (after attempting to coerce a confession from her that would pin everything on Eugene)?
    The Walking Dead Recap: Season 11, Episode 22 — Faith | TVLine
  • Oscar Rodriguez III (background actor, artist, and head organizer of The Camp) appeared in this episode as a Commonwealth Trooper and we actually got to see his face!
    Oscar Rodriguez III Artist #OscarsRedHat (@O_RodriguezIII) / Twitter
  • Will Mercer be able to rally The Commonwealth's soldiers on his side? There is a concern that their loyalties may be split.
    The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 22 Review and Recap: Faith
  • The MVP line of the episode was uttered by Michael Mercer, "Time to fuck shit up."
    A Look at The Walking Dead- Season 11, Episode 22: “Faith” | What Else is  on Now?

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