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Saturday, April 29, 2023


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Originally Recorded 2022.12.05
Including your submissions (which MAJORLY overlapped with many of theirs): Rachael, Sherrandy, and Bridget discuss the TOP 5 WORST Characters of The Walking Dead!
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Rachael Burt:
Sherrandy Swift:
Bridget Mason-Gray:


  • Bridget: Pope, leader of The Reapers
    • Mostly due to the iffy story arc The Reapers had.
    • Do you think they were mostly introduced to prep fans for The Walking Dead: Dead City?
    • Alternatively, it's possible that producers originally envisioned both a season 11 and 12, so when they received the word-from-on-high, they had to wrap their storyline as quickly and neatly as possible.
    • Showing some Paul Wells & Ira Washington love (Robert Hayes & Ethan McDowell, respectively)

      Images of Washington & Wells courtesy of
    • Back to Pope, no shade on Ritchie Coster's phenomal character acting, we just don't understand his character's motivations.
    • To Bridget's point, The Walking Dead has always handled religion and religious characters pretty well, but Pope's zeal didn't hold water.
    • His death was pretty anticlimactic given his and The Reapers' potential.

      But why?
  • Rachael: Dr. Steven Edwards"for trying to kill Carol Peletier in Grady Memorial Hospital."

    "They could've not had him there and it wouldn't have impacted the story at all."
  • Sherrandy: Officer Dawn Lerner.
    • Sherrandy disliked this arc, to begin with, but it's unclear to her what Dawn's motivations are and the kind of community she's attempting to create, "The Commonwealth Lite."
    • More than anything else, for an officer, her poor trigger control lead to Beth Greene's death.
  • Your Number 5 Picks:


  • Bridget: Lori Grimes
    • Praise for Sarah Wayne Callies; Panning the way Lori was written (though, some admit that it was intentional).
    • Bridget recommends Sarah's role in Colony and admires that she stood by Frank Darabont.
    • Bridget dislikes Lori less and less the more she rewatches, as opposed to Sherrandy who's dislike has only grown stronger.
    • The icing on the cake was her lack of survivalist acumen, especially behind the wheel...
    • She's often compared to Skyler White from Breaking Bad, only Skyler was technically protecting her family from the true bad guy, Walter White, whereas it's unclear whether Lori was trying to protect her family from Shane Walsh or she was just attempting to bury her shame along with him.
  • Rachael: Spencer Monroe
    • At the time, watching him die was the only thing Rachael liked that Negan ever did.
    • His feats of "manliness" (citing some examples) and hollow platitudes (while keeping secret stashes of food and booze) really caused eye-rolls and disdain.
    • Giving him props for at least putting down his mother, Deanna Monroe, who was bitten and turned during The Wolves and walker infiltration on Alexandria Safe-Zone.
  • Sherrandy: Nicholas
    • Mostly because he was responsible for Noah's demise.
    • His saving grace was a bit hollow, after posthumously/inadvertently saving Glenn Rhee from being devoured by the dead.
    • He got away with not dying in the horrific manner he deserved.
  • Your Number 4 Picks:
    • Brian Castrillo: Jules Butler
    • Thomas O'Mara: Sam Anderson
    • David Strand: Alden
    • Kristy Boykin: Philip "The Governor" Blake
    • A.J. Abbott: Sebastian Milton
    • Matt Murphy: Arat
    • Angelina Silansky: Warrant Officer Anne/Jadis Stokes
    • Mitchell Shoemaker: Spencer
    • Linda Peck Athens: Jared
    • Krystal Jordan: Merle Dixon
    • Takeerah Lawrence: Simon


  • Bridget: Sam Anderson, "Poor Sam."
    • Editor's Note: Most of this discussion hilariously revolves around Sam's horrible haircut, given to him by purported "hairstylist" Jessie Anderson.

      Is this more of Jessie's work?
    • ...and playing Tip-toe Through the Tulips by Tiny Tim way too loud is a violation to our survivalist sensibilities: we don't care what Aaron says.
  • Rachael: Nicholas
  • Sherrandy: Henry

    o be clear, Sherrandy is referring to his older, post-time-jump counterpart: Horny Henry.
  • Your Number 3 Picks:
    • Brian Castrillo: Aidan Monroe
    • Thomas O'Mara: Deanna
    • David Strand: Jessie (prompts more horrible haircut jokes)
    • Kristy Boykin: Jared
    • A.J. Abbott: Pamela Milton
    • Matt Murphy: Henry
    • Angelina Silansky: Simon
    • Mitchell Shoemaker: Nicholas
    • Linda Peck Athens: Jessie
    • Krystal Jordan: Gregory
    • Takeerah Lawrence: Gregory


  • Bridget: Dr. Pete Anderson
    • No, not because of Jessie's horrible haircuts (which is also a form of abuse): because he was an alcoholic abusive spouse.
    • It almost seemed as though he wanted to be cuckolded by Rick Grimes in order to justify the spousal abuse.
    • Editor's Note: this conversation devolved to abusing Jessie for her abusive haircuts... which further devolved into a hilarious hypothetical how Edward Scissor Hands would've behaved in the zombie apocalypse.
  • Rachael: Lori Grimes
  • Sherrandy: Andrea Harrison, "I'm fascinated by how much I hate this character."
    • Like Lori, Bridget doesn't hate her as much as she did on first watch. Rachael, however, can't fathom why some folks claim they actually like her.
    • We take a moment to appreciate that Dale Horvath wasn't on anyone's list. Though Rachael doesn't care for him, she doesn't hate him.
    • Editor's Note: this conversation ends up focusing more on how much we love Dale and appreciate that Carl Grimes owned up to being responsible for his death. It's also the first time Daryl Dixon steps up to offer mercy to one of the group and do what Rick couldn't... which brings us right back to Andrea and how much we hated her for shooting Daryl.
  • Your Number 2 Picks:
    • Brian Castrillo: Nicholas
    • Thomas O'Mara: Dog Dixon
    • David Strand: Bob Stookey
    • Kristy Boykin: Gage
    • A.J. Abbott: Spencer
    • Matt Murphy: Ron Anderson
    • Angelina Silansky: Spencer
    • Mitchell Shoemaker: Tara Chambler
    • Linda Peck Athens: Sam Anderson
    • Krystal Jordan: Spencer
    • Takeerah Lawrence: Amy Harrison


  • Bridget: Nicholas
  • Rachael: Andrea Harrison
  • Sherrandy: Lori Grimes
  • Your Number 1 Picks:
    • Brian Castrillo: Natania
    • Thomas O'Mara: Andrea
    • David Strand: Lori
    • Kristy Boykin: Andrea
    • A.J. Abbott: Sophia
    • Matt Murphy: Sam
    • Angelina Silansky: Gareth
    • Mitchell Shoemaker: Sam
    • Linda Peck Athens: Andrea
    • Krystal Jordan: Zach (Beth's boyfriend)

      We all know the effects of alcohol falling on top of you.
    • Takeerah Lawrence: Andrea
Bonus: Sherrandy drops a shout-out to Watch Mojo's Top 20 Worst The Walking Dead Characters

That being said, what are your Top 5 Worst Characters on The Walking Dead?

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