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Saturday, May 13, 2023

FEAR THE WALKING DEAD: TOP 5 Favorite Characters

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Originally Recorded: 2023.03.31
Including your submissions: Rachael, Sherrandy, and Bridget discuss the TOP 5 Most Beloved Characters on #FearTWD!
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Rachael Burt:
Sherrandy Swift:
Bridget Mason-Gray:


  • Rachael: Ofelia Salazar
    • A Badass Rachael wished would've lasted longer, especially in light of she and Daniel Salazar's truncated relationship.
    • Sherrandy had only watched season one, but what she saw of Ofelia, she liked.
  • Bridget: Qaletaqa Walker
    • Taqa is the figurehead for Season 3's conflict between TEOTWAWKI and his tribe, which is why it's Bridget's favorite season.
    • She also loved seeing a prepper community thrive, post-apocalyptically.
    • Though his story does come to a satisfying conclusion, his ultimate fate is unknown, which might be another reason why he's the favorite of many.
    • Sherrandy knows: he ultimately leaves the ranch to become a shepherd named Hank on the Yellowstone spinoff, 1923.
  • Sherrandy: Althea Szewczyk-Przygocki
    • Althea might've made it higher on her list, but she found her lovesick arc between she and Isabelle too mopey.
    • The thing she enjoyed most about her was plucky personality and quick wit.
  • Your Picks for Number 5


  • Rachael: Annie
    • She respected that Annie stepped-up and did her best to take care of her siblings.
    • For a fairly well-written character, it was a shame to see her escape nuclear reactor fallout just to ultimately perish(?) in a nuclear hellscape.
  • Bridget: Alicia Clark
    • From the moment she was introduced to watching her character slowly develop over time, even with some of the mistakes she's made, it's no surprise she made Bridget's cut.
    • Her ability to lead became apparent, but had always chosen either her family or another value over leadership, which is relatable.
    • Witnessing her relationship, pre-apocalypse, and having to deal with losing her boyfriend amidst the apocalypse was interesting to watch.
    • We almost got to see her go at it on her own, which was exciting, but even more interesting was watching her find her way back to her family.
    • Her amazing character development in Season 3 was amazing to watch and witnessing her deal with the loss of her mother in Season 4 was equally riveting.... which leads us to...
  • Sherrandy: Charlie
    • As difficult a character for most folks to understand, Charlie inherently was always trying to do the right thing by the people she cared for and who cared for her.
    • Sherrandy witnessing all the hate both her character and Alexa Nisenson received only emboldened her to try and understand her.
    • Watching her caretaker, Ennis, be brutally murdered by Nick Clark prompted her to retaliate, which was essentially what Morgan Jones was trying to impart onto Nick only after the fact (that violence is cyclical and will not lead to inner peace).
    • Say what you will about Charlie, but she has tremendous value as someone who can silently infiltrate facilities.
    • The ladies are still really uncomfortable about showcasing her teenage romance at the tender age of 13.
  • Your Picks for Number 4


  • Rachael: The Clark Siblings
    • Call it a tie for 4th place, since Rachael couldn't really decide on who deserved the spot.
    • Nick was simultaneously overcoming addiction as the world was crumbling, while Alicia - who was always very well put together - had to overcome familial neglect as a result of all the attention her own brother stole from her. Both their Achilles Heels became their strengths. 
    • At many points, their newfound strengths almost became their downfall, but they continued to evolve past their former selves to become something new.
    • If only Nick could've lasted a little longer to possibly unlearn the dark path from which he had only started to backtrack.
  • Bridget: Victor Strand
    • Colman Domingo really makes the character of Strand come alive. No one else could possibly fill those shoes.
    • What made the character so interesting was how incredibly complicated he was, e.g. a con man who fell in love with his mark and the constrained relationship he had with his mark's mother.
    • The brief mentions of his upbringing and past convince us that he was made for this brutal world, which is why we fall in love with characters similar to him, like Carol Peletier and Daryl Dixon.
    • And, come on, that laugh (a signature of how over-the-top/extra he can be):
    • Watching him throughout Season 7 was a delight.
  • Sherrandy: Sarah Rabinowitz
    • We needed the levity and she made such an amusing introduction to a dark universe.
    • With as much background as we received from her, we wished we had more: one of the best episodes that illustrates both her depth and background being Breathe With Me, 7x04
    • She starts off as a "bad guy", which makes her journey that much more interesting, since it plays into her character arc over the seasons.
    • She's unlike any character in the universe and perhaps on TV: it's extremely rare to see a female truck driver be represented.
    • "She's like a really toned-down Teeter," from Yellowstone.

  • Your Picks for Number 3


  • Rachael, At the risk of "cheating" again and choosing The Dories: June Dorie
    • To many, her being on this list requires no explanation, though she isn't on Bridget's list.
    • We'll get into it more later on... because of course she's Sherrandy's favorite character.
  • Bridget & Sherrandy: John Dorie, Jr.
    • Briefly diving in to discuss how John Dorie, Sr. was devised to fill the vacuum that John, Jr. would create with Garret Dillahunt's exit from the series.
    • It was easy to fall in love John in part due to his comedic roles on Raising Hope and The Mindy Project.
    • He had a clear and simple sense of right and wrong, as well as deriving satisfaction from the simple things in life.
    • Having someone proficient in trick-shooting doesn't hurt either, adding to that Texas flavor the show was trying to elicit.
    • Sherrandy saw John as the ideal man who was patient, kind, and courteous, but didn't mince words with how he felt.
    • All of these factors combined created a rarity in The Walking Dead Universe that we didn't know we needed until we finally saw it for ourselves.
    • As simple a man he was, the first indicator of his inner darkness (that ultimately resulted in his demise) was in his introduction, when he chose to put down the passed with a shovel, over his own guns (given his proficiency with pistols).
  • Your Picks for Number 2


  • Rachael: Sarah Rabinowitz
    • On top of all the reasons already mentioned, more of her complex nature was revealed while exploring her further explained relationship with Wendell in Breathe With Me, a clear fan-favorite episode.
    • And speaking of twins, it brings up another set of twins in TWDU, Hope Bennett & Iris Bennett: Twins clearly have an almost mystical relationship in the universe. Both sets are, in a way, found family, since they're obviously not related by blood.
    • On a personal level, what made Rachael relate to Sarah the most is how much of a tomboy she is, while still maintaining some elements of femininity.
  • Bridget: Daniel Salazar
    • Bridget takes a moment to explain why some of her picks didn't quite align with everyone else's and it's mostly because of how limiting it is to choose only 5 characters.
    • She also takes a moment to backtrack on FearTWD on the whole: what made her love it to begin with, but also the changes that kept her watching (leading to a larger point of why she chose Daniel as her numero uno).
    • According to Bridget, he has the best [most thouroughly] written [back]story out of anyone.
    • She loved the universe so much, she wanted to know the fate of anyone who's ever appeared on the show, which made Daniel' return to the show a third time so great.
    • On top of all that, the show took the time to acknowledge the consequence and passage of time after being shot and permanently maimed by Victor.
    • The drama between he and Ofelia - not only in the past, but revisited in the form of a pseudo-dementia in Season 7 (after ironically faking it in Season 6) - illustrated how, even when someone is built for this world, it doesn't mean their baggage from the world before disappears.
    • As heavy as his character's story has been, over the years he has found a way to not only develop a sense of humor but, along with it, joy.
  • Sherrandy: MORGAN! …just kidding, of course: June Dorie.
    • She is a badass who is strong, smart, and capable with a great character arc. She starts off completely broken, to the point where she couldn't even bring herself to use her real name.
    • She continues down the line moving past being a follower, trying to survive, and steps out from underneath the tropey shadow of being just a love interest, seeking a semblance of emotional survival, to someone who has shown can lead and stand on her own two feet.
    • Much in the way John lives simply, but with plain purpose, June just wants to be of service to people in this world. She hasn't always made the best decisions, but it comes from an earnest place.
  • Your Picks for Number 1

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