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Friday, February 5, 2021

[Episode 112] Season 6, Episode 5 of Fear The Walking Dead, "Honey"

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♾ This Dwight AND Sherry-focused episode heavily relies on cyclical storytelling, the idea of who is playing the role of whom, and an incredible amount of call-backs and Easter-Eggs (from #AllOutWar to the ever repeating dark-mirrored themes reflecting #FearTWDseason4). And, uhhh, enjoy some #ASMR... #TheEndIsTheBeginning ♾
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David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • ASMR intro
  • Episode Impressions
  • Season 7: The last time we see Sherry?
  • Triggered by timelines
  • Return of Savior Dwight
  • Sherry’s letters
  • ♾ Ouroboros and Infinity symbol: The End is the Beginning & June’s (daughter Rose's) bracelet 
  • Talking Dead hiding behind a paywall when SQUAWKING DEAD is free. Just sayin'

  • Role reversal: Dwight leaving messages for Sherry
  • Sherry’s last letter
  • Skatepark vs. Pool: a nod to Austin Amelio?
  • Change in Opening Credits music: Is there a connection to all the title scores? Do the colors blend?
  • The 3 appearances of Robinett’s Eggery in FearTWD

  • Virginia's Outcast's Shared leadership: Sherry, Rollie, and Ozzy
  • Rollie all freshened up and taller 
  • Dwight is not a half naked lady: Ginny’s outcasts kidnap Dwight
  • Sherry, Al, and Dwight on horseback
  • Wolf-dog makes us think of Daryl: found at a wildlife sanctuary and Dwight sets wolf/dog free (role-reversal)

  • Little David Merkins: Yesterday, Tomorrow, and Today
  • The Tragic Love Story of the Sun chasing the Moon: 
  • Dwight and the Ranger Driver Guy, "You’ve got guts"
  • Dwight’s journey impacts Rollie
  • The Chess pieces guy
  • Getting Swatty back: `member when door broke back in season 4? I `member
  • Ginny's Rangers watched the videos
  • Ranger Driver Guy survives!
  • Dwight & Sherry looking out for one another
  • People changing for those they love and retaining the lessons they've learned
  • Sherr's FearTWD S6 promo video, "This is the only way"
  • Tainted relationships

  • Morgan & Dwight talk
  • Will Swatty survive this season? R.I.P. R.V.
  • Morgan, Dwight, and Al's discussion during lock up
  • Clarification of groups, with Dakota as a wild card
  • Charlie & Dakota parallels 
  • It’s not going to go the way you think: living with consequences
  • Al needs to (re)interview Morgan
  • Morgan’s building his community 
  • Some Sarah & Rollie scenes (please)?
  • Grace is carrying the future
  • Dave predicts Yellow color for next episode (Alicia?)
  • Sherry’s been with the outcasts a few months: Dwight called out Ginny’s bullshit
  • Dwight’s role in ALL OUT WAR
  • Would Ginny give Al and Dwight a proper burial? Would you say their rouse was... Eugenius?
  • Texas map and the keys

  • ASMR sexy time outro
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