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Saturday, April 17, 2021

[Episode 129] Season 6, Episode 8 of Fear The Walking Dead, "The Door"

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Therapy Circle? More like Group Therapy: all of us were affected by the tragedy of this episode (not just the death of #JohnDorie, but the unstoppable-force-meets-immovable-object of both his and Dakota's ideologies) and, by the end of this recording, we realized that this episode ended up being more of a love letter to our dearly departed than anything else... and that just made sense.
Although this was quite a long recording, our pre/post show recordings continue the healing process, if you can believe it. we continue discussing this episode far more frankly in the unedited version. To grab it and join us in the next recording while supporting this #podcast, head here:

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • To Believe by The Cinematic Orchestra: Perfect song playing while John Dorie is falling under water.

  • The Zombie Apocalypse doesn’t change John (like it does other #TWDUniverse characters), he just became a cowboy full time (instead of just on weekends).
  • The symbol of hope.
  • Parallels to Meet John Doe.
  • The catalyst for June’s transformation.
  • #BelieveInJune
  • We’re all going to miss John.
  • #DIEkota.
  • Even John’s death will mean something.
  • Understanding Dakota’s point of view, product of her environment.
  • Dave finally admits Dakota saved Morgan Jones.
  • Timeline triggers!
  • 2 weeks since John saw June: she can’t risk Ginny's Rangers finding him.
  • Should Morgan give June the scrabble tiles (Goodbye June)?
  • Rabbi Jacob Kessner has the letter John wrote to June in The Key.
  • John bears the weight of Janis’ death.
  • Parallels to Laura: John cleaning his guns in the beginning of both episodes.
  • Meet John Doe playing while John prepares to take his own life (D.B. Norton, the antagonist, telling him his suicide will mean nothing).
  • Melissa McBride on set during the filming of Laura.
  • John is too good for this world: mixed feelings about (not) killing Marcus.
  • It’s been a long time since we’ve lost a main character. Remember when @Celtictso educated us on "radioactive blood" hitting Alicia’s mouth?
  • Could John have evolved into someone who could live in this new world?
  • We killed John Dorie?

  • Had John survived, we wouldn't recognize him.
  • June will carry The John Dorie Movement forward.
  • What does Fear The Walking Dead look like without its characters inspiring hope?
  • John lived in a bubble that would've eventually popped.
  • It's not The Zombie Apocalypse that transforms John: It's Love.
  • Had June never met John, June would've turned out a lot different.
  • June allows John to live in this world: we've seen him waiver with Dwight & Strand.
  • The Zombie Apocalypse is a free for all: a world with no consequences.
  • Could(n't) anyone have sympathy for Dakota?
  • June will survive John’s death, but how will Morgan fair?
  • Charlie taking out Dakota might be more palatable to the audience (than Morgan murdering a child). June could also coerce Ginny to kill Dakota (via @BlazyGardener)
  • More Parallels: Charlie handing John his hat right side up; Dakota hands it to him upside down.
  • Dakota vs. Charlie: similar, but completely different circumstances.
  • We know nothing about Virginia & Dakota’s estranged relationship.
  • There were literally know hints that Dakota saved Morgan (with many opportunities to chime in).
  • Symmetry with the water line: Beginning with John in the canoe; Ending with him falling into the water.
  • Heavy attention on John Dorie Sr.: his pistols, truck, and the picture of he and John Dorie Jr.

  • Dakota and (sympathy for) psychopaths.
  • Virginia’s genuine, but confusing (given our lack of knowledge) love for Dakota.
  • @Blazygardener reverses course: says Ginny manipulated June into saving her life in Tank Town.
  • Rumor has it The End is the Beginning death cult is the most formidable antagonist in The Walking Dead Universe. Sure could've used a sharp-shooter for that...
  • John wanted to be free of The Passed/Past
  • Sherrandy is Morgan, "You gave me this family, man"
  • Even Fear The Walking Dead's critics mostly rallied around John Dorie's demise.
  • Even Seasons 1-3 allow you to appreciate Season 6: watching Alicia’s steady growth.
  • The world, to Dakota, has no meaning: People, to her, have no inherent value.
  • What is a fair punishment for Dakota? If she's seeking a world with consequences, she might just get more than she bargained for.
  • #TWDUniverseFamily is the best: it's why we do this.
  • With enough determination, you might just get what you want, John, even if you try to pull back at the last moment.
  • June's memento mori with walker John: she, of all characters, can afford to stop time.

  • another thank you to AMC & Valhalla for delaying this episode.
  • Further analysis on To Believe by The Cinematic Orchestra: In this fantastic world, where belief is essential to reality, in the absence of anything to believe in, be the person in whom others can believe.

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