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Sunday, April 25, 2021

[Episode 130] Season 6, Episode 9 of Fear The Walking Dead, "Things Left To Do"

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Our heads are still spinning from the events of what was supposed to be the #MidseasonPremiere, as we try to piece together what exactly happened and, more importantly, their ramifications - both immediate and for the remainder of the season. As intended midseason premieres go, they did not skimp out on physical scenes, complete with a shoot out and gunslinger walk-off, a la #JuneDorie.
We cut out a fantastic pre-show, an hour's worth of content during the actual episode, as well as a great wrap-up in the post-show. If you want to participate in the audience during these recording sessions or, at least, receive unedited versions of this and other episodes (in the future, too) - all while supporting your favorite #podcast - head here:

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • Watch Dave's initial Reaction Video to FearTWD 6x09 in a supercut:

  • "We make deep"
  • Holy shit, Colby Minifie.
  • Victor Strand’s intentions: where does he st(r)and?
  • Alicia Clark will make her own path.
  • Keeping track of the St. Christopher medallion.
  • Dakota’s response to Ginny’s death could be a catalyst for cyclical revenge.
  • Strand & Sherry: leaders with no dog in the fight.
  • Sherry finally admits she’s not ready.
  • If Ginny admitted, from the start, the truth surrounding Cameron’s death, she might have lived.

  • Holding children raised in the zombie apocalypse accountable. 
  • The Dakota Dilemma: what's the proper punishment?
  • Don’t trust your first instinct.
  • Ginny is Dakota’s mom: Dave called it.
  • Alexa Nisenson is so mature, we forget she’s 14.
  • Both we and Virginia just wanted her to finish telling her story.
  • Morgan Jones’ speech parallels the end of All Out War.
  • Morgan having flashes of John Dorie, like Alicia did of Nick Clark, Victor, and Madison Clark in Close Your Eyes.
  • The Story of Twisted Round, the power of (non)communication and The Truth. Althea’s notions of the truth delivers hope throughout the episode.
  • Who can blame June Dorie for what she did. When June puts on John’s hat.
  • W.W.J.D.: What would John do, if Dakota had killed June.
  • Note: John hadn't written about the serial killer his dad chased down in his letter to June.
  • A round of applause for Michael Satrazemis and Adam Suschitzky.
  • Morgan knocked June out of Ginny's favor. June blames Morgan for, perhaps, everything that's gone wrong.
  • Morgan & Sherry face off in the woods. Sherry’s Negan baggage.
  • We talk a big game, for armchair murderers.
  • Sherry pushes Dwight away: Is Rollie giving her the D (not the D)?
  • Dwight is a sympathetic character now, whilst Sherry is not.
  • Favorite lines from Althea. 
  • We can do this the easy way we can do it the hard way: Victor "Booty Warrior" Strand to Virginia.

  • Grit (School Road): The location of Morgan's toppled water tower (head to our blog, covering FearTWD 6x01, The End Is The Beginning for pictures and maps).
  • Ginny's Rejects have been listening the entire time.
  • Like John, Ginny doesn’t know which way is up, and everyone is turning on her (today).
  • The walker approaching Ginny under the log looked a little like Isaac.

  • Grace versus everyone else: who would Morgan choose?
  • Strand’s pathetic/symbolic shot at Morgan, as Morgan drives off.
  • When did it all get away from you? What is Strand’s plan now? 
  • Is no place is really safe/sustainable?

  • Don’t take anyone for granted.
  • Where is Hill? He has John’s pistol.
  • The second batchRabbi Jacob Kessner, Wes, Wendell, Grace, Daniel Salazar, and hopefully Tess. Filming around COVID-19.
  • Lennie James’ accent slips out, "HEEES life!"
  • How Morgan gives John's death meaning, convincing Ginny's Rangers of the truth about Cameron's death.

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